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Family & Friends

AFM Hardware

Military surplus and aircraft hardware
Bluebird Aerodrome
Gordonsville Airport, VA, Caleb & Faith Glick, GAPS
Christian Pilots Association
Flying for Jesus and Human Need
MMS Aviation
Preparing people and planes for missionary service
Pilot's for Christ Int'l
"Our Lord's Air Force"
Preferred Airparts
New surplus parts for nearly everything that flies
Priority Air Charter
On demand cargo, Cessna Caravans, Pilatus PC-12's
Tailwheel Basics
Skip Degan, tailwheel endorsements in Cessna 140

Aviation Resources
Online resources (scroll down)
International Seaplane Fly-In
Greenville, Maine, Sept. each year
Free Cessna aircraft parts & service manuals

Weather, Pilot Resources
xx- AccuWeather
xx- AirNav (Airports, NavAids and more)
xx- National Weather Service
xx- The Weather Channel

xx- FAA Daily (Click on date for summary)
xx- NTSB Searchable Database
xx- NTSB, by Year/Month
xx- ASN, AviationSafetyNetwork

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