Dee Howard Twin Beech Spar Mod

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I thought you might enjoy this Dee Howard Company flyer on their Twin Beech spar mod. It's a pretty bold statement to declare that their modification is "100% failsafe." Wow - I don't think their lawyers would let them say that today regardless of how well designed it was!

The Beech in the foreground, N106AC, looks like a Super. Actually, it is C-45H AF-545, 52-10615 with a raised cabin, large skylight window, and I think a Volpar nose. I'd like to know more about it - - maybe it has the Breese (later Dee Howard) mod. (Parmerter p343). It was deregistered (scroll down) some time ago with no info.

N6686 behind it is an ex-Canadian 3TM, sn A-734, Canadian CA-134, ex RCAF 1534, later N38CB for Bard in this 1978 photo. I highly suspect it is a Hamilton Little Liner, and it is still on the register.

There's a low-cabin Volpar behind that, and beyond it an AT-11.

This little flyer was loaned to me by my twin brother, Karl. Click on it, to enlarge.

Dee Howard, Twin Beech spar mod  


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