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Beech 18D S18D photos

Beech sn 177, S18D N55681 as CF-BKN, ex YV-AZB
At PIMA Air Museum, Tucson, AZ, March 2009

This Twin Beech was delivered in July 1938. The S18D is the seaplane version of the model 18D. It has the 330-hp Jacobs L-6 engines and bump cowls; Hamilton Standard 2B20 constant speed props; is certificated for 11-seats; and has a gross weight of #7200.


You can see here that the rudder is more rounded than on later models, but overall it still says "I'm a Twin Beech!" A detailed history is in Parmeter's book, P45-46, but briefly, it operated on wheels and skies in Canada from 1938 to 1944, at which time it went to Venezuela as TACA's YV-AZB. It came back to the U.S. in 1947 and has been N55681 ever since. You can see it at the PIMA Air Museum, in Tucson, AZ. CF-BKN and CF-BKO (below) were sister ships with Prairie Airways in Canada and both are painted in their original colors.

  Beech S18D CF-BKO photo

Beech sn 178, S18D N87AZ as CF-BKO, ex TI-78, N2TL
At the Beech 18 Museum, Tullahoma, TN

Here's some info for you. It's easy to see that, except for the bump cowls, "Twin Beech" as we have known it is derived from the 18D. Check out those 29x13-5 balloon tires on 5" wheels and that cool nav light. There's that round rudder again, and the elevator counterbalance behind it.


We'll climb inside now and take a look. This aircraft carried passengers for much of its life but they'd probably want to refurbish the cabin before returning to that trade. And check out that old cockpit, and the pilots' rudder/brake pedals! It doesn't have brakes on the right side. That's an adjustable oil cooler scoop on the top there. The Beech 18 Museum is fortunate to have such a treasure!


Beech sn 222, Model 18S NC19482
An old original brochure in my collection

Click here to take a look at this incredible flyer with its even more incredible exploits!

Beechcraft 18S, S18S information


Beech sn 292, A18A, SA18A CF-BQQ, ex NX18780
Photos from my collection

One of three A18A's (SA18A when seaplane) built, and powered by the 330-hp Wright R-760-E2, CF-BQQ served several Canadian operators, including Canadian Pacific Air Lines, as portrayed on floats here. It is covered by Aircraft Specification A-684.

Beechcraft A18A CF-BQQ photo

Beech A18A CF-BQQ information  

Beech sn 340 to 353, F-2's AAC 40-682 to 40-695
Photos from my collection

Beech built 14 F-2 photo-mapping aircraft for the Army Air Corps in 1939-40. You can see the removable section in the cabin door, and the writing behind the door says, "By order of the Chief of the Air Corps this airplane will be used for photographic purposes only.". This is an official Beech photo.

Beechcraft F-2 photo mapping aircraft

Beech F-2 photo mapping aircraft  
  The photo to the right is scanned out of a spectacular 12x15 print I have, and the stamp on the back says the aircraft is part of U.S. Army Flight "F", 1st Photo Squadron out of Fort Lewis, WA. My third F-2 photo is certainly over Alaska. It is a 20x24" print with a 2" border and I obviously took a photo of it to show here.  
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