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Alaska Bush Plane Pictures
Soldotna Airport PASX, Mackeys Lakes L85, Longmere Lake, Kenai Municipal Airport PAEN
"Alaska As It Is" series - April 2011, Page 4

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  Aircraft at:
    Soldotna Airport, PASX
  Mackeys Lakes, L85
  Longmere Lake
  Kenai Municipal Airport, PAEN

The year, if given, is usually from the FAA file and is not altogether reliable.

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  Soldotna Airport, overcast and poor light, so I used some flash. (April 23)
Cessna 150 taildragger N8345M, A150K cn A15000045. A 150 that's hardly a 150!
Cessna 150 taildragger N2768S, 150G cn 15066668, 1971, "Alaska Magnum One-Fifty"
Cessna 150 taildragger N60725, 150J cn 15070527
Cessna 170 N2711C, 170B cn 26255, 1954, with a Continental IO-360! Wow!
Piper Super Cruiser N3680M, PA-12 cn 12-2631, 1947, with seaplane door, belly tank and more.
Cessna 170 N170JL, 170B cn 25560, 1953. The first one I ever saw with a 3-bladed prop! Engine?
Cessna 120 N72185, 120 cn 9354, 1946, metal wings
Stinson 10A N32207, cn 7856, 1947, with Lycoming O-235 or more. Note that cool little cargo door!
Stinson Voyager N8445K, 108-1 cn 108-1445, 1946
Stinson 10A N36779, cn 8159, with Lycoming O-290 or more.
Cessna 120 N1945N, cn 12185, fabric wing, with extra side window
Piper Super Cruiser N2785M, PA-12 cn 12-1164, very Alaskan! Lycoming O-320.
Cessna 140 N2977N, cn 13235, 1947.
Taylorcraft N44219, BC12-D1 cn 10019, 1946, with enlarged rear windows.
Piper Super Cruiser N78564, PA-12 cn 12-3939, 1947, with Lycoming O-320 and PA-18 cowl.
Maule MA-4-220C N10157, cn 2171C, 1973. Built with a Franklin 6A-350. I was with a friend who dosen't know lightplanes real well. We were moving from one airplane to the next pretty fast and I told him in a knowing way that this was a pumped up Piper Pacer. He commented, "It says Maule on the wing tip." Oh!!
Cessna 180 N8128T, 180B cn 50628, 1959. That just might be the original paint!
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N2811Z, Tri-Pacer PA-22-150 cn 22-6804, 1959, with some wing mods
Cessna 170 N8227A, 170B cn 25079, 1952.
Piper Pacer N7763K, PA-20 cn 20-586, 1951, Lycoming O-320. "Super Pacer" is a "Patriotic Pacer!"
Piper Cub Special N5005H, PA-11 cn 11-878, 1948, Continental C-90 or more. It has float fittings, and the left side window appears to open out/up for emergency egress.
Maule M-4-210C N2013U, cn 1066C, 1968.
Piper PA-22-20 Pacer N8624D, Tri-Pacer PA-22-160 cn 22-5827, 1958.
Cessna 207 N73128, 207A cn 20700562, 1979. I told my friend that there weren't many 207's built and he said, "Oh, there's a lot of them." Turns out he's been flying in "Bush Alaska" where there are many 207's, but the fact is that 119 of the 222 normally aspirated 207's on the U.S. Register are in Alaska! I guess we were both right on that one.
Maule M-5-235C N9076E, cn 7084C, 1977, Lycoming O-540
Luscombe N698DK, 8A cn 2225, 1946. Very yellow!
Piper Super Cruiser N7689H, PA-12 cn 12-579, 1946, Lycoming IO-360
DeHavilland Beaver N314HA, cn 868/1562, U-6A sn 54-1720, 1954. Formerly N31068. Operated by High Adventure Air. (Below)
Luscombe N45912, 8A cn 2439, 1946
These aircraft were at Mackeys Lakes, L85, a couple of miles up Mackey Lake Road off of Sterling Highway, just east of Soldotna (April 25)
DeHavilland Turbine Otter N252TA, DHC-3 cn 252, 1958, Talon Air Service, Former U.S. Army sn 57-6120, it now has the Texas Turbines conversion with the Garrett Engine.
Cessna 180 N5173E, 180B cn 50473, 1959. Sitting in a guys front yard near the Otter.
Piper Super Cub N8301P, PA-18-150 cn 18-8040, 1963. And photo 2 - - this just looks like too much fun! Wow!
These two Beavers were at High Adventure Air, on Longmere Lake on the south side of the Sterling Highway, east of Soldotna. (April 25)
DeHavilland Beaver N338JM, DHC-2 MK. I(L20A) cn 456, on land for the winter, will soon be in the water. Originally BC Airlines, CF-EYP.
DeHavilland Beaver N4982U, DHC-2 MK. I(L20A) cn 904, 1956. Waiting out winter and being readied for service. Formerly U.S. Army 55-686, then Canadian C-GJAK.
Kenai Municipal Airport on April 23, a bad day for photos but several interesting airplanes.
Cessna 175 taildragger N7214M, 175 cn 55514, 1958. It still has the GO-300. Two younger guys on the ramp asked if I knew what it was, assuming I'd think it was a 180. Dude - I've been around!
DeHavilland turbine Beaver N222RL, DHC-2 MK III cn 1570, 1964, on amphibious floats.
Found Bush Hawk N108J, Found Aircraft of Canada FBA-2C1, cn 39, 2003, with Lycoming IO-540.
Cessna 170 N3520C, 170B cn 26563, 1954, patiently waiting for some attention.
Beech Debonair N969T, 35-33 cn CD-167, 1960, Continental IO-470. They're a pretty airplane.
Piper PA-11 Cub Special N78758, cn 11-1532, 1947, in original colors, sans engine.
Piper PA-11 Cub Special N4772M, cn 11-287, 1947, Continental C-85
Cessna 182 N3758D, 182A cn 34458, 1957. Looks like original paint!
Cessna 206 N4988F, U206B cn U206-0688, 1966, of Kenai Aviation. It probably has a zillion hours on it and is till going strong! Continental IO-520.
Cessna 206 N7711D, U206F cn U206-03170, 1976, of Kenai Aviation.
Cessna turbo 206 N9563G, TU206F cn U20601763, of Kenai Aviation. Continental TSIO-520
At Kenai on April 25, much better sun! The interior shots of the C-46 and DC-6 were taken on the 23rd.
Stinson Voyager N9443K, Universal Stinson 108-2 cn 108-2443, 1947.
These two DC-6's were shot at a distance, through a chain link fence. See additional photos from slides in my collection.
Douglas DC-6 N170UA, DC-6A cn 45518, 1958, Universal Airlines. Apparently built for Slick Airlines as N7820C, but not registered; to Belgian Air Force as KY-2 and OT-CDB; French F-BYCH for SFAir; Venezuelan YV-293C for Aero B, named "Maracaibo"; to N870TA for Trans-Air-Link, see 1/88 and 11/92 photos from slides; to N170UA for Universal.
Douglas DC-6 N500UA, DC-6A cn 44597, Universal Airlines, 1954. Photo 2. Built as USAF C-118A Liftmaster, sn 53-3226; to U.S. Navy as BuNo 153691 (153691, JS 691 VR 54, in Atlanta, 9-78; and then apparently N766WC, see 2/94; - 2/99 for Florida Air Transport; and as N500UA, 2/00 in F.A.T. colors.

Curtiss C-46 Commando N1822M, of Everts Air Fuel. Curtiss Wright C-46F cn 22521, 1945. "Salmon Ella" was USAF sn 44-78698 and has carried registration N1822M all it's civilian life. Note the small paratrooper or cargo door that the F-models have on the right side. Only the front half of the cargo door was up, but the rear half swings up too. Two Two Mike has two 1000-gal tanks to carry fuels out to the villages. The crew has a good view from the cockpit of a C-46!

In Jan. 1950 this aircraft was converted from military to commercial type. Among other things, the glider release mechanism was removed. In July 1951 it was converted from Army type bucket seats to plush, soundproofed cabin with hat racks and floor rug. They installed a stewardess light and call system, water system, reworked the lavatories and other items for passenger use. In Nov. 1952, 23 double Payloader seats were installed. It was obviously returned to cargo configuration after that.


Douglas DC-6 N451CE, C-118A cn 43712, of Everts Air Fuel, parked alongside the C-46. Former USN R6D-1, C-118B BuNo 131609. A beautiful DC-6! Ex N840CS. The front part of the cargo door is open, and the larger, back part swings up. It has three, 1800 gallon tanks for transporting fuel to Alaskan villages. Here’s the forward cargo door, which also swings up. In the cockpit we have the overhead panel; the pilot's side; and the F.O.'s side; and the Flight Engineer’s seat folded up on the right. The F.E. manages the power, and all those controls that are at his feet.  Here's how N451CE looked when I saw it in July 2004.



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