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Welcome to the aircraft photos and information section!

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My library includes recent digital images of hundreds of aircraft; thousands of slides from the 1960-80's that I have bought; and countless black & white prints and negatives from the 1940-60's. Watch also for old aircraft brochures, ads and more. Please let me know if there is a specific aircraft or type of aircraft that you would like to have posted.

Between its two emphases, i.e. Aviation and Inspiration, is a full-time project for me. I welcome your comments on how we can improve it.

Notes on aircraft registrations Top

  United States: Consistent with FAA practice we use only "N" on U.S. registered aircraft which might actually show NC, NR or NX.

Canada: Canadian registrations were formerly CF-AAA to CF-ZZZ. However, they have added CG, and moved the "-" one place to the left. For example, former CF-AAA is now C-FAAA. Older registrations might be shown as CF-AAA or C-FAAA, for example, and if you're doing a search it would be good to check it both ways. Many owners of older aircraft have retained the old style display.

Military Aircraft: Military aircraft that are not civil registered will show their military serial number.

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Note: My shot of son Brian departing Lui, Sudan in Samaritan's Purse's turbine DC-3. He thrives on the several challenging strips he gets to operate from.

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