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Basically, these are your FAA Spec A-765, #8750 gross, civilian aircraft with CN A-1 thru A-1035. They have the long nacelle and rounded landing gear with 11:00x12 tires/wheels and Goodyear disc brakes, but have been modified in countless ways as you will see. Parmerter covers them starting on p184. Aircraft are listed here by Beech Construction Number.
  D-18 serialization info taken from here. This list includes the 32 Continental R-975 powered D-18C aircraft; and the 280 Canadian 3N, 3NM and 3NMT's. Canadian aircraft are posted here.  
  Year SN Range No. Built   Year SN Range No Built    
  1945 A-1 thru A-37
  1951 A-552 thru A-673
  1946 A-38 thru A-333
  1952 A-674 thru A-864
  1947 A-334 thru A-408
  1953 A-865 thru A-995
  1948 A-409 thru A-476
  1954 A-996 thru A-1019
  1949 A-477 thru A-519
  1956 A-1020 thru A-1028
  1950 A-520 thru A-551
  1957 A-1029 thru A-1035

Beech D-18S N86X, sn A-13
at Wakeman Airport, I64, Wakeman, OH, June 2005

Someone's pride and joy a long long time ago! It has a one-piece windshield and the squared off passenger door This is the first Beech 18 I've seen with twin machine guns in the nose.

Beech D-18S N86X at Wakeman  

I wonder if the airport operator left that roller there so the owner doesn't fly the Beech out some night without paying his rent! You'd have to repair the boots a bit before ferrying it. (Yes - - I know!)


Beech D-18S N44638, sn A-45
At EAA Oshkosh 2005

This beautiful bird has a cargo door, and a crew door up front, so it was obviously a freighter at one time. I didn't see inside but my guess is that it doesn't work up a sweat these days, like it once did.

Twin Beech D-18S N44638 at Oshkosh  

Beech D-18S N328D, sn A-422
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

In July 2011 my son Ken Jr., and grandson Colby and I visited Bill Duff. Bill let us go out in the yard, and when I saw N328D I immediately said, "I flew that Beech for MFI in Florida in 1972." I have some cool photos from those days and will have them on a featured page for N328D.

BE-18 Twin Beech N328D photo, MFI  

Beech D-18S N631B, sn A-430
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

There was a 1967 belly job caused by a piece of wood jammed in the tail wheel, but that hardly seems like enough reason to scrap an airplane. Maybe so, maybe not. In 1963 it was registered to Joe S. Hobson, in Reno, NV.

D-18S Twin Beech photo, N631B  

Beech 18 N8962A, D-18S

Beech D-18S N8962A, sn A-577
At Wakeman Airport, I64, Wakeman, OH, June 2005

According to the accident report, this aircraft (N8962A) was unable to stop on an 1800' sod runway with high obstructions on both ends. Click here for some photos of Six Two Alpha on a happier day, and here for some other info on how the accident happened.


Beech D-18S N4477, sn A-935
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005

"Pure D-18S" is what comes to mind on N4477. This is one of the most authentic and untouched D-18S's you'll ever find, including the interior and panel. And this is the stock, round top and bottom, pre-Airstair door. What a treasure. It was on display at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum.

D-18S Twin Beech, N4477, original  

And here's a series of photos of a metal model. A lot of time and workmanship went into this! Photo 1, and photo 2, and photo 3, and photo 4, and photo 5.

Beech D-18S Floatplane C-FZRI, CF-ZRI, ex N164U, sn A-940
Floatplane Page 2 (Toward bottom of page, use back arrow to return to this page)

Beech D-18S Volpar N766L, "Daniella," sn A-952,

The low-cabin Volpar Twin Beechs are a cool machine and "Daniella" represents them well. It was formerly used for scenic rides over Denali National Park and to see Mt. McKinley (if it was "out"). We'll take a little walk around it and see it from different angles. These are 2008 and '10 photos and it was well covered up.

Twin Beech Alaska, N766L, Daniella  

Here are some 2004 photos with low light.. This is a #9800 gross airplane, up from the original #8750, and the "short stacks" are part of that mod. This would be a Conrad 9800 kit installed by Crest Conversions (Parmerter p326). Six Six Lima has the early, round-top and bottom-hinged passenger door. Here's the original D-18S factory data plate.


Beech 18 N3111, D-18S photo

Beech D-18S N3111, sn A-964
at Anoka County Blaine Airport, KANE / ANE, May 2011

N3111 was never military, and has had the same owner since 1981. Looks like a clean bird but it's going to need some attention soon. It has the Beechcraft cargo door, which used the original, rounded top and bottom and front-hinged passenger door, with a lift out cargo door behind it.

  Note the single piece cowl flaps and aftermarket gear doors, but otherwise it's about as stock as you can get. There's some older photos here and it looks like its been given some attention since then.  



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