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Douglas DC-2, DC-3, C-47 Aircraft Research and Information Sources


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I have collected a number of resources and have links to many on the 'net.
I can help you research an aircraft but on a time-limited basis.

Contact me if I can help you with a pet project; if you have additional links that I can post; or if you have for similar items for sale. Let me caution you that there are errors in most sources, and they move from one to another as people copy each other's info

Here's the printed material I have on hand. Links to web sites are below.
  Aircraft   Details
  DC-3 Production List   John & Maureen Woods, Airline Publications, Parts 1 through 7, c/n 1494 through 4996. I'd sure like to have the rest of the set! Done in early 1980's
  DC-3 Production List   L.A.A.S., Vol. 1 - 7, c/n 1954 thrugh 43400, not sure of date
  DC-3 Production List   This database was formerly online and may be the one used by I have it on-hand.
  Douglas Propliners, DC-1 - DC-7   Arthur Pearcy book, good stuff on DC-3's in general and some c/n specific info.

These links are presented in random order
Link, Comments
  Joe Baugher, military aircraft A premier site on military aircraft. Presented by military serial number but often have accompanying manufacturer's c/n. Absolutely incredible. Good search feature, but upper/ lower case is crucial.
  Douglas DC-2
  Douglas, from the very beginning Peter ______ list is an wonderful resource showing the various model transitions, registrations and so forth. Take your time to learn how to use it.
  Many aircraft
  rzjets is a fantastic site. Move deliberately though, and don't be quick to make assumptions. I use it thorough the search box and often find that more than one aircraft will come up under a given c/n or registration. Learn how to use it, and it will serve you well.
  DC-3 Info Lots of good DC-3 stuff, and they will do research for you for a small fee.
  DC-3 Profile #92, as a PDF
  African DC-3's Take your time and look around here. Lots of good stuff.
  DC-3, Civilian and military model info


  NTSB searchable database, since 1962
  Still more
  Google   Simply Google "DC-3 N- - - -" with your registration, and you will often find FAA accident reports

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