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  This has Been the Day of Grace but - -
  #8 in a series, written Dec. 18, 2015*
This has been the Day of grace but the Day of darkness is coming.
This has been the Day of light but the night is coming. This has been the Day for all men to see but the Day is coming in which the light will be hidden to all but those who see with eyes that are filled with My Light.
The light of My Presence has for these many years given those of your land the opportunity to choose My path and to walk in the ways that I call right. The ways that were spoken of by men of old as the way of righteousness. The ways that were spoken of by My Son Jesus as the way of Truth. The ways that were known by the founders of your great nation as the ways of the Creator. The One who founded the heavens and the earth. The One who is from eternity to eternity. The One who reigns sovereign over men of every generation in every place for all time.
My ways were the foundation of your nation. The very premise’ upon which it was founded. The moral pivot upon which your society turned. The light in the distance that showed you the way even in dark times.
It is that light that is now flickering as a candle in the wind. Hidden, as a lighthouse is hidden to the eyes of a sailor in the driving rain. But it is still there. It will always be there but it is becoming like the star that shines through a tiny break in the clouds on a stormy night. It will be seen by those who look for it but unseen to those who look into the darkness.
You are in a Day when men prefer the darkness. When that which has been known as light is now being called darkness and that which has been known as darkness is being called light. Men may think of themselves as supreme this and supreme that, but none are supreme. Only I am supreme. Only I have the last word. Only I determine what is and what will be, and what is not and what will not be.
My Son said, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life,” and that He is. There is no other way. There is no other truth. And there is no other life. And He said, “no man comes to the Father but by Me.” He said that in humility and He said it with boldness and He said it as the foundational truth for all mankind from that day forward until His final coming to earth for those who are His. In that day all mankind will see Him and all will know that He is Lord over all.
This has been the Day of grace but the Day of darkness is coming. In your land. In your time. In your place. You have no choice about that. You have brought darkness upon yourselves because you have chosen darkness in your hearts. You have chosen the ways that are not My ways. The ways that are the ways of him who is himself darkness. The ways of he who lies and deceives and robs and kills. The ways of he who deceived those in the Garden with the great deception that they can experience Life through the choices of their own darkened hearts.
It is that darkness of heart that is bringing darkness upon your nation. The land of the free. The land of the brave. The land of opportunity that has been unprecedented in the history of mankind. Opportunity that I poured out upon you and among you so that you could take My Name to the ends of the earth with the resources and the technology that I entrusted to you. And you have done that, but you have also corrupted it and have allowed that opportunity, instead of its Giver, to become your identity and security and your very sense of Life. It has become essential to what you consider to be the good life.
But soon it will be gone, and in that Day only those who have eyes to see Me in the enveloping darkness will have life. They will not only survive, they will thrive. They will have that which is truly Life even though surrounded by death. They will have “much” in a Day of little. And they will be the “light” of Isaiah 60:1-3. The Light that men will see and will be drawn to. The Light that can guide all men of all times in all places. They will not themselves be the light - - but they will have the Light. As bearers of Light, some bright and others dim, they will both be kept from stumbling themselves and will become guides to others who seek Light in the midst of the great darkness.
This has been the Day of grace but the Day of darkness is coming. Only the fool will call light darkness and darkness light. It is a matter of which of the two most aligns with your own heart. The core of your being. That which defines you and the person you are, and which defines “life” to you.
The choice has always been yours. Choices have consequences and you are about to see the consequences of choosing darkness. In that time those who chose Light will shine like stars in the night. Those who do not, will stumble and fall - - many to their death. There is no Light but Me but I am the Light that will never be extinguished. As you allow the light of My Presence to shine in your heart, even in these days, you will see the way to go. You will not be alone nor will you be among the masses because the masses have chosen a different path.
  To Ken Stoltzfus, Kidron, OH USA
Dec. 18, 2015
* All such "words" are to be judged according to the WORD, and tested by God's Spirit within you.
This is #8 in the series "Prophetic, 9-11," and is one of many short pieces that can be found at


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