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Grumman G-44 Widgeon N7256, 1944 sn 1384, USN J4F-2 37751

2/1/11 - The FAA file is short on this aircraft as it was out of the country twice. There is no pre-1968 history, which is when it came back from Nigeria where it was known as 5N-AFS. Prior to that it had been N65956. In 1975 it went to Canada and became C-GTTL, returning in 1985. Both prior to and since the Canadian registration it was U.S. N7256. I shot it at PAMR Merrill Field,Anchorage, AK, 4/08. Photo 2 - This is the Dean Franklin conversion with 260-hp, Continental IO-470-M engines. What a beauty in the clear Alaska air and bright sun!

More history from FAA files:  11/68, Grumman G-44 s/n 1381, registration 5N-AFS of Pan African Airways, removed from Nigerian registration. Letter says it was formerly N65956;   1/69, Bill of Sale from Lion Enterprisses Establissment (sic), to Aviation Facilities of Miami, FL, who registers it a N7256;   2/69, 337 and Weight & Balance on ferry flight back to U.S. shows 271-gal fuel, “12-hours Duration to Zero Fuel”.

11/74, Sold to Africair, Miami, FL;  8/75, Sold to Dean H. Franklin Aviation Enterprises, Miami, FL;    8/75, Sold to Tall Timber Lodge Fly-In Service, Manitoba, Canada and deregistered;   8/85, C-GTTL sold to Mr. Colby Parks, Anchorage, AK, removed from Canadian registry, and reregistered as N7256;   9/85, Application for Airworthiness, shows Continental IO-470-M engines, 4456-TTAF, Standard Airworthiness Certificate, Category CAR4A.

Grumman G-44 Widgeon N66350, 1944 sn 1387, USN J4F-2 37757 - Copied web page here

I don't have my own photos of this one yet but here is a real nice series of photos and information on the rebuilding of the aircraft. I took it from the page indicated below but stuff like that moves sometimes so I saved the document.

Grumman G-44 Widgeon N744G, N91080, 1944 sn 1394, USN J4F-2 37764

2/1/11 - Aaaah - fooled you! But yes, this is N744G in years gone by! It was N91080 and N788J, before N744G. This is an undated photo from my collection, via Will Blunt. Photo 2 - Oshkosh 2009 now, and one beautiful Widgeon. The paint lines on the fuselage are similar. Photo 3 - Nicely done wheel well. VERY nicely done!

Photo 4 - Sometimes you can get a photo that doesn't look "Oshkosh" and other times you can't! This one certainly does. I believe that N744G has the 260-HP, Lycoming GO-435’s, and I suspect the conversion was done in 1955.
Grumman G-44A Widgeon N86609, 1946 sn 1435 - Photos are here

This is a "real life" Grumman Widgeon. It is loved and cared for but not lavished upon. It's the kind of airplane that you can enjoy and share with others without fussing at someone for touching it. Perry Melvin the owner sent me a comprehensive set of photos, and some personal notes, so I made this a featured Widgeon. I think you'll enjoy them.

Grumman G-44A Widgeon N86627, 1946 sn 1453

2/1/11 - This post-war, G-44A Widgeon has borne registration NC86627 and N86627 its whole life! It was almost breathtaking against the blue Alaskan sky when I saw it at PAMR, Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK in July 2004. The original Application for Registration was signed by L. R. Grumman, President, in August 1946, for Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Bethpage, Long Island, New York.

Photo 2 - N86627 had various engines and propellers over the years. The current owner recently confirmed that it was the initial aircraft for the McDermott conversions. McDermott's first engine was the Continental O-470-B, but wisely he soon went to the O-470-M, and it now has the 260-hp Continental IO-470's. Photo 3 - Gross weight has been increased through time from the original #4525, to #5400. There are some interesting points in the notes below
History from FAA files: 6/46, Weight & Balance shows #4525 gross weight; 8/46, Original Application for Registration for Grumman G-44A, s/n 1453, NC86627, signed by L. R. Grumman, President. Registration in name of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, Bethpage, Long Island, New York; 8/46, Aircraft Inspection Report shows Sensenich wood props, 82RS72; 8/46, Application for Airworthiness Certificate shows Ranger R6-440C-5 engines; 8/46, Operations Limitations say "Night - Instrument but not for hire unless suitable flares are installed.

12/47, CAA 337. Grumman removed wood props, installed Koppers Aeromatic Props, Model #220, blades O-82A; This is very possibly the aircraft Grumman used to test the Koppers Aeromatic prop on the Widgeon. The file includes a copy of their letter to the CAA with a proposed Revision to Aircraft Spec A-734-2. Accompanying operating restrictions say minimum allowable fuel octane is 57, the "One engine inoperative performance" chart shows a -25 FPM "rate-of-climb" at sea level, and it goes downhill from there! There is a statement which says "This aircraft has no single-engine ceiling"; 12/47, Sold to J. Ray McDermott, Harvey, LA, subsequently registered to J. Ray McDermott Inc., and then McDermott Corporation; 12/49, CAA 337, removed Aeromatics, installed Curtiss Reed 55518-10K props; 4/52, Annual, aircraft had 2297-TTAF; 5/52, Installed Hartzell HC12X20 props with Hartzell T-Drives C-192-2 and Hamilton Standard governors. Got Experimental Airworthiness Certificate to flight test this prop/governor combination.

7/54, 337 on installation of Continental O-470-B engines and Hartzell HC82XF-2 props. Got Experimental Airworthiness Certificate to flight test aircraft. Aircraft had 2877-TTAF. 11/54, 337 on this installation with McDermott prints; 1/57, 337, Removed O-470-B engines and installed O-470-M's, with new mounts; 8/59, 337 on installation of new McDermott spray rails; 5/61, 337 on major aircraft rebuilding. 5/63, 337, modified stabilizer by raising leading edge 5/8". Says gross weight was previously increased to #5000; 1/57, Annual Inspection Report shows 3853-TTA; 11/63, 337 on removal, total rebuild and reinstallation of center section, including replacing upper and lower skins and many internal parts; 6/76, 337 on modification to #5400 gross weight per McKinnon STC; 7/68, 337 on airframe overhaul; 11/76, 337 on installation of one-piece windshield per Lee Mansdorf STC;

12/85, Sold to Halter Yachts, New Orleans, LA; 12/85, Sold to Marjon Realty, c/o Peter Hawks, San Carlos, CA; 3/86, 337's, installed 35-gallon fuel tank in each outer wing per McKinnon STC; 10/89, Sold to Dudley H. Mead, DBA Wingmead Aviation, San Francisco, CA; 4/02, Sold to Richard R. Taylor, Anchorage, AK
Grumman G-44A Widgeon N44CH, 1946 sn 1454

N44CH is a post-war, G-44A Widgeon painted to represent British Gosling I, FP469. This is often done in warbird circles. In actuality, FP469 is Widgeon c/n 1377, U.S. Navy BuNo 37747, which has been N9233H and N133H, and is now N700BL, but I don't have any photos of it .Photo 2 - I believe that N44CA has the Lycoming GO-480's but I'm not positive just which model. I got these shots at Oshkosh 2005.

Photo 3 - Showing the British roundel and more details on the camouflage paint scheme. Most of the British Royal Navy Widgeons flew in the West Indies.


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