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Contemporary Christianity

Facilitating discussion among Christians on critical topics that we prefer to ignore.

Last modified Oct. 3, 2016

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Q18 will be discussed in class at Fairlawn Mennonite Church, on Oct. 9

How can we protect our children who are growing up in a world where their friends have same-sex “parents” and where LGBTQ agenda is presented as the norm, and validated, in the educational system?


Well, this certainly fits the “Facilitating discussion among Christians on critical topics that we prefer to ignore” theme of this class, but I’ll give it a shot! I’ve put some resources below but will first summarize with what seem like several key points. Please email me with your comments on how to improve this!

Recognize the Origin – The “anti-authority” spirit of the feminist movement in the United States, which accelerated and became entrenched in our culture in the 1960-70’s, is the root of the LGBTQ culture. I saw it happen, and I saw it infiltrate the Mennonite Church as you can read in my 1990’s “The Emergence and Rise of Mennonite Feminism.”

Take the Initiative – The LGBTQ community is proactive with their agenda and has captured our national mindset and culture, and our government at its highest levels. They are very aggressive. Simply put, if we are passive, they win. If you are a doubter, read “Examples of Educational Materials Provided by Advocacy Groups.”

Modeling - We need to model healthy, Biblical male/female, masculine/feminine, husband/wife, father/mother, parent/child relationships in our homes and our church if we want to minimize gender confusion among our children. The article “Let The Men be Men” relates to that. We probably have some work to do there which goes beyond the scope of this class but it is crucial to protecting our children. The spirit of our day wants our children, and if we want them, we’ll have to fight for them - - and that takes genuine masculinity.

Recognize Our Advantage - We have an advantage because godly relationships are “natural” (Rom. 1:26-27) and they are “known” from deep within humanity. They are the kind of truth that God affirms and if we are appropriately clear with our children, God will help us. However, Satan is a thief who steals, kills and destroys (John 10:10), and he is passionate about destroying our children by separating them from God’s abundant life. We need humble but bold confidence as we stand against him.

Early Impressions – Reading the creation story and good children’s story books, along with DVD’s that communicate healthy family relationships is essential. What good resources can you recommend? If our children learn truth they will be able to discern Satan's lies!

Minimize Negative Exposure - Minimize exposure to ungodly relationships that are presented on TV, including commercials, and in movies and so forth. That probably means that many of our parents will need to “raise the bar” on what we have felt is acceptable for us - - which communicates to our children what is acceptable for them.

Understanding Sex – Understanding and communicating a healthy and unembarrassed view of sex and sexuality is crucial to protecting our children in today’s environment. There are several articles, primarily for men, in the “For Men Only” section on my “Inspiration Site Map.” (Left column) The article “Sex” is probably good for all adults.

unashamed - I have been greatly blessed in the past few years by Wayne Jacobsen’s resources. You will benefit from his comments on Tracy Levinson’s book “unashamed,” and that page includes links to two of Wayne’s podcasts. I believe this is an excellent book, especially for parents of girls, and you can learn more from her web site and book intro. Check out the playlist at the bottom of that page.

A Class Member’s Testimony. Kevin Kotewa, a pilot for our sons, shared a testimony with me about how his parents handled his/their relationship with an uncle who is gay. It is excellent and you can read it as a PDF or WORD document. Thanks Kevin!

  Now, below are some resources I have found that might be helpful. Many of these web sites would have additional materials.

For parents, a place to start
Parenting in a Gay Marriage World: What Should Christian Parents Do?

How Should You Talk to Your Children About Same-Sex Marriage?

Talking with your children about sex, marriage, and same-sex marriage

How Does Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Impact Our Schools?

Links to many good articles:

Good general resources

Examples of Educational Materials Provided by Advocacy Groups 

Heavier, for deeper study
The Forgotten Victims of "Gay Marriage"

To Whom Do Children Belong? How Same-Sex Marriage Threatens Parental Rights

What the Gay-Marriage Ruling Means for Education

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