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Howard DGA - Accidents

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There's a lot of similarity between Howard DGA accidents - namely, the frequent "Pilots' failure to maintain directional control." I'm posting summaries of some accidents, obviously without names.

Pilots need to be careful about how we judge those who messed up, but we can learn from their mistakes. If we have any "time" at all we know we've escaped the consequences of some folly that got others into trouble.

I remember the time early in my flying career when I carelessly, in referring to groundloops, repeated the line, "There are those who have and those who will," in front of my father, the late Chris D. Stoltzfus of Coatesville, PA. He said that we should never take the attitude that we couldn't groundloop an aircraft, nor should we embrace the casual attitude of that statement. He was right and it was a philosophy I embraced personally and passed on to others. Most of my hours, and most of my instructing, is in tailwheel aircraft and so far I and those I taught have avoided groundlooping an aircraft.

For the compilation of Navy NH-1 accidents, click here.
  1964, 3/7, N4646W, cn unk, at Napoleon, MI, landing, overshot, nose over-down
  1964, 7/1, N9843H, cn 1016, at Pekin, IL, jumpers, landing, overshoot, hit ditches
  1964, 8/2, N67720, cn 1757, at Fairbanks, AK, aborted T.O., hit shoreline, destroyed
  1964, 9/11, N69050, cn 1759, at Anchorage, AK, landing, lost directional control
  1964, 9/20, N65595, cn 1760, at Deridder, LA, jumpers, takeoff, gear failed
  1964, 12/22, N75599, cn 817, at West Chicago, IL, landing, no flaps, hit snow bank
  1965, 4/18, N9045H, cn 955, at Basehor, KS, engine failure, gear collapsed
  1965, 5/8, N1335M, cn 835, at Almont, MI, bounced, maybe flipped
  1965, 10/15, N9926H, cn 970, at Manville, NJ, landing, lost directional control
  1966, 5/7, N9120H, cn 1701, at Gilbertsville, PA, jumpers, stall-spin, 6-fatal, destroyed
  1966, 6/1, N66546, cn 1776, at Renton, WA, hard landing, gear collapsed
  1966, 8/27, N63427, cn 874, at Turner Falls, MA, jumpers, landing, lost directional control
  1966, 9/25, N69050, cn 1759, at Afognak, AK, wx, 5-fatal, destroyed
  1967, 1/2, N9887H, cn 748, at Zenia, OH, landing, hit soft spot
  1967, 3/12, N5612N, cn 884, at Turner Falls, MA, jumpers, landing, LDC, hit snowbank
  1967, 5/16, N22424, cn 523, at Phoenix, AZ, landing, lost directional control
  1967, 7/2, N74696, cn 953, at Camp Lake, WI, hit fence posts
  1967, 9/4, N9887H, cn 748, at Lynchburg, OH, jumpers, top blew out, hard landing
  1968, 5/30, N5707N, cn 977, at Pekin, IL, jumpers, chute opened, minor
  1968, 7/23, N67191, cn 974, at Rosamond, CA, landing, lost directional control
  1970, 3/11, N62J, cn 1751, at Tracy, CA, landing, seat slid back, gear collapsed
  1970, 9/26, N9056H, cn 965, at Skykomish, WA, crashed into lake, destroyed
  1970, 10/4, N1149V, cn 924, at East Moriches, NY, landing, student pilot
  1972, 5/27, N450Y, cn 728, at Albuquerque, NM, hard landing
  1972, 8/26, N138J, cn 983, at Anhien Lake, BC, takeoff, hit trees, fire
  1973, 2/4, N79530, cn 871, at Hartford, VA, fuel starvation, jumpers, destroyed
  1973, 2/23, N65046, cn 731, at Elsinore, CA, ground collision
  1973, 6/23, N5707N, cn 977, at Pekin, IL, engine failure, flipped
  1973, 9/1, N67425, cn 1744, at Richfield, UT, DGA-15J, lost directional control
  1973, 9/3, N5450N, cn 1815, at Amelia, OH, gear collapsed
  1974, 3/24, N67458, cn 1774, at Phoenix, AZ, landing, major
  1974, 5/4, N65E, cn 501, Lake Elsinore, CA, jumpers, engine failure, gear collapsed
  1974, 5/19, N9887H, cn 748, at Franklin, WI, landing, lost directional control
  1975, 5/4, N500DK, cn 751, at Fairbanks, AK, landing, gear collapsed
  1977, 10/25, N273Y, DGA-6 replica, at Tonopah, NV., destroyed
  1978, 4/19, N9125H, cn 767, at Fairbanks, AK, overweight takeoff, major
  1978, 4/23, N3347G, cn 941, at Healdsburg, CA, engine failure, major
  1980, 4/19, N22418, cn 517, at Murrieta, CA, jumpers, chute on elevator
  1983, 3/7, N67771, cn 1713, at Mesa, AZ, lost directional control
  1983, 3/22, N5553N, cn 978, at Livermore, CA, landing, tore left gear off
  1983, N88WT, cn 782, DuPage Airport, lost directional control
  1984, 7/16, N5553N, cn 978, at Tracy, CA, landing, lost directional control
  1985, 7/26, N5604V, cn 859, at Fond Du Lac, WI, landing, major
  1988, 10/16, N68119, cn 909, at Vacaville, CA, landing, lost directional control
  1993, 10/8, N67433, cn 563, at Wichita, KS, landing, lost directional control (PDF)
  1994, 12/3, N88WT, cn 782, at Las Cruces, NM, gear collapsed
  1999, 5/25, N79M, cn 531, at Covington, KY, lost directional control
  1999, 12/1, N35RH, cn 760, at Daytona Beach, lost directional control
  2002, 6/24, N9471H, cn 813, at Deming, NM, dust devil, lost directional control
  2003, 10/9, N9271H, cn 776, at Leonardtown, MD, bounced, lost directional control
  2005, 2/22, N68431 , cn 991, at Daytona Beach, gear failure
  2006, 4/28, N95462, cn 771, at Merritt Island, lost directional control
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