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42-38365 Ex N38973, July '09 photos





?? In New Zealand, 1979 photo





42-49075 1999 photo





  History from FAA file. 1989, 1992 photos



DGA15W to P


  Built with Wright R760-E2, Blakesburg, 2007. FAA file




UC-70 ?

42-38366 Ex N47941, N46S, N224JT, in Switzerland





  Was FAA N79. 1962 photo on floats
  539 N22440 DGA-15P ??   Slide, 1964 or '84

c/n 509, DGA-15P, N22410, ex N38973
Civilian, commandeered as UC-70, 42-38365

(Click on photos to enlarge)
9/10/10 - This beautiful Howard has won several fly in awards including Oshkosh 2008 Bronze Age Champion (1937-41 vintage, Bronze Lindy). Owners are Michael & Candy Vaughan, Charleston, IL, since 7/01. This is my 2010 shot of N22410, the two below are 2009. 

I have the FAA file on this one, on paper and will share any information with others.
Howard DGA UC-70 USAAF 42-38365Photo ID: N22410_2 Howard DGA-15 N38973
Photo ID: N22410_3
That's a nicely done panel and interior in these '09 photos. Lots of us would be proud to be seen in this Howard! According to Baugher N22410 was commandeered by the USAAF and became UC-70, 42-38365. The FAA 11/80 register shows it as N38973.

c/n 515, DGA-15P, N22416
USAAF UC-70 sn?? 
(Click on photo to enlarge)
Photo ID: N22416_1
9/9/10 - Dick Martin’s Howard DGA-15P, N22416, took Grand Champion at Oshkosh in 1979 and appeared on the cover of the November Sport Aviation magazine. It is shown here at Oshkosh 1979. The 1980 FAA info indicates the model as a UC-70 but it doesn’t show up on Joe Baugher’s list by registration or serial number.
A partial ownership list from the FAA register includes: 1963, doesn’t appear, but 513/N22414, 541/N22417 and 517/N22418 do; 1977 and ’80, Richard K. Martin, Green Bay, WI; 9/89 & 3/91, Charles H. Booth Jr., New Kensington, PA.
On 12/09 N22416 was registered to Eugene J. Demarco, of Seatoun, New Zealand, and it has been in his name since 8/91. A Paul Trask slide from the Ken Stoltzfus Collection.
c/n 516, N1227
Civilian, commandeered as USAAF UC-70B sn 42-49075

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Photo ID: N1227_1

9/9/10 - This pretty 1940 DGA-15P was shot in March 1999 by Chuck Stewart. Joe Baugher says this was a DGA-15J that was commandeered by the USAAF and became their UC-70B, 42-49075. This would be an interesting one to research, but its a $20 file because of its size.

A partial owners list from the FAA registers includes; 6/63, James E. Pascoe, Ely, MN; 11/80,  Roland Rippon, Rockford, IL; 3/91, Elizabeth Rippon, Sioux City, IA; 12/01,  Ellen Rippon, Rockford, IL; 12/17/09, Howard Aviation LLC, Littleton, CO since 1/07.  

c/n 522, DGA-15P N22423
(Click on photo to enlarge)

howard dga-15, n22423, virginia board of aeronautics
Photo ID: N22423_1

howard dga-15p, n22423, eaa, oshkosh, wi
Photo ID: N22423_2

9/9/10 - This pretty 1940 Howard DGA-15P was seen at EAA Oshkosh 1989 and 1992. Here are some note from the FAA file of 2/3/10.

9/18/40, Howard Aircraft Corp. sold it to West Virginia Board of Aeronautics, in Charleston, as N22423; A 9/19/40 CAA form says that operations authorized were, “Visual-contact night flying. When the aircraft is operated for hire at night only limited to an area within a circle with a radium of 3 miles drawn from the center of the airport of take-off.” A 9/41 form shows 181-hours in the last year and says, “Used in State police work, patroling state forest fires, conveying state officials.” Certainly that is how it avoided being commandeered by the USAAF!

6/49, Spartan Aero Repair in Tulsa recovered the rudder, vertical fin, both sides of horizontal stabilizer, elevator and fuselage, and overhauled the engine; in 9/52 the aircraft had 785 hours total time; 9/56 sold to WV to Skylanders, of Cincinnati, OH; 12/57 to Walter Littrell, also of Cincinnati who had a whole new avionics suite installed including a Narco Omni, and in 1959 he had it modernized with a rotating beacon on top of the fuselage;

5/61 sold to Jesse Bortel, Ashland, KY; 5/62 to L. C. Woodrum Jr., Ashland, KY; 1/63 to Dolph Overton of Mullins, SC with a $2,760 mortgage, but Tri State Aviation Service Co., of Ashland, KY was somewhere in that process; 3/63 tail group was recovered; 10/63 to Harstad Associates Inc. of Seattle, WA for $5,000;  6/66 major wood repairs to ailerons and flaps, and recovered; 10/70 to Roland Paul Rippon of Rockford, IL, with a $9,794 mortgage; 8/78 total recover with Grade A on the wings/surfaces and Irish Linen on fuselage/tail, all with 20 coats of clear, 10 of silver, and color.

8/78, removed wobble pump and installed electric motor driven fuel pump (lots of detail); 2/83 sold to Elizabeth M. Rippon of Sioux City, IA; 8/84 to Delbert R. Boice of Farmington, NM; 8/87 to John J. Kelly of Ft. Lauderdale, FL; 8/88, Cleveland wheels/brakes installed; 10/88, major repairs to outer end of left wing; 9/90 to Fred J. Kirk, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; 10/92 to Badger Aviation of Hayward, WI; 2/01, fuselage and tail recovered with Stits Poly-Fiber. (This is a Paul Trask slide from the Ken Stoltzfus Collection)

c/n 523, N22424
DGA-15W converted to 15P

(Click on photo to enlarge)

howard dga-14w, wright r760-e2 engine, converted
Photo ID: N22424_1

9/9/10 - This beautiful Howard was the first registered DGA-15W, that is, powered by the 350-HP Wright R-760-E2 engine. It was converted to a DGA-15P with the 450-HP P&W R-985 in 1943. Charles E. Stewart photo taken at Blakesburg, IA in 2007.    

I have the FAA file on CD and have pulled out some interesting info below from both Airworthiness and Registration files. Enjoy!

The 10/17/40 Application for Airworthiness says it will be used for, “Experimental for ATC certificate on Wright engine in Howard Model DGA-15.” It was first registered as a DGA-15W with a 350-HP Wright R760-E2; Prop was a Hamilton Standard 2B20 constant speed with 6135A-9 blades. In 1/42 the blades were shortened; 8/42 R760-E2 engine majored by Hangar Six Inc.; 11/43, Southwest Airmotive Company, Dallas, TX removed R760 and installed R985 with 2D30-237-6101A-12 blades. All changeover parts supplied by Howard Aircraft; 3/44 major repairs to fuselage structure and both wings rebuilt by factory, after an accident of 2/7/44; 4/48 Kansas City Flying Service and Air College recovered fuselage and tail; 12/53 aircraft had 1925-hours total time; 4/55 spar repair on right wing at Reno Sky Ranch Airport due to operating in arid regions; 4/55, fuselage metalized with .025, 24ST. Wood stringers and formers replaced with metal, tail recovered with Grade A; 2/58 installed Grimes beacon on tail; 4/97 installed Jasco alternator; 3/03 installed Cleveland wheels and brakes, complete aircraft recovered, various avionics updates including Garmin 430.

11/40 sold to The Texas Company, of New York, New York; 3/44 it was registered as a DGA-15P; 3/48 to Kansas City Flying Service, Kansas City, MO; Same day to Clinton Krimminger, Kansas City, MO for $3,300; 1/51 to A. B. Maclay of Tallahassee, FL; 4/52 to Robert E. Smith and LaTaCo Aviation, San Antonio, TX; 9/52 to Lataco Aviation (Robert E. Smith deceased); 12/53 to William M. Stead, Reno, NV; 6/66 to Moseley Aviation, Tolleson, AZ; 4/67 to Morris Ware, Phoenix, AZ; 8/68 to Cecil L. Byers, Buckeye, AZ; 6/69 to Ben F. Grandstaff and Hugh O. Grandstaff of Red Oak, TX with a $3,000 mortgage; 8/72, Ben sold to Hugh; 10/75 FAA revoked registration; 11/80 to Jess E. Shryack of Justin, TX; 11/80 to Daniel F. Kumler, Pilot Point, TX; 7/87 to Ronald D. and Patricia A. Wenzel of West Palm Beach, FL; 1/03 to LOA, Inc., Wilmington, DE. 

'523“joined the club” in May 1967 when a 3700 hour pilot with 100 hours in type ground looped it in Phoenix, AZ while landing with the tailwheel unlocked. 

c/n 528, DGA-15P, N42429, ex N47941, N46S, N224JT
Civilian, commandeered as USAAF UC-70 series, 42-38366
(Click on photo to enlarge)

9/9/10 - This photo was taken in Dubendorf, Switzerland in August 2000. This aircraft is in the '63 and 11/80 FAA registers as N46S, and on 12/09 as N42429 with a valid registration.

I have the 4/10 FAA file which confirms this is a 12/40 DGA-15P, c/n 528. In 2/42 it went to the Defense Supplies Corp., who sold it 12/12/44 as 42-38366, and it became N47941. A 12/44 form references N25482 but I'm not sure if that is this Howard. Dean Ortner, Wakeman, OH owned it in 1953. Somewhere there it became N224JT and in 1988 it became to N42429.

Photo ID: N42429_1
In 4/99 it was sold to an owner in Switzerland and taken there. Sources on the ‘net indicate that it is now back in the U.S.. I welcome updates. A slide from the Ken Stoltzfus Collection, photographer unknown.
c/n 531, DGA-15P, N79M, ex FAA N79, N79J
(Click on photo to enlarge)
8/7/10 -  Here’s 1941 Howard DGA-15P, cn 531, N79M, on floats. In August 1962 my wife Elaine and I, and my twin Karl, flew our family’s Cessna 180 from Coatesville, PA to the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. I saw this pretty Howard sitting on the edge of the water there. It is obviously a Jobmaster and was the first Howard I had ever seen on floats. I was quite impressed. Actually, I still am and I envy every Howard driver. howard_dga_seaplane_n79m_faa_n79
Photo ID: N79M_1 says that this aircraft was formerly the FAA’s N79. A partial ownership list since then from FAA registers includes:  1963, Island Coastal Airways, Seattle, WA;  1967 & ’70, John L. Witt, Minneapolis, MN;   1976 to 1/83, doesn’t show, regis. apparently inactive;   3/91, Gustav B. Wiklund, Henry & Marjorie Fischer, St. Cloud, MN; FAA 12/01 – 5/03 Sale Reported;   9/05, William O. Britt, Ocala, FL, from 7/05;   12/09, Harald Govers, Mesa, AZ since 1/07

A 541 hour pilot with 106-hours in type met his match in May 1999 when he took off with an almost direct left crosswind, 13-knots gusting to 24. It didn’t end well and the right wing was partially separated from the aircraft.   
c/n 539, DGA-15P N22440
(Click on photo to enlarge)
9/10/10 - I have very little info on this Howard and welcome your input. It would seem logical that it has military history but it doesn't fall into any of the serial number ranges in my database.

In 12/09 it was registered to Howard Aircraft Corp., Hanover, MN, but only since 10/15/09. Today it is “Registration Pending” to some lucky guy or gal in Broomfield, CO. The photo is from a slide in my collection, and I’m not sure if it is 1964 or 1984.

Photo ID: N22440_1


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