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The USAAF AT-11 Kansan (Parmerter p160) and USN SNB-1 (p128) are the glass-nosed, C-series aircraft that were built for bombardier, gunnery and other training requirements.

Note: There are many discrepancies in AT-11 construction numbers, between Parmerter's data and that of the FAA and others. I'll have more info on that later, but for now we'll go with Parmerter's and will put the other one in parentheses.


Beech sn 900 (3811), AT-11 N7179C, AAF 41-9474, 19474
Slide, at Hamilton ON 6-79

It looks a lot different now than it did in 1979, back before people started to spend bookoo bucks to make them as original as possible! It is registered under cn 3811 but Parmerter says the correct cn is 900 so we'll go with that. It has short stacks, outside air scoops and the D-18 landing gear system - - but stock round tips.

Beech AT-11 N7179C photo  

Beech sn 912, AT-11 N214CR, 41-9486, 19486, ex N900AM
A Sept. 1998 slide.

Freedom Flight America, Commemorating V-J Day, July 28 - Aug. 14, 1995. Note the sort stacks, outside air scoops, D-18 gear, high gross gear doors, square tips, high tail gear and replacement of some of the port hole type windows. This is one of two AT-11's that Hamilton converted to #9465 gross weight. (Parmerter p359)

Beech AT-11 Freedom Flight America  

Beech sn 929, AT-11 C-GSNB, 41-9503, later N88KD
A June 1982 slide

The Training Command "Alberta Beech" was caught at Vancouver, BC in June 1982. It came to the U.S. as N88KD in 1989. Quite stock except for those windows and the 22D30 Hydromatics.

Beechcraft AT-11 C-GSNB, N88KD photo  

Turkish AF Beech AT-11

Beech sn 957, AT-11 41-9531, Turkish AF 6815, 5-815 
A June 1990 slide

Joe Baugher says that 41-9531 (c/n 957) went to theTurkish AF as 6815 May 15, 1948, and is on display as 5-815 at Amasya Merzifon AB, Turkey. It is in bad shape here but fortunately a 2002 photo at indicates that it has been restored for display.


Beech AT-11 Heavenly Body, N985HB

Beech sn 998, AT-11 N985HB, 41-9572, 'Heavenly Body'
A Sept. 2003, Paul Minert slide

A spectacular AT-11, "Heavenly Body" has Hartzell props, D-18 gear, rectangular windows and indescribable polish!


Beech sn 1294, AT-11 N56263, 41-27450
A slide, at Paine Field, Nov. 1973

About as stock as you can get including counterweighted, 2D30 props and those cool 33" wheels. The registration was cancelled in 1988, but in 1963 it was registered to Aero Service Corp. in Salt Lake City, UT, and in 1983 to Sheridan Flying Service, Sheridan, OR. I hope the pilot did a good preflight before heading out!  

Beechcraft AT-11 photo, N56263  

Beech sn 1361, N6671C, 1943 AT-11 41-27516A
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

A clean looking old AT-11, N6671C looks quite complete and original. It'll probably never fly again but maybe someone will use the nose on another restoration. That's D-18S N328D looking over its shoulder. In 1963 it was registered to Rader and Associates, in Miami.

Beech AT-11 photos, N6671C  

Beech AT-11 N74259 picture

Beech sn 1452, AT-11 N74629, 41-27603

Left: Cropped from a 1992 slide of Convair N4806C, and looking sorta weary. 1963 FAA shows Byers Airways, Seattle. Right: Behind Canadian 3T HB108, N7289 (deregistered), at Tucson in Oct. 1979. Not in current register but Baugher says that in 2009 it was being restored by Vintage Aircraft.

Beech 3T N7289 photo  

Beech sn 1467, AT-11 41-27622, Portuguese BC-4, 2504
A July 1987 slide

Baugher says: USAAF AT-11 41-27622 to Portuguese Navy as BC-4, then to Portuguese AF as 2504.  Restored 2007 for display at Museu do Ar, Alverca AB, Portugal. "Stock" and "well preserved" would be accurate!

Portugese Beech AT-11 aircraft  

Beech AT-11 N241X, N345AT, N919W

Beech sn 1514, AT-11 N241X, 41-27669
A Paul Minert slide, July 1997

Later N345AT, and it's still on the FAA register as N919W, although not current. It has D-18 gears. This fuselage and nose were put on the centersection, wings and engines of E-18S BA-455 and the fuselage was raised, to create the only "Super AT-11." There must have been some reason to do that!


Beech sn 3069, AT-11 N6251C, 42-72015
A slide from Oshkosh 1986

According to this info, 3069 is the sole survivor of the 24 AT-11's purchased by the Royal Netherlands Navy in 1941 for use as a light bomber in Java, Dutch East Indies (Java). It is very original including 2D30 props and 33" wheels.I believe that in actuality it didn't make it over there and was used in the U.S. to train RNN pilots.

Netherlands Beech AT-11 aircraft  

Turkey, Beech AT-11 aircraft

Beech sn 3377, AT-11 42-36997, Turkish AF 6840
A 1994 slide taken at Akinci, Turkey

According to Baugher, AT-11 42-36997 went to the Turkish AF as 6840 May 15, 1948.  When this photo was taken it was on display as 4-840 at Akinci (Murted) AB, Ankara, Turkey.


Beech AT-11 airplane picture, ZK-AHO

Beech sn 3691, AT-11 ZK-AHO, 42-37208
A 1980 slide

ZK-AHO was used by New Zealand Aerial Mapping Limited from the 1940’s until 1980 when it was placed in MOTAT, which is Auckland's Museum of Transport and Technology. It is very original looking except for the 22D30 Hydromatic props and those cool little fenders on the 33” tires, obviously to keep mud from splashing up.


Beech sn 3815 (3906), SNB-1 C-GICC, BuNo 51025, N7275C, later N145SC
All slides

An ex Navy SNB-1, BuNo 51025, and ex  USFS N7275C, "Caddo Lake"  poses at YVR, Vancouver, BC in May 1982. Note Hartzell props, rectangular windows and 11:00x12 wheels with Goodyear brakes, on the C-18 gear.

Beech AT-11 C-GICC, N7275C, N145SC  

Here's another shot, 1985 at LAL, Lakeland, FL, as N145SC and "San Diego NAS." And then a 1989 photo with Taiwan markings, and now with the 2-bladed Hydromatic props, round portholes and a turret. And finally, a 1998 photo, back to USN configuration as U.S. Navy C-55. Click here, scroll to 3815 for some history (WORD).


Beech sn 3930 (4000), AT-11 N15KK, AAF 42-37337, ex N62363, N364R
at Monte Vista Municipal Airport, KMVI, Monte Vista CO, July 2011

This is your Beech AT-11, bombardier trainer glass nose. Note that N15KK now has full-feathering Hamilton Standard 22D30 Hydromatic props in place of the original 2D30 counterweighted, constant speeds. Note the small round cabin windows. The AT-11 cabin door is not as high as others.

Beech AT-11 airplane photo  

Note also the astrodome on top of the fuselage and the metalized flaps. You would expect a bombardier trainer to have dummy bombs, right? Well, here they are! And here's the drive mechanism that opens and closes the bomb bay doors. Here's the dummy bombs on the left and on the right. This is a very original looking AT-11 cockpit. The opening in front of the right seat is where you crawled through to get into the nose from the cockpit. A closeup of the panel itself.

Your AT-11 aft fuselage. Kilo Kilo has tail gear doors, and the original, low tail post, with the original style 14:00 S.C. (Smooth Contour) tailwheel tire. Note the two parallel rows of rivets above the registration. That indicates that this aircraft has the horizontal stabilizer, angle of incidence kit which raises the front of the stabilizer a bit to improve flight characteristics. This is the only mod I see that relates to gross weight increase, and none is gained from this mod alone.

Kilo Kilo has the desert type air filter system, where the air inlet is toward the top of the engine and the air must pass through a filter, and then down through that ducting and into the air box, before entering the carburetor. Note the original exhaust stack. Another view of the desert air intake filter system, and a head-on shot. You don't see many of these!

The AT-11 nose compartment, and the Norden bomb site mount. The bomb site itself was out of the aircraft. This was very advanced technology in WW-II, and when bombers returned from a mission the Norden was removed from the aircraft and placed under guard.

From the beginning of its civilian life this aircraft was incorrectly identified as SN 4000. However, just below the pilot's window it says "Serial Number 42-37337", which is correct, and that makes it sn 3930. Bob Parmerter sent me the detailed history on both 3930 and 4000, confirming the error. Regardless, N15KK is a beauty and deserving of the care she is receiving.!


Beechcraft AT-ll N6953C photo

Beech sn 4297 (4122), AT-11 N6953C, 41-9577

Left: A March 1975 slide at PIMA, before restoration. It has D-18 landing gear and wheels/brakes. Right: My March 2009 photo at PIMA Air Museum, Tucson, AZ. I don't have much info and it was hard to get a good photo, but it is USAAF 41-9577.

Beech AT-11 at PIMA, N6953C, 41-9577  

Beech AT-11 N65860 airplane picture

Beech sn 4531 (1452), AT-11 N65860, 42-37535
A Nov. 1980 slide

Pretty as can be, with D-18 wheels and brakes, rectangular cabin windows and high tail post. This 1989 photo is more toward gray than silver and the lettering is a bit different. The aircraft was destroyed in Feb. 1999, with two fatalities. It was registered as sn 1452 and marked as 431452, probably representing it being a 1943, and supposedly cn 1452.


Beech sn 4597, N7337C, AT-11 42-37601A, ex N508MH
At EAA Oshkosh, 2005

42-37601A is set up as a gunnery trainer, with the Crocker-Wheeler turret and twin .30 caliber machine guns. (Parmerter P161) Here's a shot of the back side of it, taken through the door. N7337C has had a lot of time and effort put into it and it's quite a showpiece.

Beech AT-11 gunnery trainer photo  

It still has the C-18 style landing gear but has been converted to the D-18 and later, 11:00x12 wheels/tires, except that it has the rare (on Beech 18's) Cleveland wheels and brakes. It's nicely detailed in there, and all said and done it's an outstanding AT-11.


Beech sn 5007, N4001A, AT-11 43-10384
A Stoltzfus family sprayer

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Beech sn 5097,  AT-11  N7340C,  43-10404
A May 1982 slide

The January 1983 register shows John A. Ortseifen of Lake Forest, IL as the owner, since 1960. The bar on the nose suggests it was used for aerial mapping.

Beech AT-11 N7340C  

Colombian Air Force AT-11

Colombian Air Force AT-11 902
A March 2000 slide

According to Parmerter (p174) Colombia received five AT-11's after the war. FAC-902 (Fuerza Aerea Colombiana) has been on display at Bogota for many years. I have another slide showing it in 1975.

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