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Wayne County, Ohio, Land, Building Lot for Sale

.517 Acre Residential Lot in Apple Creek, Wayne County, Ohio

East of Wooster; south of Orrville; west of Massillon and Canton; 50-miles south of Cleveland
Just north of Holmes County, and Berlin, the largest Amish community in the world

We are offering the following desireable building lot for sale on
Shannon Drive, in the Apple Ridge Allotment, Apple Creek, Ohio

Left side
Right side

  General Information
  * .517 Acres
  * 100’ frontage, 200’ deep
  * City water and sewer
  * Faces southwest, excellent natural light!
  * Southeast Local School District - good schools for your children!
Excellent for either an earth-sheltered "green" house, or conventional design with some exposed basement walls.
Note: The developers had some extra dirt, which they moved onto this, and adjoining lots to the northwest. I have marked the approximate area of the additional soil on this photo. You can see that the natural slope is above it, on the right side, and below it. This could be left in place or removed, depending on the style house that is built. (The dark squigly lines through there are where someone mowed it for kids to ride their bikes.)
Technical Details and Information
  * Data For Wayne County Ohio Parcel 28-00516.123
  * Outlined land map may be seen here
  * Lot plat showing shape and dimensions
  * Apple Ridge Allotment, Covenants and Restrictions

Property Taxes are $210 per half

For the Safety-Conscious
  * There is a fire hydrant very near the edge of the lot
  * The Apple Creek Volunteer Fire Department and EMS is less than 1.5 miles away
  * You will have many friendly and caring neighbors


Price is $29,500

Ken & Elaine Stoltzfus, P.O. Box 228, Kidron, OH 44636
Home 330-857-6312     Cell 330-464-5817



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