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Alaska Bush Planes
Birchwood Airport BCV, and Willow Airport UUO
"Alaska As It Is" series - April 2011, Page 6

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  Aircraft at:
    Birchwood Airport, BCV
  Willow Airport, UUO
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  Birchwood Airport, BCV - All of these except the Navion, were taken on the S.E. ramp, which you can see in the photo of the airport. The Navion was on the S.W. corner of the photo.
Aeronca Sedan N1354N, 15AC cn 15AC-398, 1949, looks a lots a lot happier now than it did this time last year.
Piper Pacer N5589H, PA-20 cn 20-651, a genuine 1951 PA-20-125 Pacer with squared off wings and naked landing gear!
Piper Super Cub N249T, PA-18-105 cn 18-2363, 1953. One of the "T Cubs" special-built for the Army as the "PA-18-105 Special" with an O-235 Lycoming; toe brakes; balanced elevators; and no flaps. All were initially registered with a three-number identity ending in a "T." Four Nine Tango now has flaps and a Lycoming O-320.
Piper Super Cub N2868P, PA-18-150 cn 18-4457, armed and ready for action.
Cessna 170 N2961D, 170B cn 26904, 1955.
Piper Super Cub N5478H, PA-18 cn 18-70, 1950. An early one, built with an O-235 Lycoming, making it a PA-18-105. Probably at least an O-320 by now - - and nice colors and lines! Note the step-stool, tire protectors.
Piper Super Cruiser N9277T, PA-12 cn 12-157, 1946.
Piper Super Cub N8175D, PA-18 cn 18-6102, 1957. Built as a PA-18-90 and it still has the Continental cowl, so it's probably a C-90 or O-200. These are a sweet little Super Cub - and economical too. Note that it doesn't have balanced elevators! Very original.
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N7027D, Tri-Pacer PA-22-150 cn 22-4921, 1956.
Piper Pacer N7049K, PA-20 20-157, 1950. Another authentic Pacer, tho highly modified and probably with more than it's original 125-hp!
Piper Super Cub, N7523K, PA-18-105 Special cn 18-239, 1950. Actually, it's not really that, i.e. it's a PA-18 "105", built with an O-235, but the "Special" designation was only assigned to the T-Cubs that were built for the Army, as in N249T above. The confusion is understandable - - see my notes here.
Piper Super Cub N9777D, PA-18A-150 cn 18-6191, 1957. Built as an ag aircraft. Looks quite stock except for the VG's and tundra tires.
Cessna 170 N3412D, 170B cn 26955, 1955. It looks like CAP colors, and there's an old CAP decal on the vertical fin.
Piper Family Cruiser N5145H, PA-14 cn14-155, 1948. Stock looking wings but several versatility enhancing mods to make it more fun. Probably a lot more umph too.
Piper Super Cruiser N3676N, PA-12 cn 12-1927, 1947. Nice!
Piper Super Cub N78NR, PA-18 cn 18-3513, a genuine L-21, ex USAF L-21B 54-2313. Built with a 135-hp Lycoming O-235-D2, but probably at least a 150 by now.
Piper Super Cub N7585K, PA-18 cn 18-302, 1950. Built as a PA-18-125.
Piper Super Cub N40205, PA-18-150 cn 18-7509114, 1975, FAA says Lycoming IO-320. Very nice!
Piper Super Cub N1387G, PA-18-135 cn 18-3521, 1954, ex USAF L-21B 54-2321.
Piper Super Cub N82481, PA-18-150 cn 18-7809145. A late one, quite original looking and well cared for.
Champion 7EC N8988R, cn 7EC-732, 1960, winter cover and ready for some winter footwork.
Navion N8586H, North American Navion A cn NAV-4-558, 1947. Originally had a Continental E-185, probably at least a 205 by now.
  Willow Airport, UUO. Right along the George Parks Highway/S. Parks Highway between Wasilla and the Talkeetna Spur.

Yep, Willow Airport it is! I've never been there when aircraft were on the lake.

Cessna 140 N42K, 140 cn 12223, 1947. Since "Sporty 140" is a 1947 model, it has the landing gear that is angled forward a bit and it doesn't need the afterthought gear extenders on lesser 140's. It appears that it has been in both Canada and Mexico.
Cessna 180 N288DB, 180H cn 18051449, 1964, in winter configuration. Continental O-470.
Maule M-5-210C N355X, cn 6179C, 1976, waiting for summer flying weather. Continental IO-360.
Maule M-7-235B N515AK, cn 23059C, 1999, set up for winter play. Lycoming IO-540.
Cessna 180 N846T, 180B cn 50532, 1959.
Cessna 180 N1670C, 180 cn 30370, 1953, in an original paint design.
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N1748P, Tri-Pacer PA-22-150 cn 22-2539, 1954.
Piper Super Cruiser N2344M, PA-12 cn 12-1485, 1946.
Cessna 180 N2962A, 180 cn 30162, 1953, a beauty, in original paint scheme. The 162nd of nearly 6200 180's that were built.
Champion Citabria N3017G, 7ECA cn 511, 1968, Lycoming O-235. The skies will be off soon!
Piper Super Cub N3795Z, PA-18-150 cn 18-7486, 1960, on straight skies. Sharp!
Aeronca Chief N4002E, 11BC cn 11BC-90, 1946, Continental C-85.
Cessna 182 taildragger N4095D, 182A cn 34795, 1957
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N4363A, Tri-Pacer PA-22-150 cn 22-3715, 1956 with extra light for the cabin! Has float fittings.
Aeronca Champ N4569E, 7CCM cn 7CCM-136, built with a Continental C-90, now has a Lycoming O-235.
Aeronca Champ N4694E, 7EC cn 7EC-42, 1950, Continental C-90. Has Federal straight skies with wheels installed for ground use only.
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N4790A, TriPacer PA-22-150 cn 22-3941, 1956. Has pilot's seaplane door.
Cessna 180 N5291D, 180A cn 50189, 1958. Photogenic!
Piper Super Cruiser N5461Y, PA-12 cn 12-1466, 1946. Alaska style with Lycoming O-320, tundra tires, observer doors, VG's and more.
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N6058D, Tri-Pacer PA-22-150 cn 22-4711, 1956.
Piper Pacer N7647K, PA-20 cn 20-468, 1950. An authentic PA-10 but with with Lycoming O-360. Note the different cowl.
Cessna 206 N9111M, U206E cn U20601511, 1970. Spring thaw is coming and it'll soon be taken off of the "inactive" list!
Cessna 172 N9319H on floats, 172M cn 17266084, 1975.
Cessna 180 N9622B, 180A cn 32919, 1957, on wheel-skies.
Cessna 206 N21787, 206H cn 20608215, with cargo pod and oversized tires. A late aircraft.
Prewar Taylorcraft N29671 on floats, BC-65 cn 2515, 1940. Truly an oldie, but well-kept!
Cessna 172 taildragger N32199. It's in Experimental category now but I couldn't resist posting it because of the Piper type landing gear.
Piper Cub Coupe N33193 on floats, J-4A cn 4-1350, 1940. It probably has more than its original 65-hp.
Maule 4-220C N40676, cn M-4-220C, 1973, Franklin 6V-350 power.
Taylorcraft N43873, BC-12D cn 7532, 1946, with tundra tires.
Bellanca Citabria N53825 on floats, 7GCBC cn 869-75, 1975, Lycoming O-320.
Maule 5-235C N62033, cn 5048C, 1974, Lycoming O-540.
Page 7 will pick up from here as we proceed north toward Talkeetna, and then stop at Wasilla on our way back south.



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