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Bluegreen Vacation Club
Timeshare for Sale

Last modified 1/16/15


Because of other priorities at this time my wife and I have
decided to sell our Bluegreen Vacation Club Timeshare.
  These details are taken from our online account on 1/16/15
  - Available Points: 31,000
  - Annual Points: 12,000
  - Saved Points: 15,000
  - Restricted Points: 4,000
  - Payment Balance: $0.00
18,000 Bluegreen Vacation Club Points annually, on June 1
Premier Bronze package with all Bronze benefits
TP3, Traveler's Plus 3 Benefits paid through 1/31/16
Deeded at Christmas Mountain Villas, but you can use points at any Bluegreen resort and in many other ways
Over $35,000 invested, buy it for $24,500!
Ken & Elaine Stoltzfus, Kidron, OH
Please contact me with questions. Cell: 330-464-5817 -



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