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Alaska Airplane Pictures
Talkeetna Village Strip Airport AK44, Talkeetna Airport TKA, Wasilla Airport, IYS or PAWS
"Alaska As It Is" series - April 2011, Page 7

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  Aircraft at:
    Milepost 76 on Rt. 3, George Parks Highway/S. Parks Highway
  Milepost 2, on Talkeetna Spur, to Talkeetna
  Talkeetna Village Strip Airport, AK44
  Talkeetna Airport, TKA
Wasilla Airport, IYS or PAWS
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  Milepost 76 on Rt. 3, George Parks Highway/S. Parks Highway
Aeronca Sedan N1436H, 15AC cn 15AC-501, 1950. I've seen it before but was never able to get a good shot. Dream on folks - - your very own little spot on the edge of a lake. It's on the west side, above Willow and before the turnoff to Talkeetna. This and the next one were both long shots with my Tamron 18-270, which I really like.
Milepost 2, on Talkeetna Spur, to Talkeetna
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N328CB, formerly N7532D, Tri-Pacer PA-22-150 cn 22-5262, 1957. It's on the right about two miles toward Talkeetna. Some things in life you can explain, some things you can't. I'm sure it is well protected from snow and sun on the wings but I just can't figure out what you do when you want to go fly.
Talkeetna Village Strip Airport, AK44. A 1600' gravel strip on the edge of town.
Piper Super Cub N7279K, PA-18 cn 18-187, 1950. An early one, built as a PA-18 "105" with a Lycoming O-235. From the lower cowl I'd guess it's at least an O-320 by now.
Talkeetna Airport, TKA. Let the action begin! The sign tells you that there's a lot going on here, with several operators doing glacier landings for mountain climbers and sightseers. Before we see airplanes though, we need to run downtown. Talkeetna is a "must see" little town, with "Alaska" oozing out of all its pores. Rustic accomodations, good eating and irrestible pastries at the Roadhouse; knockout sandwiches on sourdough at Mountain High; and interesting sights of all kinds. Okay, now to the airport (which, truth be known, is where I'd start anyway.)
DeHavilland Turbine Beaver N30CC, DHC-2 Mk.III cn 1566TB4, 1964. One of about 60 that were built with the P&W PT-6. Operated by Fly Denali for sightseeing and glacier landings. I can't resist including this '08 shot with it's blue sky. I saw it For Sale on amphibious floats in Anchorage in '04, too.
Interstate, Arctic Tern N52AT, S-1B2 cn 1003, 1977, Lycoming O-320
Cessna 185 N85CF, A185E cn 18501904, 1971.
DeHavilland Beaver N95DG, DHC-2 MK. I(L20A) cn 572, of Sheldon Air Service. Was U.S. Army L-20A, 53-2786, redesignated U-6A. Joe Baugher says: converted to RU-6A, stationed with 146th Avn Co (RR) in Vietnam.  To civil registry as N9258Z, C-GPVF, N95DG. N95DG has a large cargo door on the left side.
Cessna 185 N121EE, A185F cn 18503765, 1979, of Sheldon Air Service.
Cessna 185 N125KT, A185F cn 18503494, 1977, of K2 Aviation. You will soon see that they have quite a fleet.
DeHavilland Beaver N144Q, DHC-2 MK.1 cn 1465, of Talkeetna Air Taxi, another Denali sightseeing and gladier landing outfit with quite a fleet. I also saw it in 2008. This Beaver was never military.
Cessna 185 N185FK, A185F cn 18502513, 1974, Talkeetna Air Taxi, and in 2008 after returning from the glacier.
DeHavilland Beaver N323KT, DHC-2 MK. I(L20A) cn 1022, 1957, of K2 Aviation, taxiing in after a flight. Formerly U.S. Army L-20A, U-6A sn 56-353.
DeHavilland Turbine Otter N510PR, DHC-3 cn 250, of Talkeetna Air Taxi, with PT-6A turbine conversion. It is parked next to N565TA, which has the Garrett conversion. It was delivered new in 1958 to the India Supply Mission, in India, and registered as IM-1731.
DeHavilland Turbine Otter N565TA, DHC-3 cn 46, 1954, of Talkeetna Air Taxi. It was originally Canadian Air Force 3685 and now has the Garrett engine conversion.
DeHavilland Beaver N561TA, DHC-2 MK 1 cn 581, of Talkeetna Air Taxi. I just loove that paint design and colors. Never military.
Aero Commander 560E N623FS, cn 578, 1957. Radar nose, 295-hp Lycoming GO-480's. I've always thought the Aero Commanders were a pretty, sleek looking airplane. I've seen Foxtrot Sierra there for several years and hope it is active.
DeHavilland Turbine Otter N727KT, cn 419, 1961, with P&W PT-6 engine conversion. Operated by K2 Aviation for Denali sightseeing and glacier landings. Built in 1961, it originally went to the goverment of Burma as UB-659. Here's a 5/10 shot, without skies.
DeHavilland Turbine Beaver N906JS, DHC-2 cn 1659 TB34, 1966, of Fly Denali. I believe it is another factory built turbine. It is referred to as "Jaws" because of the sharks teeth on the nose, as seen in my 2004 photo taken in Fairbanks, when it was on amphibious floats.
Cessna 180 N2171Z, 180H cn 18052136, 1970.
Piper Super Cruiser N3134M, PA-12 cn 12-1830, 1947. Pretty, and lots of mods including extended and squared off wings; a new rudder; cargo pod; VG's; oversized tires and probably 180-hp in place of the original 108-hp!
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N3304B, Tri-Pacer PA-22 cn 22-2119, with lots of mods including pilots' door. It had a metal prop when I saw it last year. It looks like a serious toy - and fun too!
Piper Super Cub N4023Z, PA-18-150 cn 18-7975, 1963, of the legendary Don Sheldon. It is kept in the Sheldon Air Service hangar and maintained in airworthy condition. Sheldon died of cancer in 1975, at the age of 53. Sheldon Air Service is now operated by Don's daughter Holly and her husband Dave Lee. You can learn more about their operation and their connection with Hudson Air Service through links from the Don Sheldon page.
Maule M-6-235 N5655J, cn 7462C, 1982, Lycoming IO-540. With tundra tires, in winter wraps.
DeHavilland Beaver N8190Y, DHC-2 MK. I(L20A) cn 824, 1955. Talkeetna Air Taxi. I got a shot of it but not at a nice angle, so I'll show this '08 photo, with engine cover. You already know what I think of that paint job!
Aeronca 7JC Champ N8965R, cn 7JC-11, Continental C-90. The 7JC Tri-Con (Tricycle-Conventional), usually called a Champion and not an Aeronca, was that oddball Champion built with the main gear in the typical position, but then the third wheel about half way back the fuselage. At least most have been converted to the regular conventional gear configuration. It is now used by Above Alaska Aviation for flight training.
Luscombe Silvaire 8A N23002, cn 929, probably a 1946 with an A-65 Continental. A Luscombe is a Luscombe is a Luscombe. I had seen it in the same spot in what appeared to be declining health in 2004, '08 and '10 and was glad to see it in a different place now. I hope that means it is being given some attention.
Piper Cub Coupe N24550, J-4A cn 4-639, 1939. Probably at least a C-85 Continental by now. It looks like a recent rebuild. Very original!
Maule M-5-235C N56366, cn 7308C, 1980, Lycoming O-540. I'm told that it belongs to one of the glacier pilots. It looks like he both works and plays.
Piper J-3 Cub N70604, J-3C65 cn 17613, with a PA-11 cowl; Continental C-85; and squared off wings. This is just plain down cute!
Wasilla Airport, IYS or PAWS. Wasilla is one of my favorites, but we got there late afternoon and it was cloudy, plus the sun was behind the airplanes which gave a shadow angle that I don't like. Fortunately the sun popped out for a minute or two and I was able to get these shots of two Super DC-3's.

Super DC-3 N29TN, Super R4D-8Z sn 43302, of TransNorthern Aviation. They're a fantastic airplane if an operator can train and discipline his pilots to properly care for those big Wright 1820's - - otherwise it's one premature engine change after another.

Originally built as C-47B cn 32793, USAAF sn 44-76461, it soon went to the Navy as R4D-6 Bu39097. It was factory rebuilt as a Super DC-3, R4D-8 and given a new factory cn of 43302. In 1962 it was reconfigured as a VC-117D for executive transport. It was assigned to the U.S. Attache in Norway in 1969; became USMC “CZ” in 1975 (7-75 slide); was delivered to Davis Monthan in Tucson, AZ for storage in 1977. In 1978 it went to the Lee County Health Dept., Ft. Myers, FL as N851M and later became N29TN.


Super DC-3 N27TN, Super R4D-8 sn 43332, of TransNorthern Aviation. It's been "Phlucked Phrom Phlorida" as you will see. Originally built as a USAAF TC-47B, sn 44-77035, it became USN R4D-7 Bu99857. It was factory rebuilt as a Super DC-3, R4D-8 and given a new cn of 43332. It's last duty assignment was "NAVSTA Midway", i.e. Naval Station Midway Island.

It went to Davis Monthan in 1977 (6-77 slide); was surplused in 1985 as N456WL; later N99857; and is now N27TN. Here's some photos from slides in my collection: 12-85 and 12-86 at Opa Locka, FL, in the sand-and-paint process; 12-89 resplendent in new paint; and 3-00, going downhill again at Tamiami, FL.

Okay, did you see that Grumman Albatross to the right side of the airport sign? I couldn't get a good shot of it this year but here's one from 5/00. It's HU-16D, N20861, cn G-425, Bu141278, "Chesapeake Clipper." It doesn't appear to be active, and I don't know who "Johnny" is.



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