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Grumman G-44 Widgeon N645DH, 1944 sn 1329, USN J4F-2 32975

2/1/11 - Grumman Widgeon N645DH was sold surplus in 1946 and registered as N66645 (NC66645). It retained that identity until 2000 when it became N645DH. This is a beautiful Widgeon, obviously the object of someone's affection. I saw it on the ramp at PAMR, Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK in July 2004.

Photo 2 - The McKinnon Conversion to Lycoming GO-480-B1D's was removed from Widgeon N86648 and installed on this aircraft in 2001.
Here's what it looked like with Rangers in 1990 tied down to an old Ranger engine (John Kimberly) and 2000, from slides in my collection. It's interesting to note that this Widgeon has had five different types of props over the years: Sensenich 82RS72 wood; 1948, Hartzell HC12x20-2 Hydro-Selective Reversible; 1961, R203-100, Beech controllable props; 1979, Hartzell HCA2V20-2, feathering, all on the Rangers, and then in 2001, Hartzell HC82X20-2A/8433's on the Lycoming GO-480's. All that, without even having the Curtiss Reed fixed pitch aluminum props!
History from FAA files: 6/46, Application for Registration for Grumman J4F-6 Widgeon, s/n 1329, N66645, to K Gunner Johansen, Ferndale, MI; 7/46, Document from War Assets Administrator to Gunner K. Johansen; 7/46, Loading data shows #4525 gross weight; 7/46, CAA 337 on converting aircraft from Navy J4F-2 to civilian G44 by Aviation Maintenance Corp, Van Nuys, CA. Installed new Sensenich 82RS72 wood props. Shows Navy s/n 44-1329; 11/46, 337 on repairs from 10/46 accident. (Sounds like a groundloop!); 11/46, Sold to Progressive Welder Company (partly owned by Johansen) for $20,500; 11/46, Bank document shows Identification No. 32975.

4/47, Registration Certificate in name of Modern Die & Tool Company, Detroit, MI, shows s/n as 44-1329; 4/48, Registration Certificate in name of Commonwealth Petroleum Company, Chicago, IL; 4/50, Sold to Industrial Eng. and Mfg. Co., Brimfield, IN; 7/48, 337 on installation of "Hartzell Hydro-Selective Reversible Propellers". One placard to say, "Do not reverse propeller in flight or landing". Props were HC12x20-2, Blades 8424.

5/51, Sold to Glaser Construction, Lafayette, LA; 2/53, had 1549-TTAF at annual; 2/54, had 1832-TTAF at annual; 4/56, had 2223-TTAF; 1/56 Sold to Link Aeronautical Corp., Endicott, NY; 4/61 Application for Registration, Kail Aeronautical Corporation, Endicott, NY; 6/61, 337, removed Hartzells, installed R203-100, Beech controllable props.

4/63, Sold to Iris K. Morgan, Binghamton, NY; 7/64, Sold to Leon D. Cool, Rockville, MD; 4/67, Sold to J. Curtiss McKinney, Titusville, PA; 8/73, Sold to Charles E. Weir, Anchorage, AK, chattel mortgage for $39,000; 5/79, Installed Hartzell HCA2V20-2, feathering props; 11/92, Sold to A. Douglas Huen, Anchorage, AK; 8/94, Sold to A. Douglas Huen or James R. Branham, Anchorage; 1/97, Sold to A. Douglas Huen, Helen M. Huen, Anchorage, AK; 5/00, to A. Douglas Huen, Helen Huen deceased.

7/00, Changed registration to N645DH; 6/01, 337 on installation of leading edge landing lights; 6/01, 337. Removed McKinnon conversion, STC SA380WE from Grumman G44A, s/n 1472, N86648, and installed on this aircraft. Includes Lycoming GO-480-B1D engines and Hartzell HC82X20-2A/8433 props. Aircraft has 23-gal. aux tank in each outer wing. Shows #4700 gross for takeoff and landing; 6/01, 337, Installed JASCO alternators using JAARS Helio Courier STC SA987SO; 7/01, 337 on installation of single piece windshield per Lee Mansdorf drawings; 8/01, 337 on gross weight increase of #5500.
Grumman G-44 Widgeon N92L, ex N65992, 1944 sn 1372, USN 37742

Many of the Widgeons flying today were built for the Navy as the J4F-2. N92L is one of about 15 that were used by the British as the Gosling I. This one was probably given their serial number FP467, and its first U.S. registration was N65992. It has the McDermott Conversion with the 260-HP IO-470's. I spotted it at Oshkosh 2005.

Photo 2 - "Scotty Ann." That's an attractive paint scheme for a Widgeon. Photo 3 - The McDermott Conversion Continental IO-470, a slim figure that is probably the envy of the geared Lycomings! Photo 4 - A nice panel! With some of our modern avionics it doesn't take many units for a good nav and com package in an aircraft like this. Photo 5 - A modern design wing tip.
Grumman G-44 Widgeon N139F, 1944 sn 1375, USN J4F-3 37745

2/1/11 - It was a dreary day at PAMR Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK in July 2004, but one still doesn't miss an opportunity to get photos of a nice Widgeon. This aircraft was delivered to the U.S. Navy as a J4F-2, BuNo 37745. It then went to the Royal Navy and was assigned s/n FP467 or FP468, depending on which source you use. It was probably based in the West Indies and was returned to the U.S. Navy in late 1945. The British used 15 of our Widgeons, and at least initially they called them the Gosling I.

This aircraft has had several U.S. registrations over the years including: NC74630, N1035L, N101KB and N139F. You can see more detailed history below the photos. Photo 2 - A mechanic was doing some work on the double disk brake the day I stopped by. Photo 3 - This is your Dean Franklin conversion to the Widgeon, with the Continental IO-470 engines, gross weight increase and much more. This Widgeon is obviously now loved and well cared for in spite of having 17 owners over the years. It has an unusual history of mods and improvements over the past 10-years or so and will probably outlive most of us.
History from FAA files: The FAA file shows a Nov. 1946 Bill of Sale from War Assets Administrator, Atlanta, GA, for "one Grumman J4F-2 aircraft, Navy identification 37745, Mfrs. Serial number 1375, engines Fairchild Model 6-440-C5", for $7500 to Nathaniel A. Kalt, North American Aviation Plant, Dallas, TX. 12/46, NC74630 sold to Charles B. Dickson, Cincinnati, OH; 12/46, Application for Airworthiness says built July 21, 1944, Aircraft Type Certificate 734, no A.D.'s.

3/49, Sold to Robert Uricho, Jr., Miami, FL; 5/49, 337 on installation of factory approved dual control system; 7/51, Ferry permit from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami, for repairs; 7/51, 337 to remove wing floats, aircraft placarded for land use only; 12/51, 337 on repairs to right float and forward fuselage, floats installed, aircraft placarded for land and sea. 2/52, Sold to George C. Hall, Jr., Fort Lauderdale, FL; 11/52, Sold to Northeast Aviation Company, Portland, ME; 11/52, Annual Inspection Report, 934-TTAF; 4/54, to Victor L. Slater, Northville, MI; 5/55, to Carolina Paper Box Company, Burlington, NC; 6/56, Annual Inspection Report, 1131-TTAF.

2/58, Carolina Paper Box requests cancellation of registration, because of "total accident" on 2/3/57; 4/57, Application for Original Airworthiness Certificate, and Aircraft Inspection Report showing 1237-TTAF. 5/58, Sold to Fred W. Fenn, Ojus, FL; 2/60, 337 on major rebuild. 4/61, Sold to Bud Branham and Joe Savaged Jr., Anchorage, AK; 6/62, Sold to John O. & Ruth Gorman, Carmichael, CA for $12,000; 11/63, Sold to David S. Garber, Menlo Park, CA; 10/64, Sold to Henry Obor Moffett, Kent, Barbados, West Indies.

10/65, Sold to Dean H. Franklin, Miami, FL, who changed registration to N1035L; 6/66, 337 on Dean Franklin conversion, including Continental IO-470 engines, gross weight increased from 4840 to #5400, metalized wings, installed Steward Warner heater and more. 6/66, Sold to A. Clinton Lindburg, St. Louis, MO; 3/74, Sold to Kenneth H. Bunch, Glennallen, AK, who changed registration to N101KB; 3/92, Estate of Kenneth H. Bunch sells aircraft to AvAmerica, Anchorage, AK.

3/92, Sold to Philip Bingman, Anchorage, AK, who is associated with Fresh Water Adventures, Anchorage. Registration changed to N139F; 6/94, 337 on installation of #200 baggage compartment in nose; 7/95, 337 on installation of single piece windshield; 5/96, 337, removed motorized landing light, installed leading edge, fixed landing light; 5/97, Sold to Lester L. R. Bingman, Dillingham, AK; 7/98, 337 on major repairs to hull, rebuilding of landing gear. (Per FAA accident report, there had been a hard landing on a small, unnamed lake following fuel mismanagement which resulted in both engines quitting.)

10/98, Sold to Kerriston Partnership Limited, Kent,WA; 7/00, 337's on installation of fiberglass wing tips per STC SA366AL, replaced Hartzell props with McCauley 3AF32C528/84NEA-4's. Many more improvements that I didn't mention, by Bingman/Fresh Water Adventures, and Kerriston Partnership. I have seen few aircraft that have such a consistent pattern of improvements over a period of 10 years or so. Although the registration address for Kerriston is Kent, WA, all the 337's are done by Alaskans, so the aircraft is likely based there.
Grumman G-44 Widgeon N141R, 1944 sn 1378, Navy J4F-2 37748

Elaine and I saw this beauty at the July 2004 Salmon Bake (wow - - incredible, grilled fresh Alaska Salmon!) at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum in Anchorage. I'm a bit biased toward Widgeons to start with and this one really got my attention.

N141R is a McKinnon Super Widgeon with270-hp Lycoming GO-480-B1B engines and Hartzell props. This conversion was done in 1970 by Win Air Service in Syracuse, NY. At the same time they installed 34-gallon auxiliary fuel tanks, completely rewired the aircraft, and essentially rebuilt it including a new panel, avionics and more.
Photo 2 - On the step through the channel between Lake Hood and Lake Spenard. Photo 3 - Wheels are down, coming toward the ramp nice and easy. Photo 4 - Step back - - she's getting out of the water and is about to shake! Grumman Widgeon 1378 must have liked the long Alaskan nights because she lived there most of the time since 1958, including 34 years with Peninsula Airways, or PenAir. She wasn't a toy either. She earned her keep flying nearly 10,000 hours in commercial service, but was obviously well cared for during that time. Photo 5 - An important piece of equipment in a flying boat. Photo 6 - Sharing the ramp with some big brothers. Walt Fricke had the airplane painted in 2005 and sent me these two photos in May. 1 and 2. He sold it a few months later.

History from FAA files: On Novembver 15, 1946, the War Assets Administrator in Atlanta, GA, sold Grumman J4F-2, Navy BuNo 37748 to Conn Air, Inc., of Danbury, Ct, for $10,000. (Could we do a repeat on that transaction - - I was six years old and missed out.) It was first registered as NC60379.

December 1946 documents show an 8/28/44 date of manufacture; that it had only one generator; and was approved for "Instrument Flight Rules (Night) Not for Hire." The equipment list indicates "Receiver and Transmitter, Lear T30-RBCC, 36-lbs.", which was likely only a few frequencies with separate tuning for transmit and receive. Instrument flying was a lot different then! NC60379 had Sensenich wood props when certificated but in March 1947 they were replaced with brand new, 62", Curtiss Reed 55518, fixed pitch aluminum props.

1/49, sold to Van Winkle Todd of Matawan, NJ; 12/49, Arthur Schultze joined Todd as an owner; 3/52, back to Todd alone; 6/49, "Messrs. A. Schultze & V. W. Todd" had a new Ranger 6-440-C2 engine with 5-hours run-in at factory, converted from 175-HP to 200-HP, for their Widgeon; 4/53 annual inspection, had 1250-hours TT; 3/54 annual inspection, 1373-hours TT; 4/55 annual inspection, 1467-hours TT.

4/58, sold to Sensitive Research Instrument Corporation, New Rochelle, NY, who changed the registration to N199VC; 10/9/58 sold to Atlantic Aviation Corporation, Teterboro, NJ, to Lambros, Inc., Ridgefield Park, NJ on 10/11/58, and to Safeway Airways, Anchorage AK the same day. Then to James W. Harvey, Kodiak, AK, still the same day, for $14,900; 7/59 sold to Ramstad Construction, Anchorage, AK; 10/60 to Red Dodge, Anchorage, AK; 6/61, changed to N141R.

9/61, 337's show structural repairs to bow, aft section of hull and right wing butt, wing fabric replaced with aluminum, installed enlarged cabin windows and one-piece windshield; 10/61, sold to Safeway Airways, Anchorage, AK; 10/61 to James W. Harvey, Kodiak, AK for $24,000; 4/63, to Orin D. Seybert, Pilot Point, Alaska, probably for $29,000; 5/66, to Peninsula Airways, Pilot Point, AK (Orin Seybert, president). They also owned Grumman Widgeon N148M, s/n 1220, and later Grumman G-44A N317RA, s/n 1430.

5/95, 337 shows airframe total time of 10,599 hours; 4/00, 337 on modifications allowing 5500# gross weight on water and 5000# on land. 4/00 sold to Petro Star Valdez, Inc., Anchorage, AK; About 10/03 sold to Alaska Grummans LLC, Anchorage, AK; 10/04 to Walt Fricke, Cat Island Air Tour & Trading Company LLC, Golden Valley, MN.

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