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Douglas DC-3 Aircraft Photos

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c/n 9000 - 9999

Last revised 1/4/13

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This page covers C/N (factory Construction Number) 9000 through 9999.

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  Construction Number and Description Source
  9707, C-47A-35-DL 42-23845, undergoing heavy maintenance B&W Photo
c/n 9707, C-47A-35-DL 42-23845
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USAAF, USAF Douglas C-47A, C-47A-35-DL 42-23845

This beauty from my photo collection shows USAAF C-47A-35-DL 42-23845, c/n 9707 undergoing major repair or overhaul. Both wings and #2 engine are off but #1 is still on. It has the tail cone for towing gliders.

There’s a P-38 to the left of the tail. Going clockwise there’s a B-24, and then Martin B-26C-30-MO Marauder 41-35423. There are three B-25’s, and the tail number on the one closest to us ends with 4773. Finally, there’s a B-24 in front of that B-25.

I can’t find any further history on this one but couldn’t resist posting the photo! Any idea of time and location on this one? Any thoughts on why it is marked “Secret?”


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