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Basically, these are your #7850 gross, short nacelle aircraft with the doghouse type landing gear and 33" wheels with shoe brakes.

Bobby, Matt Younkin Twin Beech photo

Beech sn 4383, N9109R, USAAF AT-7C, ex N52, N59
A Robert Olewinski slide, at SFM, Sanford, ME, July 1987,

Bobby, and now Matt Younkin's Twin Beech in the old days! You may have seen it at a fly-in and it looks a lot better now! You can learn more about it from their web site, including its history, and there's lots of recent photos on the 'net.


Beech sn 4780, N5973A, AT-7 to UC-45E or EC-45E 43-33283A
At Duff's Aircraft Parts, Denver, CO, July 2010

Well, 4780 will need more than polishing before it looks like 4781 (below)! Parmerter calls it a UC-45E on p92 but this plate says it's an EC-45E, so I'll have to consult with Bob.

Twin Beech EC-45E N5973A at Duff's Aircraft


Beech sn 4781, N69044, AT-7 to UC-45E 43-33284, "Shirley Ann"
At EAA Oshkosh 2005

One of six AT-7's converted to UC-45E's for winter operations, and the only one flying. See Parmerter p92, and this information. This took a lot of work! This is the C-18 series landing gear with 33" wheels/tires and shoe brakes. I'm unable to explan the obvious, "D" type long nacelles here. "Shirley Ann" shines from nose to tail!

Beechcraft N69044, AT-7,UC-45E photo


Beech sn 6420 (approx), MM-61755, C-45F 43-35762
At Guidonia Air Base 5-86, a Massimo Pregnolato slide

Here's a C-45F, Italian Air Force MM-61755, 302-12, that was modified for photo-recon work. Interesting! Based on it being USAAF sn 43-35762, the construction number is around 6420.

Italian Air Force Twin Beech photo


Beech sn 6421 (approx), MM-61762, C-45F
At Achille Une, June1999

Another Italian Air ForceC-45F, this one MM-61762, RR-11, also a photo-recon Beech. Both of these Italian aircraft still have the 2D30, counterweighted, contstant speed props. Those little spinners attach to special hub clamp bolts and help protect the prop piston which is otherwise exposed to the elements.

Italian Beech 18, Twin Beech C-45F photo


Italian Air Force, Twin Beech C-45F

Beech sn 6668, MM-61743, C-45F 43-35898,
A Feb. 1980, Franco Storaro slide

This C-45F went to the Royal Air Force as Expeditor II, HB272. It came back to the U.S., and then to Italy as their MM-61743, RM-57. (Baugher)


Beech sn 7678, N44573, C-45F approx. 44-47302
A Sept. 2003 slide

A former Sinclair oil aircraft, N44573 is seen here in Sept. 2003 on floats with a one-piece windshield, pointed nose, 22D30 Hydromatic props, square wing tips, cargo door and stabilizer angle of incidence kit, but still with the original engine air intake scoops. Nice!!

Sinclair oil Twin Beech N44573

Beech sn 7728, N1047B, 1943/44 C-45F AAF 44-47342, ex N8011H, CF-PSU, floatplane

Beech sn 7849, N5552A, USCG JRB-4 44633, ex USAAF C-45F 44-87172

On May 17 1964 I was crusing along in our Cessna 180, from Blairstown, NJ to Stoltzfus Airport, Coatesville, PA, when I looked down and saw a Twin Beech sitting at Perkiomen Valley Airport. For some reason I landed to check it out and there was this U.S. Coast Guard JRB-4, Triple Nickle Duce Alpha, and I learned it was for sale..


  My 1963 FAA register shows Michael Losquadro but I have a copy of the Sept. 15 certified check in the amount of $2,000, to Emmanuel Losquadro. - - confirm sn, maybe 8431  

7849, JRB-4 85104, French Navy, ex C-45F 44-47441, 6-78 - $12 (Bch1-22-17

Beech sn 7911, C-GESW, CG-ESW, C-45F AAF 44-47503, RAF FT985, ex N4858V, floatplane
  C-45F Twin Beech picture, information

Beech sn 8098, N7378C, C-45F Expeditor 44-47690A
At Fairbanks International Airport, PAFA, Anchorage, AK, April 2008

This old C-45F with 2D30 constant speed props was hard to get a good photo of for a couple of reasons! The registration was issued in March 1958 and cancelled in March 2011. One owner for all those years!



8104, C-45F 44-47696, N7381C, 447696, CC-696, C-18 - $8 (Paul Minert Trade Bch1-5-1

8104, C-45F 44-47696, N7381C, 447696, CC-696, C-18 4-05 - $8 (Bch1-29-3


Beech ssn 8245, N8038H, C-45F 44-86986
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

C-45F N8038H was registered as a C-18S, but the registration was revoked some years ago.

C-18S Twin Beech N8038E pictures


8280, C-45F 44-87021 Italian MM61661, CR-33. CR-34 is MM61728. CR-06 is MM61700, at Guidonia, Italy 4-78 - $20 (Bch1-13-12 Geoffrey B. Rhodes


Beech sn 8387, N8062H, C-45F 44-87128
At Big Lake Airport, BGQ, PAGQ, Big Lake, AK, April 2008, May 2010

This C-45F had brush growing up around it in 2008, but in May 2010 the owner and his brother were clearing it out. N8062C has been off of the FAA register for many years. It is parked beside C-45H N888E, cn AF-255.

Beech C-18S N8062C photo, Alaska

  Twin Beech at Greybull, WY, KGEY

Beech sn 8460, N7391C, C-45F 44-87201A
At South Big Horn County Airport, KGEY, Greybull, WY, April 2006

I saw this very "stock" looking C-18 at Greybull in 2006. It was a very clean Beech and looked like someone had been working on it. It is obviously a "C" from the short nacelles. I read that it was a former Hawkins and Powers sprayer. It was deregistered in 2009. What a shame!


8471, C-45F 44-87212, N7377C, Sarasota FL 8-97 - $8 (Bch1-28-11 Paul T. Bigelow


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