On December 1, 1999, at about 1055 eastern standard time, a Howard DGA-15P, N35RH, registered to a private individual, operating as a Title 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight, crashed on landing at the Spruce Creek Airport, Daytona Beach, Florida. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The airplane received substantial damage and the commercial-rated pilot and airline transport-rated passenger were not injured. The flight departed Flagler County Airport, Bunnell, Florida, about 20 minutes before the accident.

According to the pilot, he had very recently bought the airplane from the passenger, and was in the process of familiarizing himself with its handling characteristics. They had conducted airborne familiarization en route from Spruce Creek to Flagler, where they landed and fuelled. They had returned to Spruce Creek, and were conducting takeoffs and landings on runway 05 into a "significant" left crosswind. On the second landing, intended to be a full stop, the airplane's left main wheel touched down first, the airplane bounced, and the pilot attempted a go-around that resulted in a skid off the left side of the runway into an adjacent tree. The pilot stated surface winds at Spruce Creek were from 360 degrees at 18 to 22 knots, and severe turbulence. The pilot stated that he understood that the seller's responsibility was not as a co-pilot or safety pilot, and was a pilot-rated passenger only.

According to FAA personnel, the pilot stated he lost control of the airplane during the go-around attempt, the left wing struck the ground, and the airplane impacted a large oak tree off the left side of the runway. The temporary registration showing the transfer of ownership was properly displayed, and had been properly forwarded to FAA Aircraft Registry, Oklahoma City. The passenger made no attempt to take over the controls. The Daytona Beach FAA ATCT, located 7 miles north of Spruce Creek, reported winds at 1053, were from 010 degrees at 15 knots, gusting to 23 knots.

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