Twin Beech Conrad Kits,
Bill Conrad, ATI, Airline Training Inc.

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The Twin Beech "Conrad Kit" was a big thing in those days. I remember when family friend Charlie Bush did a demo tour with the latest and greatest in Twin Beechs in the late 1950's, and brought the "Conrad" into the old Coatesville Airport to show to my father. Parmerter speaks of that tour on p324.

This must be an early piece because even though it includes the new dishpan, exhaust system with short stacks, and large gear doors, it only speaks of #9000 gross. Parmerter (p323) says these kits were sold as early as 1955 and I suspect this brochure is of that vintage. He says the #9800 kits were produced starting in 1959 and the #10,200 kits in 1962. Note that this brochure shows the original, segmented type windshield.

On p324 Parmerter refers to a Conrad 9000, D-18S N5296C, which is sn A-562. It was later changed to N167LH and here's a May 1981 shot of it in Lantana, FL. It would have been a pretty spiffy machine 20-years earlier. (It has been deregistered)

"Thank you" to my brother Karl for letting me post this piece from his collection.

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1 The Airline Training Inc. Safety Performance Kit
2 Firewall forward, the big picture
3 Engine cylinder cooling
4 Engine oil cooling
5 Engine Cowling
6 Engine dishpan and exhaust troughs
7 Engine exhaust stacks
8 Carburetor air scoop and heater
9 Main landing gear door and mechanism
10 Horizontal stabilizer modification
    11 Cabin heater  
    12 Ease of maintenance  
    13 Availability, Pricing and - -  
    14 Back cover  


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