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Contemporary Christianity

Facilitating discussion among Christians on critical topics that we prefer to ignore.

Last modified Oct. 11, 2016

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Q11 will be discussed in class at Fairlawn Mennonite Church on Oct. 16, 2016

If American Christians were to repent, what would we repent of?


First of all, what does “repent” mean? How is it different from “confess”? Is it a word we like, or dislike? Welcome, or push away from us? Does it have a positive ring to us, or negative? Does it feel potentially life-giving, or threatening to us? Is it something we’re ready to talk about or would we rather move on?


If we accept it as a valid topic, we need to be honest about whether there is anything we need to repent of. As we consider “Contemporary Christianity,” i.e. Christianity in today’s America, we might need to decide if we, the Church, have in fact given ourselves to the worship of false gods in a way that has contributed to our nation’s fall. Consider this:


“Worship is the act of giving oneself to some-one or some-thing from whom or from which we expect to receive LIFE. LIFE includes human essentials such as significance, identity, purpose, provision, security and the sense of well-being. It is these, which bring a sense of wholeness to humans. By creation design we are compelled to receive them from a source greater than and outside of our humanity. There is no such thing as “self fulfillment” if those words mean fulfilling our soul hunger from within ourselves.” From: “The True Worshippers,” p1 at  


Is it possible that the opportunity that America offer for us to fill our lives with earthly things, has actually led to our giving ourselves to false gods in a way that violates the very clear and serious instruction of Exodus 20:1-6, James 4:4-10, I John 2:15-17 and similar scriptures?


If so, here are some examples of confession and repentance. Try to feel the spirit there, and the way that men postured themselves before God. Is there anything instructive there for us?
Nehemiah 1:4-11
Psalm 32:1-6 
Psalm 51:1-17
Daniel 9:3-19

  II Cor. 6:14 – 7:1 is a beautiful “call” to God’s people, with an exhilarating promise. I loooove it! 
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