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The 2020 Series

Seeing things as God sees them in troubled times

Last modified Sept. 10, 2020

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Proposed Questions for Serious Christians to Discuss
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Are we living in a time when it is especially important that Christians consider and discuss what it means to be faithful to God and to each other?


Are there “signs of the times” that could indicate that “the end is near?” If so, what do you view as the most significant signs?


What is deception; how do we know when we are being deceived; and how can we protect ourselves against deception?


Does the church in America look like any of the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3? If so, which one/s?


Is there anything about “the American Dream” that hinders our being Luke 9:23-26 followers of Jesus? (Was discussed 9/18/16)


Is there anything about “America” that makes us especially vulnerable to the lusts of the flesh?


Are you aware of American or global factors that could trigger a major change in our nation or our world as we now know them? If so, what are they?


Why are so many evangelicals enthusiastic about Donald J. Trump?


What reason would we have to believe that God will continue to protect America from the consequences of our having abandoned our spiritual and moral foundations? Or haven’t we?


Is there a “catch” in the promise of II Chron. 7:14?

If American Christians were to repent, what would we repent of?
When and to what degree would you use force to protect your own life, your family, others, your stuff or your rights?
At what point will Christian betray Christian when things get tough?
Would it ever be appropriate to lie to evil men who intend harm against you or others?
Are there appropriate and practical steps that Christians can take if they believe that social chaos and a disruption of utilities and services is likely?
Why are many Christians accumulating guns, gold and huge stocks of food and of what value will they be?
What is Daniel referring to when he speaks of those of wisdom (niv) or insight (nasb) in 11:33 & 35, and 12:3 & 10?
How can we protect our children who are growing up in a world where their friends have same-sex “parents” and where LGBTQ agenda is presented as the norm, and validated, in the educational system?
What words would describe your sense of how much America has changed in the past five years? The past two years? The past year? The past six months? What does that suggest to you about the future?
Do you agree or disagree that America could only have fallen to this place because the church (institutional) has failed to be the preserving salt and the Light of Mt. 5:13-16?
Do you think that the Christian community is prepared for a day when it will cost us something in order to be faithful to Christ and to each other? Are you? If not, what needs to change in order for us to be prepared?
Some churches today put a lot of emphasis on signs and wonders, miracles, dreams and visions. Is that a good thing?
What are the most important things that would help us be prepared for difficult times?
Why are Christians reluctant to talk about these things?
Is it fear-mongering, or wise, to propose discussing these topics?
Do we have any basis upon which to be at peace in our spirits as we consider these things?
What scriptures and/or truths about God speak peace to you regarding the future?
Are there world views that hinder or help us in understanding the day we live in, and in being equipped to live well in difficult times?
Do you find more of your personal identity as a citizen of America, or a citizen of the Kingdom of God, and how does that influence your responses in this discussion?
Is there a particular role for men in these times?
What action could we reasonably take in response to the day we live in, that would be different from what it has always meant to be an authentic follower of Jesus?
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