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The 2020 Series

Seeing things as God sees them, in troubled times

Last modified Sept. 2, 2020

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Assumptions and Culture of Healthy Discussions

We need each other, in order to better understand the day we live in and to prepare for the future. We need to be talking in an open way, and here are some things to consider as we attempt to do that.

Our response to current trends in America and the world is significantly shaped by our strongest source of identity, i.e. as citizens of America or of the Kingdom of God. It is one or the other and it makes a big difference. It will be hard for those who are coming from different identity sources, to understand each other’s perspectives. See TWO KINGDOMS
2 Ones’ current positions on many of these topics are often more culture and experience based than truth based, and our being provoked to think about them is more important than agreement.
There are no “experts.” Everyone has something to offer and each can learn from anyone else.
We are learning together, and all must have an inquisitive mind and a willingness to reconsider how we think about things.
We must avoid “proof text” arguments, i.e. where one picks out isolated verses and attempts to use them to make a point instead of considering the context and the larger body of truth and wisdom about the matter - - which may come through the opposing opinions of others.
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