Cessna 190 and 195 Pictures and Information
Photo Page 3, sn 7700 and up
In sequence by SN - Many have multiple photos
Cessna 195 N11R, 1952 sn 7765

I shot this beauty at the 2007 at "Wood, Fabric and Tailwheels Fly-In" at 64I Lee Bottom Airport, Hanover, IN. It's held each September and is quite an event. Here's a shot through the open door, and another of the panel. This is one beautiful '195! Below is a note in response to my suggestion that N11R might have originally had a different registration. It has apparently been N11R its whole life. Read on!

3/26/11: Hi Ken. I just visited your wonderful site. Thanks for the inspirational message and your service to our Lord. I am the proud owner of the subject aircraft and have the original logs all the way back to the factory acceptance flight. The aircraft was delivered to Ragsdale Flying Service in Austin, TX, February 6, 1952, and was the personal plane of the owner. It was registered as N11R at that time in 1952 and has remained as N11R to this date. Regards, James Thayer
Cessna 195 N9948, sn 7815, USAF 51-6972

Okay, here we have LC-126C 51-6972 done up as cn 7322, 49-1948, which was the second in the LC-126C. My guess is that it is marked as 49-1948 would have appeared while serving with the 10th Rescue Squadron at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, in 1949. Info here says that it would have come equipped with an interchangeable set of floats and skis to permit operation from land, snow or water.

Photo 3 - N9948 has the seaplane vertical tail on each side of the rudder, and I believe it has provisions for float fittings. Photo 4 - An escape hatch on the left side was an Air Force requirement. Some civilian aircraft have it as well, probably those that were set up for floats, so one can't assume that if it has the escape hatch it was an LC-126. Photo 5 - The large baggage door as installed on the LC-126's. Nice!
Cessna 195A N2187C, 1955 sn 16172

This pretty 195A is the 11th from the last of the classic 1947-55, Cessna 190-195 series. Roger Currier of Currier's Flying Service operates N2187C in his scenic tours and charter business along with his two 195's on floats. I've seen photos of it on Federal 3500 skis, and it's sharp! '87 Charlie has the larger flaps but I couldn't get a good photo to show them.

Photo 2 - The business end of a Cessna 195 Businessliner! It has the 300-HP, Jacobs R-755-A2 engine.


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