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-Mfg. CN



Mil. Model

Mil. SN Notes
  544 N1068W DGA-15P GH-1 04390 1940's, as GH-1, now N1068W





04391 B&W print, probably at the factory





04393 Now N5605. Was my fathers, 1947 photos.





04394 Ex N68259. A slide from 1967.





08012 1977 EAA-Oshkosh photos





08016 2002 photo

c/n 544, U.S. Navy GH-1 BuNo 04390
Currently N1068W  

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howard dga-15 n1068w, navy gh-1 buno 04390
Photo ID: N1068W_1

This Howard is in the current FAA register with a Valid registration, and shows the present owner since 10/96, but I didn’t find it in any earlier registers either by N-number or c/n. Its Airworthiness Certificate date is 5/54 so it must have been in storage and off the register for many years. There’s a small chance that it was exported/imported.

Any help out there?  

c/n 545, U.S. Navy GH-1, BuNo 04391  
(Click on photo to enlarge)
howard aircraft gh-1 factory at dupage airport, west chicago, il
What a lineup! These look like brand new Howard GH-1’s at the factory at DuPage Airport, West Chicago, IL. Now, where did I put my drool cup? It's very likely that my father's Howard, BuNo 04393 (next) was in that lineup. So far I haven’t found any history.

Photo ID: 545_04391_1
c/n 547, N9011H, later N5605
U.S. Navy GH-1, BuNo 04393
(Click on photos to enlarge)
Photo ID: N9011H_1

Photo ID: N9011H_2

u.s. navy_usn_howard_gh-1_nightingale_airplane
Photo ID: N9011H_3

Photo ID: N9011H_4

Photo ID: N9011H_5

Photo ID: N9011H_6

Photo ID: N9011H_7

9/14/10 – My father, the late Chris D. Stoltzfus, in his Howard at Stoltzfus Airport, Coatesville, Pennsylvania, probably early 1947. This U.S. Navy, 1941 Howard GH-1, civilian DGA-15P, was sold by the War Assets Administration on 11/15/46 for $3,000. This is about as “stock” as it gets!

We were only kids when Father had the Howard, but I remember it well. It had a peculiar odor inside, something like formaldehyde, which was probably from its felt interior. As I recall, we didn’t play in it much for that reason.

Father was pleased with his Howard! He had a close call in this airplane after having some work done on it in Wilmington, DE, (possibly including the paint job shown two photos down). When he raised the flaps after takeoff, one came up and the other didn’t and the aircraft started to roll. He immediately put the flaps back to takeoff position, returned to the airport and had the system repaired. Father didn’t frighten easily in an airplane but that one really got his attention.

Navy BuNo 04393. From other photos of surplus aircraft in this era, I’m sure that the Howard was ferried home with this number, i.e. the N-number was not applied until later.

Photo 4 - That’s my twin brother Karl D. Stoltzfus (K&K Aircraft, Dynamic Aviation, Bridgewater, VA) there on the left, my older sister Ruth Ann, and then me next to Father. The photo was taken between November 1946 and October 1947, making Karl and I six years old at the time.

Photo 5 - Those four little round things to Father’s right, just below where the star was, are emergency flares. There was a rack of four tubes, each containing an electrically released parachute flare of 100,000+ candle power. The device was spring loaded with a piece of magnesium (I believe) that was ignited with a Zippo lighter sort of thing as it exited. The parachute opened and it drifted down to help you find a safe landing spot at night. Each flare lasted about 1 ½ minutes. If you want to know more about how they work, tell Karl I said you should ask him.

By July, 1947 the Howard was in civilian garb and was showing NC9011H. It was not certificated until January, 1950.

Photo 8 - I have green tags like this from other aircraft that Father bought in the 1940’s. This one shows that the Howard had 802:12 hours total time and 13:36 since military overhaul. The engine was 1038:12 since new and 18:42 since overhaul. Wow - - all that for three thousand bucks! Come to think of it, that was a pile of money in those days!!

The sales receipt to US Aeroplane Carriers, Inc., of Dover, DE on October 30, 1946. I believe they were friends of Fathers who did the transaction for him.

From FAA records, with comments: 11/15/46 War Assets Administration to US Aero-Plane Carriers, Inc., Dover, DE, Howard GH-1, s/n 547, Identification No. 04393, for $3,000; 11/21/46 to Chris D. Stoltzfus, Coatesville, Penna; 11/4/49, ‘337 on getting aircraft ready for certification; 1/9/50, Application for Original Airworthiness, aircraft certificated, equipment list shows 143-Gal fuel.

10/7/50 to Edward Bebhard, Washington, DC, then Arlington, VA, then Scotch Plains, NJ, then LA, CA, then Miraleste, CA; 5/23/52, TT at annual, 805-hours; 6/16/52, removed 2D30-6167A-15, installed 2D30-6101A-17; 7/56 annual, 1076:17 TT; 2/1/72 to C. Leslie DeLine, San Diego, CA; 12/20/75 to Arthur G & Jean R. Thomas, Oceanside, CA. They changed it to N5605, probably in 1977-78; 5/16/84, Jean Thomas sold to Frank G. Compton, Torrance, CA for $11,000, as NC5605. Sold as s/n “Factory 547 Navy 04393”; 2/11/85 traded even up to James A. Brennan, Redondo Beach, CA as s/n “Factory 547 Navy 04393”, and as model “Howard DGA-15P Jobmaster”.

c/n 548, DGA-15P N68259, now N28259
U.S. Navy GH-1, BuNo 04394
(Click on photo to enlarge)

Photo ID: N68259_1

9/10/10 - Howard DGA-15P N68259, another pretty USN GH-1! This is a 1967 photo, photographer unknown, probably taken in California. Owner at the time was Joe J. Hecker, of San Diego, CA.

This Howard appears in the 1963 FAA register as N68259 and the 11/80 and current registers as N28259. The registration is shown as Valid. Current owner is David Cheney, Walla Walla, WA since 12/01.

c/n 559, DGA-15P, N52947
U.S. Navy GH-1, BuNo 08012

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Photo ID: N52947_1

Photo ID: N52947_2

9/9/10 - Here are two shots of U. S. Navy GH-1, BuNo 08012, in civilian garb as Howard DGA-15P N52947 at the 1977 EAA, Oshkosh fly-in.

'559 has been owned by the Museum of Flight Foundation, in Seattle, WA, since 12/90.  You can visit their web site herePaul Trask photos.
A partial ownership list from FAA Civil Aircraft Registers includes:  1963, Joseph J. Morrison, Marlton, NJ;  1976 and ’77, not listed;  11/80, Robert E. Richardson, Seattle, WA, probably the owner when these photos were taken.

c/n 563, DGA-15P N67433
U.S. Navy GH-1, BuNo 08016   
(Click on photo to enlarge)

Photo ID: N67433_1

9/10/10 -  Poised for action! Charles E. Stewart caught this beautiful Howard at Casa Grande Municipal Airport, AZ (CGZ) in March 2002. This aircraft began life as U.S. Navy GH-1, BuNo 08016.   

Several owners from the FAA registers include 8/02,  Clayton S. Graves, Santa Paula, CA, since 4/71, and current, Dennis Lyons, San Miguel, CA since 1/03. Lucky dude!

N67433 made its mark on a pilot’s ego in 1993 when it was ground looped while landing with a 23-35 knot crosswind, from 60-80 degrees to the left. Click here for more.


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