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Piper PA-18, PA-19, L-18, L-21 Super Cub
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Piper PA-18 Photos
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  SN Registration and Notes - I show the engine it was built with, many have been modified.
1950 Piper PA-18-105, N5478H, with belly tank, vortex generators and after market rudder at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10.
1950 Piper PA-18, N7224K, at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 5-10. Note the flat top on the fuselage. I think it was built with a C-90 or O-235, and has at least an O-290 now.
1950 Piper PA-18-105 N7532K, now with an O-320, at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10
1950 Piper PA-18 O-290 N7585K, at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10
1951 Piper L-21A, PA-18-125 N1041A, at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 5-10
1951 Piper L-21A, PA-18-125 N10572, freshly rebuilt at BGQ Big Bear Lake, AK 4-08
1952 Piper PA-18-125 N1386A, now with O-320, on the East Ramp at PAFA Fairbanks, AK 5-10
1952 Piper PA-18 O-290 N1738A, on the edge of PALH Lake Hood, 4-08
1952 Piper PA-18AS-125 N1907A, with its tail toward the 2W/20W waterway at PAFA Fairbanks, 4-08
1953 Piper PA-18-135 N2515A, at AQY Girdwood, AK 5-10
1953 Piper PA-18-135 N2510A, now with an O-320, at PAFA Fairbanks, AK 4-08
1953 Piper PA-18-105 Special N170T. My father, the late Chris D. Stoltzfus, of Coatesville, PA, bought it from the Deleware CAP in 8-78. I picked it up in Laurel, DE. Father had lost his medical and we had it here in Ohio most of the time. My son Ken recovered it the winter of 78-79 (he was 18), and Father flew it a couple of times with me. My sons Ken and Brian bought it from my mother after Father's death in 1993 and still own it. I instructed several Grankids in it, and we used it to tow the glider until we got the sons' 450-Stearman flying in 2005. It now has a 135-hp O-290-D2. Photos to come. (Most of my photos of it are pre-digital!)
1952 Piper PA-18-105 Special N215T, at PASX 4-08. Now has flaps.
1952 Piper PA-18-105 Special N233T, now with O-320, flaps, droop tips and an obvious "oops", at 52B Greenville Seaplane Base, Moosehead Lake, Greenville ME for the 2006 International Seaplane Fly-In He had time to play, too!
  18-2358 1953 Piper PA-18-105 Special N244T that I bought in 2-76 from Arkansas CAP and picked up in Little Rock. We used it for a couple of years to tow the family glider. It went to C-GUVD, which was cancelled 9-92. Photos to come
1953 Piper PA-18-105 Special N249T, with flaps and O-320, at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10
1953 Piper PA-18-105 Special N252T, quite stock looking with no flaps, at 52B Greenville ME 9-06
  18-2383 Piper PA-18-105 N269T that I bought from Indiana CAP in 7-76. It had a bent front spar in one wing, outboard of the struts. I ferried it home to Blatter Field, Orrville, OH, and resold it. Sons Ken, Brian and Mark are taking a look at it here.
1953 Piper PA-18-105 Special N339T, now with O-320, at PAFA Fairbanks, AK 5-10. Now that is what you call "all bundled up!"
1953 Piper PA-18-135 N1458C, with belly tank and skies at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 4-08
1953 Piper PA-18-135 N1476C, "Salmon Idaho" with belly tank and droop tips at Z41 Lake Hood Strip 5-10
1953 Piper PA-18-135 N8553C, 160-hp on amphibious floats at 52B Greenville ME 9-06. Also -2-, -3-, -4-.
1953 Piper PA-18-135 N8655C on PALH Lake Hood, 7-04, and at Z41 Lake Hood Strip 5-10 It's one of those ASV (All Season Vehicle) Super Cubs.
1954 Piper L-21B, PA-18-135 N78NR armed and ready but needing some snow, at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10
1954 Piper PA-18A-135 N1666Z with a greenhouse and a large rear door, at Z41, 5-10
1954 Piper PA-18-135 N8225C, with big tires and a belly tank at Z41, 5-10
1954 PA-18-135 N1597P in poor light at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, 5-10
1955 Piper L-21B, PA-18-150 N9955Q at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 5-10. It would have been built as a PA-18-135 and later converted to a 150. .
1955 Piper L-21B, PA-18 N1383W at 1N7 Blairstown, NJ 10-09, with every appearance of an Alaska bird. The serial number on the tail is Piper's SN, and the actual military SN was 54-2551.
1955 Piper L-21B, PA-18-135 N959E with an O-320 at Z41, 5-10
1955 Piper PA-18-150 N1757P at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10
1955 Piper L-21B, PA-18-135 N1988P at Z41 Lake Hood Strip 5-10, with O-320
1955 Piper PA-18-150 N2410P at Z41, 5-10. Those tire protectors also serve as steps to reach the topof the wings.
1955 Piper PA-18-150 N526KG at Z41, 5-10
1955 Piper PA-18-150 N717DR in the late afternoon sun at Z41, 5-10
1955 Piper PA-18A-150 N2868P at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10, sharing the ramp with a PA-20 Pacer and a one-armed Aeronca Sedan.
1955 Piper PA-18A-150 N2891P, sitting pretty at PALH Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK 5-10, and in 4-08, apparently with the wings out for recover.
1955 Piper PA-18-150 N2992P on a dolly at Z41, waiting for some action in PALH Lake Hood, 7-04
1955 Piper PA-18A-150 N3573P at Z41, 5-10
1956 Piper PA-18-150 N9120R, at PALH a few days after the ice went out, 5-10
1956 Piper PA-18A-150 N3884P at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10. Looks like some touchup there, maybe Ceconite issues.
156 Piper PA-18A-150 N3992P, with a Cessna 175 breathing down his neck at 52B Greenville Seaplane Base, Moosehead Lake, Greenville ME for the 2006 International Seaplane Fly-In. Then moving quietly in the water, and heading out.
1956 Piper PA-18-150 N4370A at Z41 in 4-08, and in a different configuration in 5-10
1956 Piper PA-18-150 N4361A, Rust's, at PALH Lake Hood 4-08. Wow. WOW!
1956 Piper PA-18-150 N4894A "Torch," looking chilly at PAFA Fairbanks, AK 4-08
1956 Piper PA-18A-150 N6789B at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, 5-10. Note the aftermarket cowl for the O-360; the rudder, squared off wings with extend ailerons, and wow, those big tires.
1956 Piper PA-18S-150 N6981B, built as a seaplane, at Z41 5-10
1956 Piper PA-18195 N7071B at Z41 on 4-30-10, and then, with the beautiful Alaskan mountains behind it, approaching PALH Lake Hood on 5-9-10. I'm quite sure it is now Lycoming powered.
1957 Piper PA-18-150 N5779D and a little refueler, at Z41, 5-10
1957 Piper PA-18-95 N5888D "Dragonfly" at 52B Greenville ME 9-06, with a PA-11 hot on his tail. And then, time for some fuel from the long hose. Next, a setting that says "seaplanes." Okay, "We're out of here" and cruising overhead. This is an authentic PA-18-95 with Continental C-90, no flaps, and Cub style horizontal tail.
1957 Piper PA-18-150 N18LP with L-21 type greenhouse, at the "Tube, Fabric and Tailwheels" fly-in at 64I Lee Bottom Airfield, Hanover, IN 9-10. It's a great event, each September.
1957 Piper PA-18-150 N6979D at Z41, 5-10
1957 Piper PA-18-150 N7081D with greenhouse and lots of mods, at Z41 5-10
1957 Piper PA-18-150 N7184D at PAFA Fairbanks, AK 4-08. Stuck in the snow? Probably not.
1957 Piper PA-18-150 N7391D at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18-150 N7483D at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N7561D on PALH Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK 5-10. Tranquility!
1958 Piper PA-18-150 N7569D approaching PALH Lake Hood in 7-04, and parked on the edge of the lake, 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N7576D at Z41, 5-10. That looks like someone's "better idea" back there in front of the stabilizer. Maybe it really is!
1958 Piper PA-18-150 N7579D at PAUO Willow Airport, AK in 4-08, 5-10 at Z41, Anchorage
1958 Piper PA-18-150 N7675D, approaching PALH Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK 8-04
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N7697D looking good in the late afternoon sun at Z41, 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N7669D at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N7796D in a climb attitude but obviously sitting still, at PAFA Fairbanks, 4-08
1958 Piper PA-18-95 N8175D, quite stock and stil a Continental, at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18-150 N8192D approaching Moosehead Lake at Greenville, ME 9-06. Taking off (I think); about to fly; and showing us his top side.
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N78026, a clean looking machine at PABV Birchwood, AK 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18-150 N8569D, for some reason looking sort of like a PA-12, at Birchwood, AK 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N8681D, with splates, at Z41 Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, AK 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N907Y with greenhouse, at PAUO Willow, AK 4-08. "Bright"
1958 Piper PA-18-150 N8976D waiting for summer and the flight students it will hopefully bring, at PALH Lake Hood, AK 5-10. Closeup.
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N9073D, looking L-21, at AK28 Chena Marina Airport (Fairbanks) 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18-95 N9095D, now with a Lycoming and flaps, at Z41 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N9111D, with VG's, at Z41, 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N9150D, and closeup, at PAFA Fairbanks, 4-08
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N9364D at Z41, 4-08 and 5-10
1958 Piper PA-18A-150 N9368D at PALH 4-08. This is the one the bear attacked in 2009 because of fish odor inside, and which was duct-taped up to fly home. Here's some photos from the 'Net: -1-, -2-, -3-, -4-, -5-, -6-. I've seen some doubting and negative comments on the net, but I have no trouble believing that this actually happened and that it flew okay, except I wonder what he did with the right stabilizer. Except for that, there were no significant airfoil type issues, in fact, a Super Cub would fly with no fabric at all on the fuselage (except that it would be a cold ride in Alaska). Further, fuselages were "hacked up" more than this on Cub dusters that flew overloaded, year after year. This fuselage was apparently not twisted or bent. He appears to have taken time to get the tape up under the fairing piece at the front of the fuselage on the left side. Years ago I always carried a roll of duct tape when I went to ferry a Twin Beech, DC-3 or other aircraft with fabric control surfaces. My kudos to the guy who did it - but for pete's sake, don't let the Cub sit out in bear country like that again!

1958 Piper PA-18-150 N9398D at Z41, 5-10. And no, this is not the one the bear attacked - he just trying to get a little more life out of his fabric job. An airplane doesn't always have to win a beauty contest to be fun - or even to be loved!


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