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Howard DGA -
Page 7, c/n 1700 through 1831

USN GH-2's, BuNo 32336-32385 and 32787-32866. Click on the desired c/n or scroll down.
The GH-2 Nightingale ambulance version of the DGA-15P has an additional door behind the main cabin door.

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-Mfg. CN



Mil. Model

Mil. SN Notes
  1714 N1336M DGA-15P GH-2 32348 Ex N9867H, 1997 at Oshkosh
  1743 N67436 DGA-15P GH-2 32377 '05 photo at NAS Patuxent River, MD
  1744 N67425 DGA-15P GH-2 32378 At Watsonville, CA, 7/81, camera hole, FAA file
  1751 C-GDCA DGA-15P GH-2 32385 Ex N68246 and N62J. At Oshkosh 1975.
  1763 N52834 DGA-15P GH-2 32787 At Lakeland, FL, 1992. FAA file
  1774 N67458 DGA-15P GH-2 32804 CAF Arizona Wing, “Anxious Ann”, 1982
  1776 N66546 DGA-15P GH-2 32811 1990 at White Waltham, UK, later VH-DGA, burned up
  1815 N5450N DGA-15P GH-2 32850 1977 at Oshkosh

c/n 1714, DGA-15P N1336M, ex N9867H
1943 U.S. Navy GH-2 Nightingale, BuNo 32348

howard_dga-15p_n1336m_n9867m_navy gh-2
Photo ID: N1336M_1

9/10/10 – There’s lots of photos and info of this aircraft on the ‘net as it has been an award winner on the west coast.

Here’s a partial ownership list from my FAA Civil Aircraft Registers:  1963, couldn’t find it;  1967, N9867H, Albert Hill, Mayview, IL;  11/80, N9867H, Robert Geren, Carrollton, TX;   9/89 and 8/92,  N1336M, James W. Peckam, Argyle, TX;  12/01, Philip R. Edgington, from 3/96;  12/09, Pacific Aerostar LLC, Sonoma, CA, since 2/07. This an EAA Oshkosh 1997 photo, a Paul Trask slide in my collection.     
c/n 1743, DGA-15P, N67436
U.S. Navy GH-2 Nightingale, BuNo 32377
howard dga-15p n67436, nas patuxent river, md Photo ID: N67436_1

This nicely composed shot is by Joseph G. Handleman, and was taken at NAS Patuxent River, MD on 9/4/05. It is obviously a GH-2 with the ambulance door.

I can find very little about this aircraft on the ‘net but here’s a partial owner’s list from FAA registers: 1963, Robin Jensen, Sacramento, CA;  1967-77, Marion Eugene Ford, Palo Alto, CA;  11/80 – 11/83, William L. Niles, Ventura, CA; 9/89, Bryce B. Hunt, Camarillo, CA;  7/91, 8/92, Sale Reported; current, Matthew Taylor, California, MD, since 8/26/03.

c/n 1744, DGA-15P N67425
U.S. Navy GH-2 Nightingale, BuNo 32378
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c/n 1751, DGA-15P C-GDGA, ex N68246, N62J
U.S. Navy GH-2 Nightingale, BuNo 32385
9/18/10 - This Howard was imported into Canada in 1974 and was seen at EAA Oshkosh in 1975. The paint scheme accents a Howard’s figure something like a horizontally stripped short compliments mine. That looks like a BT-13 engine cowl.

Info on the ‘net indicates that it was at one time N68246 but that would have been before 1963. Does anyone out there have some of the older U.S. Civil Aircraft Registers?
canadian howard dga, c-gdga, n68246, n62j
Photo ID: C-GDGA_1

Partial ownership list:  1963 & ‘67, N62J, Silver State Flying Service, Reno, NV;  1968 and ’70, N62J, Dorren D. Thrush, Freemont, CA;  12/09, Canadian regis, C-GDGA to A.H.D. Crooks Ltd., Lethbridge, AB since 9/80.

The seat slid back on landing in 1970, leading to a ground loop and collapsed gear. I can’t find any recent photos or references except that it is current on the Canadian register. This photo is from a Paul Trask slide in my collection. 

c/n 1763, DGA-15P N52834
U.S. Navy GH-2 Nightingale, BuNo 32787
This is a 1992 shot from Lakeland. I also have a ’97 photo which shows it as all white except for a little red on the front of the engine cowl and on the leading edge of the tail. Note the second door, behind the main cabin door.

A slide from my collection, photographer unknown. Here's some notes from the FAA file.
howard dga-15, n52834, lakeland fl, navy gh-2
Photo ID: N52834_1

12/46, Howard GH-2, Mfg. SN 1763, Ident. No. 32798, sold by War Assets Administration to Ernest E. Webb, of Charlotte, NC, for $3,000. 4/47 to Consumers Air Line Inc. of Champaign, IL; 12/47 to John E. Thompson, Chicago, IL; 7/48 to Reliable Packing Company, Monee, IL; 3/49 to Merrill Erwin and Richard Ulvestad of Kankakee, IL; 7/49 to Thomas E. Bovey of Chicago, IL; 9/50 to Plainfield Motor Co., Inc, of Plainfield, IL, P. L. Birthisal, Pres.; 10/51 to R. P. Mix and Harold R. Beyer of Chicago; 6/56 to Duane J. Lloyd, Milwaukee, WI; 2/61 Edward W. Neville, Auberry, CA; 8/76 to Godfrey G. Amacher and Delores H. Amacher, Woodland, CA; 9/78 to Virginia A. Durland, Placerville, CA; 9/85 to Links Design Inc., Lakeland, FL, Ron Garl, Pres; 8/94 Lawrence W. Skinner, Miami, FL.

4/47 337 and Annual Inspection form for conversion to civil status, elevators and stabilizer recovered, new windshield; 1/50 337, recovered all except wings; 12/53, aircraft total time 250-hours; 11/58 337, complete rebuild of right wing; 6/71 337, major wing work including splicing three wing spars, complete aircraft recovered with Ceconite; 7/79 337, recovered both wings; 3/95 337, installed Cleveland wheels and brakes; 11/03 337, recovered fuselage, stabilizers, vertical fin.

c/n 1774, DGA-15 N67458
U.S. Navy GH-2 Nightingale, BuNo 32804
howard dga n67458, anxious ann, caf arizona wing Photo ID: N67458_1 9/18/10 - Named “Anxious Ann” and bearing the number 44, N67458 was associated with the CAF Arizona Wing in April 1982 when this photo was taken. Pilot was Col. Ferguson. I’m not sure who Ann was, but with as many groundloops as Howards have suffered, “Anxious” sounds like an appropriate prefix for a name assuming that they have emotions.

Anxious Ann started life as U.S. Navy GH-2 Nightingale, BuNo 32804. Can someone tell us what paint scheme is represented here? Is it authentic Navy, or USAAC?

Partial Ownership List: 1963, Harry F. Kruse, San Francisco, CA;  11/80 and 1/83, Frederick E. Ferguson, Tempe, AZ;  8/92, David M. Forrest, Marietta, GA;  12/01, Peter C. Malone, Catron, MO, from 8/97;  12/09, Dale P. Walker, Altoona, WI since 1/05.

It appears that sludge in the right master brake cylinder contributed to a jammed brake on landing roll in March 1974 at Gila Reservation airport near Phoenix, AZ.  Directional control was lost and it went up on its nose causing substantial damage. The aircraft was being used to haul jumpers. Here’s a beautiful 2005 shot of N67458 on floats at Lake Winnebago, WI.
c/n 1776, DGA-15P N66546, later VH-DGA
U.S. Navy GH-2 Nightingale, BuNo 32811

9/20/10 - This Howard/Jobmaster conversion was seen at White Waltham, UK in April 1990. It previously spent some time on floats. Info on the ‘net indicates it was in the UK for the England – Australia race in 1990. I have no idea how it did in the race and welcome further info.

It was subsequently registered in Australia as VH-DGA and was apparently destroyed in a fire at Avalon, Victoria on October 29, 1992. I don’t see any Howards in the current Australian registry.       

howard dga-15p jobmaster, n66546, vh-dga australia
Photo ID: N66546_1

Partial ownership list from the FAA registers includes:  1963, not listed;  1/83, Michael T. Tacoma, Spring Valle, CA;  9/89,  Lester D. Speyer, Nashville, TN;  aircraft was deregistered with FAA 7/90

June 1, 1966 was not a good day for ‘546. The 1135-hour pilot with 40-hours in type made a hard landing and collapsed the gear at Renton, WA. There was evidence of a cold weld at the bushing on the left upper strut fitting. It was obviously repaired, and operated again until it’s final and fiery fate in Australia.

c/n 1815, DGA-15P N5450N
U.S. Navy GH-2 Nightingale, 32850

I have very little info on this Howard. The saying “caught with your pants down” comes to mind.

There was a landing gear failure on 9/3/73 at Amelia, OH, but this photo was taken by Paul Trask at EAA Oshkosh 1977 so it was obviously repaired after that. Any ideas on its current status?
howard dga-15p n5450n, navy gh-2 32850
Photo ID: N5450N_1
Partial owner’s list from FAA registers: 1963, not listed;  1967-80, Millard Huff, Cincinnati, OH;  1976, Edward A. Gutzeit, Florence, KY;  1977, Edward A. Gutzeit, Burlington, KY;  11/80, Cherokee Aviation, Wise, VA;  1/83, Thibodeaux Shell Yard Inc., Lafayette, LA;  9/89 and 3/91, Michael Frank Goldstein, Houston, TX;  now Goldstein, but League City, TX, since 12/13/88. FAA file is “Undel Tri”


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