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Aircraft Slides

They Are All Sold but You can Still Enjoy Some Here!

I have sold my entire collection of aviation photos, slides, negatives, books, magazines, brochures and similar items However, here are links to almost 400 aircraft photos that
you might enjoy looking through!

Aircraft Slides
1964-68 Oshkosh EAA, 170 slides, mostly Experimental with a few antiques and warbirds from EAA Oshkosh, 1964 and 1967/68. Enjoy them, or buy one or all.
A1 series, 100 slides, random warbird and antique aircraft, mostly US but some foreign registered. Covers slides A1-1 through A5-20. Many more to come
A2L Series, 120 slides. mostly warbird aircraft, some taken in the 1960's, most in 1970's. There's another 200 in this group to scan and post.
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