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Some of these are very poor photos and are not representative of what is to come on this site!




-Mfg. CN



Mil. Model

Mil. SN Notes
  69 N56Y DGA-4     1932 racer "Ike", old B&W photo
  70 N273Y DGA-6     1935, Mr. Mulligan, racer NR273Y, old B&W photo
  71 N14835 DGA-7 to -8 UC-70C 42-63351 First commercial Howard, old B&W photo.
  78 CF-BET DGA-8 or -11     EX N14875, on floats.





  1972 photos
  206 N18207 DGA-9 to 11     KenS photos, 2005

c/n 69, DGA-4, NR56Y, "Ike", N56YV, Racer #39
(Click on photo to enlarge)
howard dga-4 nr56y n56y ike
Photo ID: NR56Y_N56Y-1

This photo is from the "American Aircraft Album." Info for their aircraft #111 says: "Howard “Ike” racing monoplane. The second of “Benny” Howard’s trio of small racers. Top speed about 200 m.p.h. with the Menasco 160 h.p. engine. Seen racing against the Ryder R-1, Israel Redhead, Chester and others awhile back."

From "DGA-4 Mike, Ike 1932; 160hp Menasco; span: 20'1" length: 17'0", two racers built for 1930-35 Nationals [NR55Y] Mike and [NR56Y] Ike. The latter, assumed as DGA-5, was identical except for landing gear, engine mount, and carburetor. It was reconstructed 1962 in Ohio with 200hp Ranger and reported as a restoration with original Menasco B-6 in 2007 by Karl Engelskirger & Tom Matowitz (Wadsworth OH). A DGA-5 designation here apparently is invalid, and was originally applied by Howard on an air-show version of Lincoln Playboy (qv).

For years it was thought "Ike" and "Mike" were DGA-4 and -5, perhaps because Howard compiled a list of his creations for AAA's Bob Taylor, which indicated that was so. However, it was all off the top of his head and he erred on several numbers. "Ike" and "Mike" were both on regs as DGA-4s because they were virtually identical in construction and originally intended for an ATC as -4s. Vincent J Berinati, who worked for Howard as an engineer and is the sole survivor from that era, is in accord with these findings. (— John W Underwood 10/19/07)"

FAA register of 12/09 indicates N56YV with owner as Karl Engelskirger, of Wadsworth, OH, since 1/08

c/n 70, DGA-6, NR273Y, "Mr. Mulligan"
(Click on photo to enlarge)
howard dga-6 nr273y n273y mr. mulligan Photo ID: NR273Y_N273Y-1 This photo is from the "American Aircraft Album." Info for their #28 says: " Howard DGA-6 “Mr. Mulligan” racing plane. Wasp 550 h.p. engine. Top speed over 200 m.p.h. Span 38’. Length 38’4”. Height 12’. Flown by its maker, Benny Howard, at the Air Races and purse-holder in several speed events."

This is the original 1935 DGA-6, Howard c/n 2, NR273Y, "Mr.Mulligan." According to it was 3-4 place with a 550-830-HP supercharged P&W Wasp SE engine. One was built and it flew as Nationals racer Mr Mulligan [NR273Y]. It took the 1935 Bendix Trophy with pilot Ben Howard; and the 1935 Thompson Trophy with pilot Harold Neumann. It was destroyed in a crash after prop failure during the 1936 Bendix race.

Aerofiles says that two post-war replicas were built. One, bearing N273Y was destroyed 10/25/77 at Tonopah, NV., during low, high speed pass, see report. The registration was cancelled in 1978, with the last owner Robert W. Reichardt, Ojai, CA.

c/n 71, N14835
DGA-7 converted to -8, commandeered by USAAF as UC-70C 42-63351

(Click on photo to enlarge)
The Howard DGA-7 was powered by a 420-HP Wright R-760 but was then converted to a 350-HP Wright R-760-E2 to become a DGA-8.

N14835 was called "Mr. Flannigan" by many. It became the prototype DGA-8, making it the first in Benny Howard's incredible series of commercial aircraft. It still appears in the FAA registry (go to N14835 and scroll down).
Howard DGA-7 Mr. Flannigan
Photo ID N14835_1
According to Joe Baugher and others '71 was comandeered by the USAAF and became their (one and only) UC-70C, serial number 42-63351. The civil registration was cancelled by the Defense Supply Corp. in Oct. '42 and it is unclear what happened to it during or after military service.

You will see the "X" on the rudder, where the "NC" was temporarily changed to "X" to reflect that it was being operated in Experimental Category. Possibly this was at the time it was being converted from a -7 with the 420-hp Wright, to a -8 with the 350-hp Wright R760-E2 engine. N14835 was the prototype DGA-8.

The Howard DGA-8 is covered by FAA Type Certificate 612, which says that Howard built 18 of the DGA-8's from 1936-38, with C/N 71 through 88.  This is a photo from my collection.
c/n 78, DGA-8, CF-BET, ex N14875
(Click on photo to enlarge)
This photo is from the "American Aircraft Album." Info for their aircraft #269 says: "Howard DGA-8S sport seaplane seating four persons. Wright 420 h.p. engine. Top speed 187 m.p.h. Service ceiling 20,000 ft. Cruising range of 860 miles. Span 38’. Length 25’8”. Height 9’5”. A development of the well known “Mr. Mulligan” racer." The FAA spec sheet says that the DGA-8 has a 320-HP Wright R760-E2, not 420-HP as stated here.

howard dga-8, dag-11 n14875, cf-bet
Photo ID: N14875_CF-BET-1

According to the 1929-45 Canadian Civil Aircraft Register compiled by J. R. Ellis, CF-BET was operated by Mercury Air Services, in Oshawa, ON, starting in Mayt 1937. It was put into storage in July 1950. A. Mann, of Red Lake, ON apparently bought it in Sept. 1952 and it was again withdrawn from use a year later with subsequent fate unknown. You can see a better shot of CF-BET here.

c/n 79, DGA-11, N14887
(Click on photo to enlarge)
Here's some nice shots of a pretty DGA-11 at 1972 EAA Oshkosh! It was most likely built as a Wright R-760 powered DGA-8 and converted to the P&W R-985, 450-HP engine.

The owner from at least 1963 through 1977 was John L. Witt of Minneapolis, MN. Then it was registered to Airplanes & Aviation Inc. of Richford, MN, and Western Specialties of New Brighton, MN. FAA 12/09 shows William A & Janice C. Witt, Ennis, MT since 11/07 
Howard DGA-11 airplane N14887 serial number 79
Photo ID: N14887_2
c/n 206, N18207
DGA-9 converted to -11
(Click on photo to enlarge)
Benny Howard, DGA-9 N18207
Photo ID N18207_1

Howard DGA aircraft N18207
Photo ID N18207-2
“I’m pretty and I know it.”

Howard DGA paint schemes
Photo ID N18207_3
Classic Howard. The metalized forward, and fabric aft fuselage, window lines and more.
9/9/10 - I saw this DGA-11 at EAA Oshkosh 2005 and got several nice shots. Actually, I used it on the 2006 calender for Preferred Airparts, which is owned by my sons Ken and Brian.

'206 was built as a 1938 DGA-9, with the 285-HP Jacobs L-6 engine, and in 1946 it was converted to a DGA-11 with the 450-HP, P&W R-985 engine. This Howard has borne its original N-number its whole life.

No need for a nose-job on a Howard! Note the somewhat more rounded engine cowl on the DGA-11 as compared to the DGA-15P.

Details from FAA records:  2/28/38 Application for Airworthiness for Howard Aircraft s/n 206, Model DGA-9, Approved Type Certificate 645. It had a 285-HP Jacobs L-5 engine and a Curtiss Wright (later known as Curtiss Reed) 55501 propeller.

3/38, Sold to William D. Owens of Atlanta, GA for $10,487.50;   Aircraft license shows #3600 gross, #2273 empty, max payload is 522 pounds with 97-gal of fuel.    9/39, CAA Form AC18-1 following an accident. Shows new propeller and repairs to leading edge of right wing. 12/40, Sold to R. J. White, Atlanta, GA;   2/41, Aircraft total time 334-Hr.;   8/41 to James R. Harrington, dba Harrington Air Service, Mansfield, OH (later Harrington Air Service Inc.;   1/42, Installed Hamilton Standard 2B20 controllable pitch propeller. 

4/45, Sold to E. C. Patterson Jr., Chattanooga, TN;    4/45, Propeller repair by Ford Motor Company, Propeller Repair, Ford Airport, Dearborn, MI;    8/45, Sold to Ed Milam, Milam Charter Service, Lakeland, FL;    2/46, Sold to “Florida-Fresh” Air Express Inc., Lakeland, FL.

3/46, Extensive and well-documented conversion to DGA-11 with P&W R985. Aircraft total time was 2450-Hr. Aircraft subsequently identified as a DGA-11, Approved Type Certificate 672, with a gross weight of #4100.  
1/47, Sold to U. S. Airlines, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL for $11,000;   7/47 Sold to Dr. Joseph J. Locke, St. Petersburg, FL;  10/51 Sold to Pinellas Squadron, Civil Air Patrol Inc., St. Petersburg, FL;   6/53, Sold to Dr. Joseph J. Locke again;   6/53, Sold to St. Petersburg Aviation Services, St. Petersburg, FL. 

10/54, Sold to T. B. Holman and H. R. Homan, Vero Beach, FL;  11/57, Sold to Maurice E. Brown, Fort Pierce, FL for $2,250;  10/63 to Robert D. Bleifield, Coal City, IL;   6/70, Sold to William H. Wright, Jr., Tulsa, OK;    8/71, Sold to Robert L. Younkin, Fayetteville, AR;    7/84, to Fern W. Younkin;    12/96 to Robert L. Younkin, and into a trust;   12/97 to Arkansas Air Museum, Inc., Fayetteville, AR;    2/04, to J. R. Younkin, Springdale, AR.
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