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Aircraft Slides
They have been sold but are here for your enjoyment!
100 aircraft, mostly warbirds and some antiques. Slides bought in the U.K. so there are some British and other foreign registered aircraft, along with some locations that you might not be familiar with. Info was as of 5/14 and has not been updated.
These photos are exactly as scanned and have not been enhanced in any way.
Click on photos to enlarge, click on links for more info
Last Rev.6/6/17
Beech Staggerwing airplane photo
boeing b-17 airplane picture
b-17 flying fortress picture
boomerang airplane picture
british lysander airplane photo
Beech 17 Staggerwing N18028. D-17S, North Weald 10-91, US registered, based in UK
Boeing B-17 N3701G, Chuckie, 1944, 44-8543, 9-80, FAA,
Boeing B-17 N66571 T-09, 44-83814, 11-80, FAA,
Commonwealth Boomerang N32CS, NX-, Oshkosh 8-98 FAA, since exp. to France
British Lysander G-BCWL, V9281, Brit,
cessna airmaster airplane photo
cessna airmaster airplane picture
cessna airplane picture
vought corsair airplane picture
vought corsair airplane picture
Cessna C-34 Airmaster N15462, 1935, Oshkosh 8-80, FAA, Cessna C-34 Airmaster N16403, Cranfield 7-90, FAA, Cessna C-37 Airmaster N18591, 1937, Lakeland-97, FAA, Corsair N33714, 7-78 $9 a3-12 (see C-GWFU) Corsair C-GWFU, Alberta Blue, 5-85, Bu 133710 or 133714, ex N33714, now N811AP by sn 965,
vought corsair aircraft photo
corsair aircraft picture
culver lfa airplane pciture
curtiss robin airplane picture
de havilland autogyro photo
Corsair N179PT, Bu 122179, 123168, at North Weald 5-97, FAA, Corsair N1337A, Bu 133722, at Alconbury UK 5-82, FAA, Culver LFA N34882, 1941, at Lakeland 4-92, FAA, Curtiss Robin G-BTYY, Shoreham 6-96, ex N348K (FAA, scroll down) DH Ciervia C24 Autogyro G-ABLM, C.24 Autogyro, Brit,
de havilland heron photo
douglas b-18 bolo aircraft
douglas a-26 b-26 aircraft photo
douglas b-26 airplane picture
douglas skyraider airplane picture
DH DH114 Heron, 1954, sn 14072, G-ODLG, 8-90, ex VR-NAQ, G-ARKU, Royal Navy XE443, Brit, Douglas B-18 N52056 B20, 1937?, USAAF 37-0029, at Greybull, WY Jul-77, now at Castle Air Museum, Douglas B-26 41-39162, 4-74 ex N72Y, (FAA, scroll down) Douglas B-26 44-34773, at Dugny, Paris, 9-96, ex N67944, Douglas AD-4 Skyraider F-AZED, Bu 126922, Duxford 5-92, later G-RAID, now G-RADR,
emigh trogan airplane photo
fairchild 24 airplane photo
fairchild 24 argus picture
fairchild 24 aircraft photo
fairchild 24 airplane picture
Emigh Trogan A2 N8345H, 1950, at Lakeland '94, FAA, Fairchild F-24H D-ECAF, 1937, sn 3222, at Sywell 7-73, ex N19127, HB-EIL, Fairchild 24R-46A G-AJPI Argus III, 43-14887, at Cranfield UK 7-91, ex HB-614, Brit. Fairchild 24R-46 G-FANC, sn R46-347, 7-94, Brit, ex N77647, FAA, down, Fairchild 24R-46A G-LEPF, Argus III, 1944, sn 952, at Badminton 4-88, Bri, ex HB-EPF,
fleet airplane picture
grumman albatross airplane picture
grumman f7f tigercat photo
grumman fm2 wildcat photo
grumman goose photo
Fleet 2 N678M, 1940, sn 226, FAA, Grumman Albatross N1026A, sn A-357, USAF 52-0130, USCG 2130, at Mojave 9-88 FAA, down, Grumman F7F Tigercat N7626C, Bu 80404, at Tamiami 4-92, FAA, Grumman FM-2 Wildcat N11FE, Bu 86680, at Leeward Air Ranch, 4-92, ex N55558, N777A, YV-T_OTO, YV-T-HTJ, FAA Grumman Goose N4575C, 1945 G-21A sn B-120, JRF-5 Bu 87726, at Duxford 2-06,ex N3096B, CF-IWW
grumman guardian picture grumman mallard photo grumman mallard picture grumman mallard photo grumman tbm avenger photo
Grumman AF-2S Guardian N9995Z, Bu 126792, was air tanker #E21, 1979, FAA $3 - a1-16 Grumman G-73 Mallard sn J-53, C-GIRL, Air BC, 10-83, ex N2983, later N653SS, FAA down, Grumman G-73 Mallard sn J-18, 1947, N98BS, at OSH-93,many other regis, FAA Grumman G-73 Mallard sn J-31, N1888T, at OSH-93, ex N2992, N1898T, FAA, Grumman TBM-3E N7075C, 1945, Bu 53785, Air tanker, 1-78, FAA
grumman tbm avenger picture grumman tbm avenger photo grumman g-44 widgeon photo hawker sea fury picture hawker sea fury picture
Grumman TBM-3E N9651C, Bu 91664, Jacksonville, Cecil Field 4-05 Grumman TBM-3E N86280, Bu 86280, ex N7219C, 4-94, FAA, Grumman G-44A Widgeon sn 1411 - N444M, at Biggin Hill 6-87, FAA Hawker Sea Fury G-EEMV, RAN WH588, ex VH-BOU, N588, Brit Hawker Sea Fury N222CH, Lone Star Fury, convoluted history, Lakeland 4-96
hawker sea fury photo hawker sea fury aircraft photo hawker sea fury airplane picture laird airplane picture lockheed pv2 airplane picture
Hawker Sea Fury N232J, sn TG-114, 5-90, many regis, now N232MB, FAA Hawker Sea Fury N281L, sn VX-281, 5-08, many regis, now G-RNHF, Bri Hawker Sea Fury N46990, sn VX-300, 7-77, many regis., now N924G, FAA Laird LC-B-200 N6906, 1928, at Oshkosh 8-99, FAA Lockheed PV-2 N10PV, Bu 37216, at Schellville 6-98,ex N7256C, FAA
lockheed lodestar photo howard 500 aircraft photo luscombe phantom aircraft photo meyers otw picture monocoupe aircraft photo
Lockheed Learstar II N116CA, 18-56, sn 2472, USAAF C-60A 42-55999, 10-78, ex N45372, N92T, w.o. 8-21-83, skydiving Lockheed, Howard 500 N500LN, sn 5560, PV-1 Bu 34670, Duxford 6-82, FAA(Lots of history, go here and Ctrl+F for N500LN) Luscombe Phantom N272Y, 1941, sn 131, prob. Osh-98, FAA Meyers OTW-145 N26460, 1940, sn 13, Oshkosh '99, FAA Monocoupe 90A N11760, 1934, sn A689, O-290 Lyc., Lakeland '92, FAA
monocoupe airplane picture north american b-25 photo north american b-25 airplane picture b-25 mitchell airplane picture north american b-25 photo
Monocoupe 90AL N38905, 1941, sn 90AL-115, Osh-96, FAA NA B-25J HB-RDE, Russells Raiders, 45-8811, Duxford UK 7-05, ex N9621C, F-AZID, now F-AZZU NA B-25J N3453G, 44-86844, Destin, FL 11-97, FAA NA B-25J N8196H, 44-86791, 6-77, later VH-XXV, now N6116X, FAA NA B-25J N9856C, 11-89 (see next photo for details)
b-25 mitchell airplane picture north american b-25 photo b-25 mitchell photo p-51 mustang photo north american p-51 picture
NA B-25J N9856C, 43-28204, Pacific Princess, at Chino 6-93, FAA NA B-25J N62163, Killer Bee, 44-86697, RCAF 5239, 4-96, FAA,, ex N92876 NA B-25D N88972, 43-3318, RCAF KL161, Duxford 3-90, ex CF-OGQ, G-BYDR, N25644, FAA NA P-51D N35FF, Risky Business, 44-73693, at Van Nuys, 6-98, ex N6357T, FAA as sn 44-13253 NA F-51D N51ES, Big Beautiful Doll, 1944, 44-84634, 4-94, ex N6165U, N51JV, now N351BD, FAA
p-51 mustang airplane picture p-51 mustang airplane picture p-51 mustang airplane picture north american p-51 picture north american p-51 mustang picture
NA P-51D N51TK, 44-63350 as 413410, LouIV, '01, ex N2870D, N151RR, FAA NA P-51D N51WT, 45-11391, Nervous Energy V, at Lakeland 4-96, ex N6170C, N5151N, now N51MV, FAA NA P-51D N151BJ, 45-11558. at Van Nuys, 5-98, ex N6175C, now N514KD, FAA NA P-51D N167F, 44-73877, about 1992, ex N6320T, CF-PCZ, FA P-51 Cavalier Mk II N405HC, Its About Time, 4-99, ex N31FF, now SE-BIL, FAA, down
p51 mustang airplane picture t-6 texan airplane picture north american t-6 aircraft photo t-6g airplane picture saaf at-6 texan picture
NA P-51D N6340T, 44-73149 as 463221, Candyman, Biggin Hill 5-81, later N51JJ, now G-BTCW, Brit., FAA, down Harvard Mk. IV CF-VFG, Okotoks Flight Centre, RCAF 20404, Alberta 10-99 NA T-6 G-ELMH, 42-84555, Harvard Mk. III, Fools Rush In, 9-05, Brit NA T-6 LN-AMY, 42-85068, TA-849, at Duxford 2-94, ex N10595, LN-LCN, LN-LCS, now G-KAMY, Brit. NA AT-6C N246Z, 41-33556, SAAF 7246, ex ZS-YYY, FAA
t-6g texan airplane picture new zealand t-6 aircraft photo north american at-6 picture new zealand AF t-6 texan navy n3n airplane picture
NA T-6 N7646S, SNJ-4 Bu 27954, 'Out of Africa', at Hahnweide, 9-05, ex N9183H, D-FFCI, FAA NA AT-6C NZ1050, 41-33766, display, Wigram 4-98 NA T-6 ZK-ENE, 41-33878, AT-6D, Mk III, RAF EX905, RNZAF NZ1066, 1998 NA - T-6 - ZK-TVI, NZ1057, 41-33801, AT-6C, Mk IIA, 1998 Navy N3N N45259, Bu 2607, R-680, "300 Lycoming", at Watsonville 5-74, FAA
pby airplane picture pby aircraft photo pby aircraft photo consolidated pby picture consolidated pby photo
PBY-6A N7179Y, Bu 64097, at Ft Lauderdale 4-92, ex N7082C, F-ZB AW, C-FHNF, FAA PBY-5A N9521C, Bu 48294, 1-78, FAA PBY-5A PH-PBY, Bu 02459, at Duxford 7-06, ex N18446, C-FHHR, N27311, FAA PBY-6A VH-PBZ, Bu 46679, as A24-352, Felix, 4-05, ex N9562C, CC-CNG, CC-CCS PBY-5A Super Canso VR-BPS, Bu 46633, 1990's, ex N10023, CF-MIR, N608FF, G-BLSC
piaggio aircraft photo piper pt-1 airplane picture porterfield airplane picture rearwin cloudster airplane picture republic p47 thunderbolt photo
Piaggio P-166 N166Y, 1959, 5-85, FAA Piper PT-1 N4300, NX-, 1943, at OSH-93, FAA Porterfield CP-65 G-BVWY, 1940, at Cranfield, 6-9_, ex N27223, Brit Rearwin 8125 Cloudster G-EVLE, 1939, sn 803, ex G-BVLK Popham 5-05, Brit Republic P-47D G-BLZW, 45-49205, 9-85, ex N47DE, now N47RP, Brit., FAA,
p-47 thunderbolt photo ryan scw airplane picture ryan scw aircraft photo ryan sta airplane picture ryan stm airplane picture
Republic P-47D N647D, 44-90438, 7-04 Ryan SCW-145 N18908, 1938, sn 202,Oshkosh '93, FAA, down Ryan SCW-145 N18914, 1938, sn 208, Oshkosh 8-70, FAA Ryan STA VH-CXR, STM-2 sn 482, A50-29, S-46, crashed 1985, 2-78 Ryan STA VH-CXR, STM-2 sn 482, A50-29, S-46, crashed 1985
ryan stm airplane photo st. louis cardinal airplane photo stinson l-5 airplane photo stinson sr-9 photo stinson sr-9 airplane picture
Ryan ST-A Special N17343, 1940, sn 458, A50-17, S-22, ex VH-AGV, at OSH-91, FAA St. Louis C-2-110 Cardinal N951B, 1929, sn C-106, 9-03, FAA Stinson L-5B Sentinel N22422, 44-17191A,at Oshkosh 7-80, FAA Stinson SR-9E N17138, sn 5209, to Aust. '90, VH-ISR, at Osh-86 Stinson SR-9E CF-OAZ, 1937, sn 5258, at Oshkosh about '98, CAN
stinson v-77 aircraft photo stinson v-77 picture wallace airplane picture russian yak airplane picture russian yak night witch
Stinson V-77 N9570H, sn 77-381, to UK in '91, now G-BUCH, Duxford 4-91, FAA Stinson V-77 G-BUCH, 10-93, Brit, (See N9570H for info) Wallace B-330 N276K, 1929, sn 12, at Oshkosh '94, FAA YAK C.11 G-IYAK, 1955, 3-00, Brit, to Germany in '07 YAK-11 N7YK, 'Night Witch', Lakeland FL, Allison V1710 engine, 4-05, FAA

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