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Grumman G-44 Widgeon N7491, 1942 sn 1240

1/31/11 - N7491 is painted in a military scheme, although I don't find sn 1240 in any military lists including aircraft that were "impressed" during WW-II. It has the geared, 260-hp Lycoming GO-435's. Photo 2 - A lineup of Widgeons with a Swift in the middle, at Oshkosh '05. Maybe the Swift owner wants a seaplane and hoped that metamorphoses would take place overnight and he'd come back to an amphibious Swift.

Grumman G-44 Widgeon N302, ex N722, 1943 sn 1294, USN J4F-2 32940

2/1/11 - Compared to some Widgeons with upwards of 20 owners, this little gem has lived a very simple life. N302 was built for the U.S. Navy in 1943 as a J4F-2, BuNo 32940. In 1948 it went to the U.S. Dept of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, D.C. In 1956 it was sold to Oren B. Hudson, who still owns it! Incredible!! It was initially registered as N722, but Hudson changed it to N302 in 1956.

Photo 2 - In 1960 Hudson had the Rangers replaced by Continental O-470-M's. This is a very nice, straight aircraft but not a toy that someone has lavished bookoo dollars on from a bottomless pot. I saw it at PAMR, Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK in July 2004 and have seen it several times since.
History from FAA files: 11/48, Application for Registration, Grumman Widgeon J4F-2, s/n 1294, N722 to U. S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington, DC; 12/48, CAA 337 by Piedmont Aviation, Winston Salem, NC. Aircraft converted to civil status; 1/49, Application for Original Airworthiness Certificate. Shows date of manufacture as 1-8-43, Aircraft Type Certificate 734.

1/50, 337 on installation of water rudder, and removal of Curtiss Reed 55518-10 props and installation of Hartzell HC12X20-3A props on the Ranger engines. 10/51, Weight & Balance shows these items on Equipment List: 5 May West jackets, 1 anchor and line, 2 sleeping bags, 1 emergency ration box and stove, 1 axe, 1 shovel and 1 first aid kit. 12/51, Operations Limitations say, "Pursuant to Special Civil Air Regulation SR-376, as amended, this aircraft when being operated entirely within the territory of Alaska by the Fish & Wildlife Service, United States Department of the Interior in the conduct of its game and fish law enforcement activities, is authorized to operate in accordance the following limitations: #5200 gross weight Take-off and landing.

1/52, Aircraft was based in Juneau at this time; 4/56, Sold to Oren B. Hudson (Hudson Air Service), Iliamna, AK as N722, soon changed to N302, address changed to Anchorage; 4/58, 337 on replacing wing and flap fabric with aluminum; 9/58 Annual Inspection Report shows 3605-TTAF.
2/60, 337, Ranger engines replaced with Continental O-470-M's. Installed Hartzell HC82XF-2B1-8433 props. They used parts and components furnished by J. Ray McDermott. Work done by Spernak Airways, Anchorage; 5/61, 337 on installation of larger cabin door per STC SA5-36; 5/63, 337 on installation of larger cabin windows per STC SA5-51; 5/63, 337 on installation of Cessna wing tips p/n 1223000-1 and-2; 10/00, Transferred to Oren B. Hudson Trustee and Ruth G. Hudson Trustee, Anchorage. Same owner as of 2/1/11.
Grumman G-44 Widgeon N25DF, 1943 sn 1306, USN J4F-2 32952

2/1/11 - A nice Grumman G-44 Widgeon with McKinnon mods. Bob Hough's dad bought it in 1978 and converted it from 260-hp GO-435's to the 295-hp GO-480-G1D6's. The only other aircraft I know of which uses that exact engine is the Helio Courier. I saw it at the 2003 International Seaplane Fly-In at Moosehead Lake, Greenville, ME.

N25DF began life as a Navy or Marine J4F-2, Bureau No. 32952, with 200-HP Rangers and fixed pitch wood, or aluminum Curtiss Reed props. It went through a series of civilian registrations including N66273, N273L, N278L, CF-KKF and CF-QPL before becoming N25DP. I would guess she's been a source of joy for a lot of folks!
Photo 2 - Isn't she pretty! Photo 3 - Those augmenters give Delta-Fox a distinct sound. It's pretty loud and depending on one's mind-set, probably music to the ears - - or quite aggravating! I like music. Photo 4 - Wing floats in the "up" position. I wonder how many guys have landed in the water with them up! Photo 5 - The gear pulls up into the well there. Photo 6 - Note the single strut on the wing float, as compared to the two struts and wires on most of the other Widgeons on this site. Photo 7 - This is one of the best definitions of "fun" that I can think of!
Grumman G44 Widgeon N13122, J4F-2 32958, ex N1069M, N69T, N89T, CF-KKF.

2/1/11 - This aircraft has been in Alaska since 1969, and in the James S. Magoffin family of Fairbanks from then until 2001 when it went to the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, most likely by donation. I saw it in their museum in July 2004, and again at the Alaska Aviation Expo, put on by the Alaska Airmen's Association at PANC Anchorage Internatinal Airport in May 2010.

Photo 2 - This is your geared Lycoming GO-480-B1D as used on many Widgeons. McKinnon Enterprises gave the aircraft a complete overhaul in 1967 and converted it to the GO-480 with Hartzell HC83X20-2A props.
History from FAA files: 3/67, FAA application for registration by McKinnon Enterprises, Sandy, OR, for Grumman G-44, N13122, s/n 1312; 5/67, CF-KKF, s/n 1312 removed from Canadian register; 10/67, FAA '337 on complete airframe overhaul by McKinnon Enterprises; 10/67, Application for Airworthiness by McKinnon Enterprises, shows Lycoming GO-480-B1D engines with Hartzell HC83X20-2A props, #5500 gross, metalized wings and flaps, aux fuel and much more, 3201-total time; 7/69, sold to James S. Magoffin, Fairbanks, AK; 9/97, to James S. Magoffin and Dorothy R. Magoffin; 10/01, to Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Anchorage, AK.

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