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A Prayer of the Saints

The 2020 series
Resources for living well in difficult times in America

Last modified Nov. 14, 2020

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From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. 27 God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us. Acts 17:26-27 niv

Father, we thank you that your purposes will not be thwarted in these days when evil glares at us with hateful eyes. When those who mean the destruction of “America” also mean the destruction of all that is pure and right and true, including the moral codes that have been foundational to our great land. And the destruction of the Church, who bears witness to them.

Father, thank you that you get the last word about everything. Thank you for the precious truth of I Cor. 2:7-8, that if Satan had known that having Jesus nailed to that cross, which seemed to him ultimate victory but became the source of his ultimate defeat, he would not have had Him crucified. We embrace that truth for our Day.

Thank you that no power or force of hell can defeat those whose eyes are on you. Those who trust in you even if it means their death on earth, which leads to their presence with you in heaven. Those who embrace the spirit of our Heb. 11 heroes of faith.

Father, we ask that Truth about the recent election would be revealed by your hand. That deception, lies and any subsequent fraud would be exposed wherever they exist.

We ask, not so that the candidate of our choice would “win,” as much as that we would become aware of the measure and nature of the darkness that has come against us – to help us respond by humbly acknowledging our weakness and repenting of our failures which have allowed them, and to turn to you in desperation for our own sakes and the sake of our land.

We understand that it is not merely conservative politics that are under attack. It is the Christian faith, which represents your heart and character regarding life, marriage, family, and man’s worship of you as Creator God and ultimate Judge. And against Jesus, your Son and our Savior Whose Name is the dividing line between the many false religions and the one true faith.

We confess that we have not been the salt and light that would have preserved and guided our land. We have loved the world and the things of the world and have allowed America’s benefits and opportunities to become gods to us. We have found our security and identity in them in a measure that drew our hearts away from you as our source of what makes life good. We have valued the opportunities of America, over the Life of your Kingdom.

Jesus, we acknowledge that we have rejected the mandate that you left with us to “go and tell” to the ends of the earth. And that in the small measure that we have attempted to do so, we have often tried to do it in our own power with our divisive doctrines and evangelism formulas rather than by the power of your Spirit. We have devised our own tools, to replace the giftings of your Holy Spirit that would have empowered us to serve you more effectively.

You imparted to the minds and hearts of our founders, the economic and political systems that would facilitate the development of the vast natural, technological and social resources that you entrusted to us. They were enough to reach the world with the Gospel multiple times, but we have squandered them on selfish comforts and pleasures, and on false security in our investments and 401K’s. They will all soon mock our trust in them.

We have valued the words of our revered financial advisors more than we have feasted on your Word. We have lived in relative luxury while our brothers and sisters around the world endured poverty, and many even died of hunger and disease because we didn’t care about them enough to share our abundance with them.

We have indulged ourselves in things of the earth, while partaking of the spiritual treasures of your Kingdom as though you were selfish and we were paupers.

We have enjoyed, and sometimed argued about, multiple translations of the Bible, while caring little about those who don’t have even one verse of your Word in the language of their heart. We have lived in a land that allowed freedom of belief and expression, and could have openly proclaimed the Gospel to our neighbors, but were embarrassed to bear your Name.

Jesus, we have refused to take up our cross and follow you, as you called us to in Luke 9:23-26. We have acted as though that was an option when you meant it as compulsory for all who would call themselves "Christian."

We acknowledge that we have ignored the warning of Sept. 11, 2001. And we have squandered these last four years in which you gave us relief from our slide into the moral and spiritual abyss. We did not use them as opportunity to repent and to stand up against the darkness and become bearers of Light, but simply continued in our indulgence of the American Dream as though it could never end.

Father, forgive us. Wash our hearts by the blood of Jesus. Cleanse us of our lust for the world. We acknowledge that the measure of our failure would reasonably lead to the loss of our American opportunity including the downfall of our nation as we have known it. That would be the logical consequence to our slide into unspeakable sin and lawlessness, and nothing but undeserved mercy could thwart that, even for a time.

We do not ask for the preservation of our nation as much as for the purifying of our hearts and souls, and our being set free from our love for the world so that we can serve you effectively and represent your Name with authenticity.
And so Father, we desire to see America and its freedoms and opportunities continue. We desire that you would heal our land, but even more, we beg that you heal our hearts and our souls.

And now it is as though a ceiling has been placed over our land to keep Light out and hold in the darkness so that it permeates every aspect of our society including the Church. Like thick low clouds holding down the invasive aroma of freshly spread manure on our neighbor’s farm, forbidding the sun to dry it out or allowing it to dissipate into the atmosphere.

And we confess that we have been distracted by our concerns about the politics of this election, while the real battle is in the heavenlies. We know that there is a war going on between the angels of Light and the demons of darkness, and even though we know that the prayers of the saints make a difference in the outcome, we have refused to put on the spiritual armor of Eph. 6:10-18 and to engage in prayer for ourselves, our neighbors, the Church and our nation.

Father, we have sinned against you, against each other, and against the land we have held dear. We appeal to you on the basis of your persistent mercy, your forgiving heart and your promise of I John 1:9. Forgive us oh God.

We know that you have the last word and that all other authorities and powers and their voices will eventually bow to you. And that even the darkness that Satan has brought against us through his arrogant, willing and even enthusiastic minions will be turned to your glory and for our good.

And now we look to you for the accomplishment of your purposes in and through us, that in whatever time we have left we may make the wonders of your excellencies known in every circle of influence that you entrust to us.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be glorified in and through us. We covet nothing more than the blessing of your Presence, and offer ourselves to you as bondservants, for whatever that means.  -  Not copyrighted, use it as you wish. 11/14/20
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