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Cessna 195 N3868V, 1949 sn 7329

N3868V was built as a 1949 '195 with the 300-HP, R755-A2 engine, but has been converted to the turbocharged engine with the exhaust out the right side. I've seen it at PAMR, Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK several times, since taking this photo in 7/04.  This is one of the most original-looking 195's you'll find anywhere.

Cessna 195 N9MT, 1949 sn 7394

Wow, one of my favorite photo settings - - a wet ramp and dark sky after a rain shower! I caught N9MT at the 2010 Alaska Aviation Expo put on by the Alaska Airmen's Association at PANC, Anchorage International Airport. I had seen it on land down by Lake Hood a few times but it was never in a nice photo environment. My wife Elaine and I were there as part of the Preferred Airparts team. By this stage of of life we've figured out how to make a two-day expo into a two-week vacation!

Photo 2 - N9MT has the 350-hp, turbocharged Jacobs-Page R-755-S engine. Photo 3 - You can tell the R-755-S engine by the exhaust out the right side. What a pretty bird with that cool 3-blade Hartzell and polished spinner!
Cessna 195 N9373A, 1949 sn 7452

Ever hear of four parallel runways (using the term rather loosely) on an international airport? Well, they do many things their own way in Alaska and this is one of them. PAFA has 11,800', 1L and 19R for transport types. Just east of that is 1W/19W, a 5400' water runway and winter ski strip. Next over is 1/19, a 3500' gravel strip and ski runway, and beyond that, 1R/19L, a 6500' paved runway for general aviation aircraft.

I've seen this exceptional 1949 195 at PAFA Fairbanks Int'l, Fairbanks, AK at least twice. The first two photos were in May 2010.Photo 2 - Some airplanes look good with their nose up in the air a bit. Some people definitely don't.Photo 3 - Late one evening in July 2004 I was trying to get some good photos of a seaplane that was tied up when I heard the unmistakable sound of a smaller radial approaching on 19L. I had my short lenses on and it caught me off guard. I ran for my camera bag and grabbed my telephoto and this is what I got. I was wishing he'd do a couple of patterns and give me more shots, but no such luck.Photo 4 - This is an absolutely spectacular 195! I believe it has the Jacobs R755-A2, 300-HP engine.
Cessna 195A N1065D, 1951 sn 7677

I was fortunate enough to buy this 1972 slide of an R680 Lycoming powered 195, at Barrenquilla, Columbia. I have the FAA file on paper. Ownership: Cessna sold N1065D to Sun Valley Air Service in Pheonix, AZ on 4/20/51; on 5/4/51 to U.S. Oil of Texas, Houston; 1/8/57 to Cardwell Mfg. Co., Wichita, KS; 10/21/59 to Magdalena Oil Company, Houston . Registration cancelled 5/18/65, form says both "Destroyed" and "Permanently retired from service."

It originally had the 245-hp Jacobs R-755-9 but in May 1955 they installed a 300-hp, R-680-E3A (military -9, almost identical to the more common -13). They modified a Beech AT-10 cowling, and the approval basis was data previously approved for N1078D (sn 7690). Done by Robert Edward Johnson, Houston, TX. In 11/59 an HF radio was installed. (FAA register here, scroll down)


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