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Alaska Bush Plane Photos
Homer Airport PAHO, Kasilof Airport 5KS, Nikiski, Mcgahan Industrial Airpark Airport AK73, Johnson Airport 3AK4, Quartz Creek /Kougarok/ Airport 5QC, Girdwood Airport AQY
"Alaska As It Is" series - April 2011, Page 5

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  Aircraft at:
    Homer Airport, PAHO
  Kasilof Airport, 5KS
  Nikiski, Mcgahan Industrial Airpark Airport, AK73
  Johnson Airport, 3AK4
  Quartz Creek /Kougarok/ Airport, 5QC
  Girdwood Airport, AQY
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  Homer Airport, PAHO, overcast and poor light, so I used some flash. (April 24)
Aeronca Sedan N1266H, 15AC cn 15AC-279, 1949.
Cessna 170 N170DJ, 170A cn 20029, 1951.
Cessna L-19 float plane N62725, Cessna Ector 305A cn 2012. I believe it has a Continental IO-550.
Piper J-3 Cub N1432N, J-3C65 cn 22956, 1947, with Continental C-90. I've seen it there since 2004 and it's not getting any better with age. I'm told it is not flown.
Aeronca Champ N85063, 7AC cn 7AC-3790, 1946. "Super Champ" has a Lycoming O-235. My friend Tom Young has owned it for over 25 years, and put around 4,000 hours on it doing fish spotting along with hunting and fishing excursions, instructing and fun flying. With the O-235 Lycoming in place of the original A-65 Continental, he comfortably flies it out of 500' strips. The 26x12x6" tires help handle the rocks and rough terrain that are common to such activities.
Tom Young Arctic Fox, N850AF. It started life as a Piper PA-22-108 Colt, and Tom lengthened the fuselage, built new wings, and installed an O-360 Lycoming. It's a spectacular performer!
Cessna 140 N2449V, cn 14701, 1948, with metal wings.
Piper Super Cub N9272D, PA-18A-150 cn 18-6573, 1958, nicely done for Alaska flying.
Stinson Voyager N411, 108 cn 108-159, 1946. It's an early one!
Aeronca Sedan N1115H, 15AC cn 15AC-135, 1948.
Interstate N53250, S-1B1 cn 240, 1943, with Lycoming O-320.
Piper J-3 Cub N244PC, J-3C65 cn 18321.
Piper Super Cub N1880P, PA-18-150 cn 18-4160, 1955. An interesting paint trim line.
Champion Citabria N7524F, 7GCBC cn 207, 1969, Lycoming O-320.
Piper Super Cub N5357X, PA-18-150 cn 18-7391, 1960. Lycoming O-360, note the cowl.
Cessna 180 N3134D, 180 cn 31932, 1955. An attention-getting paint job!
Cessna 182 N199G on floats, 182B cn 52233, 1959. It will soon be time to play in the water.
Cessna 172 N7462A, 172 cn 29562, 1956. This is a nice looking oldie!
Cessna 170 N2694D, 170B cn 20846, 1952.
Piper Super Cub N8097N, PA-18-150 cn 18-8109035. Sharp!
Cessna 172 N8095X, 172B cn 17248595, 1961.
Cessna 182 N2703G, 182B cn 52003, 1959. Colorful!
Piper Super Cruisr N3625M, PA-12 cn 12-2602, 1947. "Air Guide" has the L-21 type greenhouse and lots of mods.
Piper Super Cub N4299Z, PA-18-150 cn 18-8558, 1968
Cessna 180 N61792, 180K cn 18052800, 1977, with a case of acne.
Piper Super Cub N6978B, PA-18-150 cn 18-5100.
Cessna 180 N505LM, 180 cn 31267, 1954. Wow - it sure fooled me, with the modified windows! I thought it was a later model.
Kasilof Airport, 5KS, soon after you cut off of the Sterling Highway onto Kalifornsky Beach Road, going toward Kenai. It's a 2160' gravel strip with the note, "There are 3" deep circular ruts from ATV traffic on the runway."
Here's the sign, and there was one lonely Cessna 140 N77191, cn 11653, 1946. The paints' a little thin but I bet it would fly just fine if they pumped the tires up.

Nikiski, Mcgahan Industrial Airpark Airport, AK73
DeHavilland Turbine Otter N93PC, DHC-3 cn 280, of Rediske Air. Originally Royal Canadian Mounted Police CF-MPX, now Garrett TPE-331 powered. There's a passenger door on the right and a cargo door on the left, with crew doors on both sides. These Otters are big airplanes, and Papa Charlie is a pretty one!
Britten-Norman Islander N130PC, BN-2A-21 cn 417, 1974. Rediske Air's fleet appears to be well-kept. They list the Islander as eight passengers or #2000 of cargo. It has Lycoming IO-540's.
Cessna 207 N207RB, 207A cn 20700606, 1980, of Rediske Air, on the 23rd, and on the 25th with the doors open.
Cessna 207 N900DF, 207 cn 20700234, 1970. The 207 is a long airplane!
Cessna Skymaster N337G, 337A cn 337-0377, 1966. Continental IO-360's.
Cessna 206 N9515G, U206F cn U20601715, 1971, of Rediske Air.
Aeronca Chief N9300E, 11AC cn 11AC-938, 1946. Nice for puttzing around.
Cessna 180 N65992, 180K cn 18052902, 1977.
Cessna 120 N90044, 120 cn 9102, 1946. It should be named "Ole Blue"
Cessna 336 Skymaster N505JK, cn 336-0080, 1963. It has a cargo pod and oversized tires. The 336's were built with fixed gear. There's only 78 of them on the U.S. Register and I'll bet that less than half are flying.
Cessna 170 N3474C, 170B cn 26517, 1954.
Now we'll run around to the other side of the airport, and visit different operators.
Beech Twin Bonanza N425X, B-50 cn CH-53, 1954, Lycoming GO-480's. It had a new home with the Veterans Aviation Outreach, but that fell through and its for sale again.
Beech Twin Bonanza N3598B, B-50 cn CH-57, 1954, Lycoming GO-480's. Registration has been cancelled so it probably won't fly again. The Twin Bo's are a really neat old airplane!
Piper Super Cub N7MY, PA-18-150 cn 18-7242, 1959, Lycoming O-360. Nice!
Cessna 150 taildragger N704JB, 150M cn 15078638, 1976. "Where's my ladder?"
Piper Super Cub N2496P, PA-18A cn 18-4305, Lycoming O-320
Piper Super Cruiser N2735M, PA-12 cn 12-1138, 1946, Lycoming O-290 or more.
Cessna 172 N9891T, 172A cn 47691, 1960
Piper Super Cruiser N92793, PA-12 cn 12-239, 1946, with Lycoming O-320
Cessna 337 Skymaster N22MD, 337B cn 337-0590, 1966. It has the gear locked down because of the oversized tires, for landing on the beach. Nice paint job but II can't find that it was ever a military aircraft.
Citabria N8613V, Bellanca 7GCBC cn 804-75, 1975, Lycoming O-320
Cessna 172 N8587B, 172 cn 36287, 1957. I don't know if its a "has been" or a "will be." I believe it had a Lycoming O-320 conversion.
Piper Super Cruiser N7684H, PA-12 cn 12-573, 1946. Not highly modified.
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N8909D, Tri-Pacer PA-22-160 cn 22-6064, 1958. It has lost a bit of its former glory.

Johnson Airport, 3AK4 is south of the refinery at Nikiski. It's 1860' gravel strip is almost at right angles to the Kenai Spur Highway.
Piper Super Cruiser N92700, PA-12 cn 12-133, 1946. This PA-12 with those hunkin' big tires, gun cases, belly pod and modified door shouts "Bear hunter" to me.
Cessna 207 N800DF, 207A cn 20700621, 1980. If you buy it you get your choice of trim!
Cessna 185 N93L, A185E cn 185-1317, 1967, "Retirement Toy." Yep - and what could be better than a 180 or 185!
Cessna 150 taildragger N3652S, 150F cn 15062745, 1966, probably with an O-320.
The entrance to the Quartz Creek /Kougarok/ Airport, 5QC is directly opposite an entrance to the National Forest. Quartz Creek is well to the east of Kenai on the Sterling Highway, near Coopers Creek. Isn't that a rather ambitious sign for a 2960' runway with the notes: "Gravel in Good Condition. WASHOUTS 350 FT FROM RY 12 THSD N HALF OF RY HAS HUMPS AND DIPS WITH ROCKS TO 4 INCHES, N 1000 FT GROWN OVER WITH GRASS TO 12 INCHES, RY NOT MAINTAINED." You'd need more than a gravel kit before taking your jet in there!
Cessna 182 taildragger N8445T, 182B cn 52345, 1959. Here's a July 2004 shot at Seward, with a nicer background.
Girdwood Airport, AQY is a 2088' airstrip a mile or two up the Alyeska Highway off of the Seward Highway. There's a little restaurant at the junction there.
Beech Twin Bonanza N15PH, E-50 cn RLH-20, 1958. Lycoming GSO-480 engines (geared, supercharged). This aircraft was built as a U.S. Army L-23A Seminole, cn LH-20, sn 52-6181. It was remanufactured to an L-23D and given a new cn RLH-20 and Army 57-6048, and in 1962 was redesignated a U-8D. It was probably painted white over O.D.. It went to Davis Monthan for storage in July 1978, and was surplused in Jan. 1984 to L. Mercer, of Newark, OH, as N46975.
Pilatus Porter N283SW, PC-6/350-H2 cn 540, 1962, with 350-hp Lycoming IGO-540. McCarthy Air Service. Loud; up fast; down fast; but otherwise not fast. Here's some history and more photos. It was previously HB-FAL, CF-RZZ, N17077, and C-FBGL.
Cessna 185 N1750R, A185F cn 18502470, 1974. The skies will be off soon unless it us used for glacier landings.
Lake Amphibian N6672L, LA-4-200 cn 435, 1970, with Lycoming IO-360. A pretty one!
Piper J-3 Cub N3624K, J-3C65 cn 22152, 1946, with a Continental C-85. It looks like a fresh rebuild, and nicely done!
Cessna 140 N2692N, 140 cn 12950, 1947. It's a very clean fuselage and it looks like the wings are in for recover.
Cessna 206 N8076Z, U206A cn U206-0476, 1965, in for some work.
Cessna 150 N9477U, 150M cn 15078425, 1976. It looks like a taildragger wannabe.
Stinson Voyager N197C, 108-2 cn 108-3197, 1947, metalized, a warbird wannabe.
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N3513A, Tri-Pacer PA-22, cn 22-1785, 1953. Built as a '125, probably more now.
Beech Bonanza N1975D, C-35 cn D-3172, 1952. I always thought that this window configuration is the most attractive.
Piper Family Cruiser N91449, PA-14 cn 14-499, the most stock-looking PA-14 I've seen! Actually, there's something sort of refreshing about that!
Beech Skipper N72WA, model 77 cn WA-72, with Lycoming O-235. It's pretty modern for me and I wasn't sure right away what it was.
S.N.I.A.S AS-350D Astar helicopter N99676, cn 1542, 1982, of Alpine Air Alaska. Honeywell LTS101-600A3A engine.
Robinson R-44 N395CE, R-44 II cn 11647, 2007, Lycoming IO-540. Also of Alpine Air Alaska.



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