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Howard DGA -
Page 5, c/n 701 through 891

USN NH-1 BuNo 29376-29550 and 44905-44920. Click on the desired c/n or scroll down.

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29423 P&W R-1340. - FEATURED
  767 N9125H DGA-15P NH-1 29442 EAA Oshkosh 2010, Lee Bottom 2010, a beauty!





29446 At Rochester, NH, 10/73





29488 1999 photo





29492 Old postcard photo
  835 N1335M DGA-15P NH-1 29510 1975 and 1997 photos
  837   DGA-15P NH-1 29512 Old B&W print
  858 N858H DGA-15P NH-1 29533 Floats, ex N62016 - FEATURED
  869 CF-NTY DGA-15P NH-1 29544 Abingdon, England, Racer #40, 1971
  890 N5524N DGA-15P NH-1 44919 Palmer, AK, June 1979

c/n 748, DGA-15P N9887H
U.S. Navy NH-1 BuNo 29423
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c/n 767, DGA-15P N9125H
U.S. Navy NH-1, BuNo 29442
howard dga n9125h, anchorage, aniak, juneau, fairbanks Alaska
Photo ID: N9125H_1

howard dga-15p, N9125H, Alaska, restored
Photo ID: N9125H_2

I saw this photogenic Howard at EAA Oshkosh 2010.

N9125H was in Alaska for many years. It doesn’t appear in the 1963 FAA register, but a partial list of owners includes: 1967-68, Larry L. Ledlow, Aniak, AK;  1970, Peter W. Knudson, Anchorage, AK;  1976, Gordon P. Heddell, Juneau, AK;  1977-92, Weldon L. Taylor, Fairbanks, AK;  12/99, David A. Withstandley, Juneau, AK; 12/01 South Fork Aviation, Wilmington, DE; and currently, DGA Aviation LLC, Little Rock, AR, since 10/03.

Baugher says it collided on takeoff with NH-1 29417 (later N52956), on Nov 2, 1945. On 4/19/78 it had an accident at Fairbanks, AK. The FAA says it was an overweight takeoff; pilot lost directional control; hit fuel tank. When I was instructing my grandkids in the Super Cub I had a little placard on the panel that said, “THINK, THINK, THINK, don’t just go along for the ride!” Yep!!

Lee Bottom Wood, Fabric & Tailwheels Fly-In 2010 Photo ID: N9125H_3 Howard DGA-15 instrument panel, restoration Photo ID: N9125H_4 Lee Bottom Fly-In, Hanover, IN, 64I, 2010
Photo ID: N9125H_5
Elaine and I were at the Lee Bottom, Wood, Fabric & Tailwheel Fly-In, Hanover, IN, on Sept. 24-26, 2010.

N9125H showed up and what a treat it was to see it again!

Photo 3: It was a blustery day and there were some interesting arrivals! Presley Melton made it look like a walk in the park though in N9125H.

Photo 4: This was a total restoration of an Alaskan workhorse and was worthy of the " Antique Reserve Grand Champion - Silver Lindy" award at EAA AirVenture 2010. Presley has done a wonderful restoration job. It reminds me of the kind of thing that God will do for us when we're tired and maybe broken up a bit, if we invite Him to.

Photo 5: The high-wing Howard DGA's have distinct lines - a racy, "What are we waiting for?" look.

c/n 771, DGA-15P N95462
U.S. Navy NH-1, BuNo 29446

howard dga-15p n95462, rochester, NH 1973
Photo ID: N95462_1

9/9/10 - This shot was taken at Rochester, NH in 1973, photographer unknown.

I’m not sure who owned N95462 in 1973 but here’s the info from FAA Aircraft Registers I have: 1963, Domenic Deleo, Clifton, NJ;  1967, ‘68, Henry J. Kolwitz, Toledo, OH;    1970, Roland P. Rippon, Rockford, IL;  1976, John R. Turgyan, Trenton, NJ;  1977, ‘80  Francis C. Trainer, Wayne, NJ;   1989, R. G. Young, Woodland Hills, CA;   2002, Ronald L. Donley, LaQuinta, CA, since 9/99;  2006, William C. Dannecker, since 10/04;   Sept. 2010, Michael A. Galles, German Valley, IL since 10/09.  

N95462 joined the “lost directional control on roll out” club in April 2006 at Merritt Island, FL. The 4500 hour pilot with 228-hours in type got distracted when going through his pre-takeoff checklist and forgot to lock the tailwheel, and then neglected to check it before landing. The aircraft was substantially damaged. Oops!

c/n 813, DGA-15P N9471H
U.S. Navy NH-1, BuNo 29488

howard dga-15p n9471h, navy nh-1 29488
Photo ID: N9471H_1

9/13/10 - This pretty Howard began life as U.S. Navy NH-1, BuNo 29488. This is a Sept. 1999 Charles E. Stewart slide from my collection.

I don’t have FAA data for 1999 but in both 1963 and 1991 it belonged to Tage Strahlstrom of Ventura, CA. FAA data for 12/09 shows the lucky owners as Jules I & Mary E. Gilpatrick, Trustees, Lakeview, WA, since 10/02.  

In June 2002, ’71 Hotel had an unfortunate encounter with a mesquite bush. The accident report says: “The pilot said that during landing roll on runway 26 he encountered a dust devil. He said that the airplane abruptly entered an uncommanded right turn and exited the runway. The airplane impacted a large mesquite bush separating the right landing gear and breaking the right wing spars near the wing's tip.” It has since been rebuilt and there are more recent photos on the 'net showing similar colors but a different trim design.

c/n 817, DGA-15P N75599
U.S. Navy NH-1, BuNo 29492

howard dga-15 airplane, N75599, navy nh-1
Photo ID: N75599_1
This is a postcard in the Ken Stoltzfus Collection, photographer unknown

9/13/10 - N75599 has been registered to Ronald Lee Cook, of Salix, IA, since June 1971! They should know each other pretty well by now.

In December 1964 a 700-hour pilot with seven hours in type was ferrying the aircraft to DuPage County Airport to have the inoperative flaps repaired. According to the report he “misjudged distance and speed,” overshot the runway, collided with a snowbank and did substantial damage. It’s easy to speculate that a pilot with that little Howard time might have kept his airspeed up too much on a no-flap approach.

c/n 835, DGA-15P N1335M
U.S. Navy NH-1, BuNo 29510

9/13/10 - N1335M, as it looked at EAA Oshkosh 1975. It is one of at least14 Howards that is, or was at one time, FAA registered under its USN Bureau Number instead of factory construction number. I believe that this aircraft is sometimes misidentified as c/n 510 (N22411) because of Navy BuNo 29510.

Here’s a partial ownership list from my FAA registers:  1963, Milton P. Freeman, South Windsor, CT;  1968, 82nd Div. Airborne Assoc., St. Clair Shores, MI;  1970, R. J. Geren, Dallas, TX;  1977, R. J. Geren, Carrollton, TX;  9/10, Thomas R. Martin, Roseville, MN since 10/97.

Benny Howard, DGA-15P N1335M, EAA Oshkosh 1975
Photo ID: N1335M_1
N1335M at EAA Oshkosh 1975.
According to Joe Baugher, ‘510 was groundlooped on landing at NAS Corpus Christi, TX, in July 1946. In May 1965 a 223-hour pilot with 19 hours in type did substantial damage because of “improper recovery from bounced landing” at Almont, MI. Some people who like horses prefer an old gray mare. Others go for the spirited stallion. The latter know they are in for a challenge but they like that because of the reward. Howard drivers are not the old gray mare type of folks. 
c/n 837, DGA-15P, U.S. Navy NH-1 BuNo 29512
howard dga, nh-1 blind flying trainer 29512
Photo ID: 837 - 29512_1

9/14/10 - This is one of 205 NH-1 "Blind Flying Trainers" that were built for the U.S. Navy.They were an instrument trainer with a third set of controls and instruments in the rear seat. I have the FAA files on several NH-1’s and most indicate the removal of the third set of controls and the installation of a normal passenger seat in the back. Some installed a factory type seat, others fabricated their own.     

I'd welcome photos or drawings of that installation!      

c/n 858, DGA-15P N858H, ex N62016
U.S. Navy NH-1, BuNo 29533
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c/n 869, DGA-15P CF-NTY
U.S. Navy NH-1, BuNo 29544
9/14/10 - Howard CF-NTY was entered as Racer #40 in the 1971 air race from England to British Columbia. Note the special engine cowling and the tape on the left side to reduce drag. It has a seaplane door on the left side and a float fitting behind the strut. I welcome any further information on how the Howard placed in the race.

My 6/71 Canadian aircraft register shows the owner as: Nor-West Aero Ltd., Mission - - . It was imported in 1962 and I suspect it was on the Canadian register until 2/79. It is not on the U.S. or British registers at this time. I’ll be happy to post any further history. 
howard dga cf-nty, #40, 1971 air race from England to B.C.
Photo ID: CF-NTY_1
“November Tango Yankee” started life as a U.S. Navy NH-1 instrument trainer, BuNo 29544. This is a rather poor July 1971 image taken from what appears to be a duplicate slide.

c/n 890, DGA-15P N5524N
U.S. Navy NH-1, BuNo 44919

howard dga-15 airplane, palmer, ak, n5524n
Photo ID: N5524N_1

9/14/10 -  Yep, all the marks of a working airplane at Palmer, AK in 1979. I’ll bet it has some stories from its 15-years there.

If you Google “Howard N5524N” you will see some photos of what it looks like after restoration. If someone sends me a current shot I’ll post it.  Here is a summary of info from the FAA file which I bought in 2/10.

11/12/47, War Assets Administration Zone 2 sold NH-1, serial no. 44919 and mfg. 890, to Thomas P. Roche of Moline, IL, for $1,500. N5524N was assigned. 2/48 sold to Joseph R. James of Moline; 12/50 to Jack Cunningham, Kansas City, MO; 2/51 to Brotherhood, Inc. of New Orleans, LA; 5/51, note saying sale was not consummated as the project was abandoned; 5/51 to Mrs. Robbie Lambert, Corsicana, TX; 9/52 to Al Clewis Jr., Tampa, FL; 11/52 to Glen E. Durst, Tampa, FL; 9/54 to H. Woolf & Son, Tampa; 3/61 to Fred E. Cooper 3rd, Tampa; 5/61 to Air Friends Inc, Tampa; 7/64 to J. F. Carter, Drewry, AL; 2/65 to Harold O. Hoppe (Lt. Col.), Elmendorf AFB, Alaska; 7/66 to Paul B. and Geraldine E. Bonser, with $5,000 mortgage; 2/76 to Lloyd W. Magnuson, Palmer, AK; 2/80 to HarRan Aircraft Sales, Muskogee, OK with $14,600 mortgage; 4/82 to John W. Braden, Hutchinson, KS; 8/85 to David B. Fields, Midland, TX; 10/89 to Edmond J. Colbert, Arlington, TX; 8/92 to George R. Hartigan, Covington, LA; 5/96 to the Harley E. Lane and Margie A. Lane trust; 12/99 to Roger E. Orr, Santa Paula, CA, current as of 2/10.

2/23/48, Application for Airworthiness Certificate; 2/25 337 for initial certification; 10/53 Annual Inspection form shows 951-hours total time; 9/54 337, removed rear seat and wheel pants; 6/56 337, aircraft dismantled and all parts and surfaces completely cleaned and inspected. All fabric surfaces tested with a Saybelt fabric tester and found to be airworthy. Aircraft completely refinished and reassembled; 6/56 Annual Inspection form shows 1125-hours total time; 12/61 337, fuselage recovered; 5/64 337, vertical fin recovered; 7/68 337, recovered vertical fin, rudder, elevator, stabilizer, both wings, flaps and ailerons stripped, repaired and recovered; 1/85 337, repaired fuselage at right gear attachment area, repaired left wing; 4/01 337, replaced left front spar, reskinned left and right wings, flaps and ailerons, covered with Ceconite.


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