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Douglas DC-3 Aircraft Photos

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c/n 6000 - 7500

Last revised 12/31/12

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This page covers C/N (factory Construction Number) 6000 through 7500.

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  6062 - C-47-DL 43-30631, R4D-1 BuNo 12396, NC39340, N69011, N7H, N737H
  6208 - C-47-DL 41-38749, G-AGWS, WZ984, CF-FCQ, N44F, N1157S, N115FC, N4BA, N305SF
  6315 - DC-3-454, C-49J 43-1975, NC30083, N30083, N412P, N41N, N412P, N2989, N2988, XC-FAB, N87745
  7399 - C-53-DO 42-15882, NC34950, N34950
C/N 6062, C-47-DL 43-30631, R4D-1 BuNo 12396,
NC39340, N69011, N7H, N737H

N737H, of Airborne Imaging Inc was at the July 2010 Rock Falls DC-3 gathering, and it is a "standout."

The company provides airborne platforms for remote sensing data collection and similar contract work. N737H has one 48x72" downward looking port and operates in conjunction with DC-3 N92578 and other aircraft in their fleet.

C/N 6208 C-47-DL 41-38749
G-AGWS, WZ984, CF-FCQ, N44F, N1157S, N115FC, N4BA, N305SF


I've seen N305SF at PAAQ, Palmer, Alaska, several times beginning in '04. These shots were taken in 5/10. It seems obvious that it is not active and the longer it sits the more it will take to get it going again. On the other hand, what better place to be parked than to be surrounded by those incredible Alaskan mountains! Probably Sierra Foxtrot is grateful for that. Sure beats the Arizona desert!


Notes from Baugher: C-47-DL 41-38749 was delivered to the USAAF 2/43; to North Africa 5/43 - 8th AF; UK 2/44 - 9th AF; UK 3/44, to British G-AGWS (Scottish Aviation 12/45.  Operated with RAF serial WZ984 for troop contracts 1951/1952, then by Scottish Airlines), Canadian CF-FCQ (Maritime Central 7/52), N44F, N1157S, N115FC, N4BA for Bo-S-Aire 1974-75, and now N305SF.

It is parked And here's a few more shots, from the front - - in line with N50CM cn 13346, N59314 cn 12363, and N777YA cn 25634 - - and by itself from the right rear.

C/N 6315 DC-3-454, C-49J 43-1975
NC30083, N30083, N412P, N41N, N412P, N2989, N2988, XC-FAB, N87745
Another July 2010 Rock Falls participant. A DC-3-454 ordered by American Airlines but not delivered because of the war. Delivered to USAAF as C-49J 43-1975 in 11/42. To NC30083 for Chicago and Southern as “City of Littlerock” C-30, 6/44; later N412P, N2989, N2988, to Mexico as XC-FAB in 2/69; to Westernaire as N87745 in 2/75. It was Wright powered from the beginning but has been boosted from the 1200-hp engine to the 1425-hp R1820-76D’s.

Here are several more shots from the front - - the side - - and the right rear.

C/N 7399, C-53-DO 42-15882
NC34950, N34950
I thought you might enjoy this ad from the Aug. 7, 1950 Aviation Week magazine. This would have been shortly before the transition from NC, to N in the U.S. register. How do you like those entrance steps and baggage carts!?

‘7399 went to Uncle Sam in 1942 as C-53-DO 42-15882. By 1944 it was flying with Mid-Continent Airways as NC34950 and then N34950, "350" in their fleet. Mid-Continent merged with Braniff in 1952, at which time I believe, it went to Lake Central Airlines who operated it until 1965-66. Next was Houston Aviation Products, and shortly thereafter, Space Airfreight Lines of New Orleans.

My FAA registers for 1967-70 show it registered to Space Airfreight Lines. The current FAA register says it was registered to Houston Aviation Products again in May 1974 and cancelled Sept. 1975. This aircraft has been used for some flight simulators, post cards and similar items.

Note: Another DC-3, c/n 4961 appears in some sources as N34950. Apparently it was assigned to a PanAm DC-3 but was NTU (not taken up). I am confident that the aircraft in the photo above is correctly identified.

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