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Last revised 1/17/15

Ken Stoltzfus Collection

Aircraft Photos, Slides, Books for Sale

I am downsizing my collection of aircraft photos, slides, negatives, books, magazines, brochures and similar items.

Most photos are $5-15 each and slides $3-7 each, with some being more or less, and with a quantity discount.

Aircraft Photos

5,000 old 8x10 black & white photos. Many factory and military branch originals of large and small aircraft, including experimental and prototype, with press releases and/or factory or military stamp on the back.


General. A wide range of the predictable Douglas, Boeing, Lockheed, Grumman and other aircraft, some 1930's, mostly 1940's thru Korea, and some Vietnam.

Jessee Davidson Collection. Many from his and another collection that includes some rare, old aircraft including Laird, Loening and some I didn't recognize. Old Lockheed and Northrop singles and later. Many military aircraft including X-models and on up to Korea and Vietnam vintage. Not much later stuff. Mostly originals, with a good percentage of factory or military stamps and press releases. Davidson was a well-known writer and apparently had access to factory and military PR departments.
Hundreds of original 8x10's by a photographer who was in the Navy and printed 8x10's himself. (Skyraider, R4D, S2F era. These would not be widely circulated.)
USN/USMC Collection. There are 1000 black and white 8x10's, many with military or factory stamps or info. This includes R3Y, P5M, P6M, PB2Y, PBM, JRM, A3D, AJ, A4D, F3D, F4D, F6F, F7F, F8F, F9F, F11F, FH, F2H, F3H, F4H, FJ, PB, P4M, OE, F8U, PBN/PBY, PV, PB4Y, P2V, P3V, R4D, R5D, R6D, R4Y/T-29, R7V, R4Q, JD, TBF/TBM, SNJ, T2V, TV, T2J, T28, T39, T34, S2F, TF, WF, GV, AF, UO, UF, AM, W2F, WV, TT-1, A2F, A7A, U1B, JF, J4F, JRF, F2Y, FR/F2R, F6U, VC-4A, N3N, XTB2D-1, S3A, FM-2 (postwar), AV-8A, F-14, F10F, OV, Helicopters, Blimps, Drones, Blue Angels and more. I can go through them and pick out those for a specific squadron or by other criteria.
    Ford Tri-Motor. Two 3" binders full of Ford Trimotor photos and information,
  Corsair - $995 for all
Five original factory press releases, 1944-45, two to seven pages each.
70+ photos, mostly 8x10 with press release, etc.
10 Production line photos, some with press releases, and accompanying 1944 letter from Frank J. Delear of Chance Vought Aircraft
15 8x10's from my Navy collection, mostly military, nice prints but no stamps on back
125 Slides, mostly 1970's thru 90's, few older/later. Obviously multiples of many aircraft but often showing different paint schemes and etc
43-Page history on the F4U written by John W. Johnson of Chance Vought in 1953 (copy)
- - and more.
Aircraft Slides


Approximately 12,000 aircraft slides, mostly 1970 to 1990's, Most are organized by make/model/registration or military sn, and most do not have the photographer's name or any other copyright information. I have small scans of most of these.

Click here for the main page on aircraft slides

A nice collection but not "super." More info to come
  Janes All the World's Aircraft, see list here (WORD)
  Annual Aircraft Year Books from 1931 to 1953
  Hard and soft back, hand picked over recent years. Includes many on specific make/model of military aircraft.
  Nice group on racers
  Several production lists including C-46, DC-3, piston and jet airliners and more
      "Aircraft in Profile" series, 1 thru 6, 10 thru 13, plus many singles
  Aero Digest, Aviation Week, Skyways - - will be adding info
Lots more!!!
Packing and Shipping
    FOB Kidron, Ohio
    You may pick them up here or I will ship - - one, a few or the whole collection.
  Terms and Conditions  
    Payment by cash, PayPal or other good money, but no credit cards.  
    This is a personal collection and there will not be Ohio Sales Tax  
Prices and all details and conditions are subject to change without notice, except that I promise that when you buy, your purchase will be be as represented at the time of the sale.

You are invited to come inspect the collection, by appointment. I welcome your inquiries, but I prefer as little as possible on Sundays.

Thanks for your consideration!

  Ken Stoltzfus

115 Heritage Green Lane, Dalton, OH 44618
Cell: 330-464-5817

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