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April 13, 2012, rev. May 11

NAR - A Theocracy

The following paragraph is taken from C. Peter Wagner’s Aug.18, 2011 update on what he calls “The New Apostolic Reformation.” As of April 10, 2012 it was posted at:


“The usual meaning of theocracy is that a nation is run by authorized representatives of the church or its functional religious equivalent. Everyone I know in NAR would absolutely reject this idea, thinking back to Constantine’s failed experiment or some of the oppressive Islamic governments today. The way to achieve dominion is not to become “America’s Taliban,” but rather to have kingdom-minded people in every one of the Seven Mountains: Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and Business so that they can use their influence to create an environment in which the blessings and prosperity of the Kingdom of God can permeate all areas of society.”

Wikipedia Says
“Theocracy is a form of government in which the official policy is to be governed by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided, or simply pursuant to the doctrine of a particular religious sect or religion.

From the perspective of the theocratic government, "God himself is recognized as the head" of the state, hence the term theocracy, from the Greek θεοκρατια "rule of God", a term used by Josephus for the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.  

A theocracy may have an administrative hierarchy of the government identical with the administrative hierarchy of the religion, or it may have two 'arms,' but with the state administrative hierarchy subordinate to the religious hierarchy.”

Wagner’s Theocracy
Wagner’s Theocracy is part of Dominionism, sometimes called Christian Reconstructionism. The plan is to have leaders positioned in what they call the Seven Mountains, which he names, to bring the change that he proposes. That, in turn, will bring the Kingdom of God into all areas of society.

While it is certainly true that God can lead His people into any of these spheres of influence, and that He wants us to represent Him in the place He calls us to, there is no Biblical basis for this as a strategy for extending the Kingdom of God. It is still a matter of an evangelistic appeal to each heart, with the requirement that Jesus declared in John 3:5-7, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. 6 Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. 7 You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’” 

The NAR is very influential in American politics today and is a driving force behind several high profile politicians. American Christians whose identity and security is more in the restoration of our nation than in the Kingdom of God will find it hard to discern NAR’s numerous errors.

Wagner’s theocracy depends on the establishment of the rule of authoritative “Apostles” and “prophets” in the Church, under whom God’s rule will reach to all of society. This is false doctrine, and please read some of the resources at the end of the section on “Apostles.”

Shepherding Movement
Wise Christians will take a lesson from the Shepherding Movement of the late 1960’s through the mid 1970’s. I was active in that and it was initially the most Biblical and authentic of the several movements that I aligned with through the decades.

The focus was on discipleship, that is, becoming mature followers of Christ, and one means to that end was a hierarchy of leadership. Each person was to be submitted to one over him/her. There was also a strong call to unity among believers.

The leaders were called “elders” but their role was much the same as those who are now called Apostles. And the goal was the same, i.e. to establish a system of authoritative leadership that would lead to righteousness among God’s people. In the case of Wagner’s Theocracy it extends even further, i.e. to society in general.

I was at the National Men’s Shepherds Conference in Kansas City in 1975, and things blew up soon after that. Some time later the leaders acknowledged that excessive authority had been expressed through the hierarchy of leadership. It can’t be any other way in a large, top-down authority system like this!

The NAR is reminiscent of the Shepherding Movement, and because of man’s vulnerability to the misuse of power it is no more likely to succeed. A big difference is that the NAR is characterized by signs and wonders rather than discipleship, which unfortunately makes it far more deceptive, and acceptable to today’s Christian community. Many sincere Christians are being led astray.

Theocracy in Wayne County, OH
I have not heard direct theocratic teaching locally, but because of the way it flows with Dominionism it was expressed in the declaration that the jails and hospitals of Wayne County would be emptied. They would not be needed because of God’s rule in our community, which would be a result of Wagner’s theocracy being in place through God’s people.

Wagner’s theocracy is a double whammy to authentic Christianity. It’s method of establishing the Kingdom of God is much more appealing than needing to have the Kingdom of God established in our own hearts before we can share it with others, and it’s “take back America” connects to our unbiblical level of patriotism. (See “Retreat to the Battlefront”) This is deception personified!

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