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Year Model Serial Numbers No. Built
1955 E-18S BA-1 thru BA-112 112
1956 E-18S BA-113 thru BA-22 114
1957 E-18S BA-227 thru BA-327 101
1958 E-18S BA-328 thru BA-402 75
1959 E-18S-9700 BA-403 thru BA-433 and BA-435 thru BA-460 57
1960 E-18S BA-497 1
The year that is given in the FAA register is often different from the above info which is taken from the factory list


Twin Beech E-18 N255D, Alaska photo

Beech E-18S N255D, sn BA-16
At Anchorage International Airport, PANC, Anchorage, AK, July 2004

I've seen this Beech every time we've been to Alaska. I believe he had a freight contract because we'd see him go out in the evening. That's an interesting, front-hinged, one-piece cargo door. Note the G-18 type windshield and the crew door. This bird is "all cargo" with the windows, and probably the frames, removed to save weight.


Beech E-18S N929DV, sn BA-32
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005

A grey airplane on a grey day! Delta Victor has a cargo door, and a crew door up front. It was built as a #9300 gross aircraft and modernized to the #9600, and possibly higher. You can learn more about this Beech here.

Beechcraft E-18S aircraft N929DV photo


Volpar Twin Beech N299Z, E-18S

Beech E-18S Volpar N299Z, sn BA-159
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005

A pretty Volpar trigear Twin Beech that most of us would be proud to own. It was built as a straight E-18S with #9300 gross weight but was modified to the E-18S 9700 configuration for a higher gross weight.


Beech E-18S N432U, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind, sn BA-161
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005

I was at the Twin Beech fly-in at Tullahoma, and saw this tired looking Hamilton Westwind cargo aircraft on a ramp nearby. Here's the FAA accident report indicating a blown tire on takoff. I got several shots of it but it was a terrible photo day. Photo 3 and photo 4.

BE-18T Beech Hamilton Westwind N432U


Super Twin Beech N70V

Beech E-18S N70V, sn BA-195
At. J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

Something happened, but I can't find an accident report. The registration was cancelled in 2008 but I suspect it's been sitting here for quite a while. The It is cut off behind the cockpit, and behind the cabin door. It's N70V for sure! Any info out there?

Beech E-18S N909GP, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind III, sn BA-236
ex N33JD, N514T, N514J, N514JH, N56S, N5681, N787S

On K&K Aircraft turbine fleet page

BE-18 Twin Beech N221H photo

Beech E-18S N221H, sn BA-286
At. J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

It happened in 1970 and you can read about it here. I believe the faded name up on the side was "Grand Forks Airmotive." There's not much left of BA-286!

Beech E-18S N202GW, ex N63E, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind III, BA-321
On K&K Aircraft turbine fleet page

Beech E-18S N5867, sn BA-333
At Oshkosh 2009

Certainly one-of-a-kind, this E-18S is painted to represent a USMC UC-45. It has the original multi-pane windshield and a cargo door.

Beech 18 N5867, Marines, photo


Beech E-18S N5640D, sn BA-355
At. J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

April 27, 1972 was a bad day for Four Zero Delta, with a groundloop and gear failure. The registration is on the side in two places - maybe the top one was painted over but the paint washed off. This was a young airplane then and Twin Beechs were often repaired after such an experience, so maybe there was a subsequent accident.

Beech E-18S N5653D, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind III, BA-385, later N897SB
On K&K Aircraft turbine fleet page

Beech E-18S N1939K, sn BA-403
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005

An E-18S-9700 with a swing-up cargo door. I caught him coming and going at the Twin Beech fly-in at Tullahoma in 2005. That looks like a Hamilton Aircraft, cargo door.

Twin Beech cargo door, N1939K photos


Beech E-18S N2069C, sn BA-430
At Falcon Field, KFFZ, Mesa, AZ, March 2009

I happened upon this E-18 at Falcon Field. It's obviously a freighter, and while I can't find an accident report this looks an awfully lot like a groundloop repair!

E-18 Twin Beech N2069C, Falcon Field


Beech E-18S N400T, sn BA-432
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005, and EAA Oshkosh 2010

A pretty Beech at Oshkosh 2010. The rest of the photos are at KTHA. Zero Four Tango still has the three piece cowl flaps. Many have been replaced with the one-piece to reduce the number of parts that chaff and wear. This is the standard factory Super 18 cabin door. N400T was built as a #9700 gross aircraft.

E-18S Twin Beech N400T aircraft photo


Countless corporate execs have safely traveled innumerable miles in the comfort of a Beech Super 18 cabin. They even had a table for their food and drinks, or as a reading table. Those were the pre-laptop days! And what the pilot of a brand new Super E-18S wouldn't have given for a panel like this! You can clearly see the cover over the spar strap in this early morning shot, with flash.


Beechcraft Super 18 N317MH photo

Beech E-18S N317MH, sn BA-440
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005

Well, where do I start, in talking about this one? "Wow - - spectacular!" and a contribution to any lineup! Here's the "short stacks" on the right side, for four or five of the nine cylinders. Seven Mike Hotel is pretty from any angle! This is where the JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off) bottle outlet was, on the back of the nacelle.

  We're inside now, looking forward. Nice instrument panel, and the overhead panel with the crank for the rudder trim; fresh air vents, the oxygen pressure gauge and other stuff including the JATO control panel. And here we are looking aft, on our way out. Quite a machine!  

Beech E-18S N326W, sn BA-443
at Fairbanks International Airport, PAFA, Anchorage, AK, April 2008

My, what a difference three serial numbers can make! This derelict E-18S was parked at Brooks Fuel. It's position doesn't offer a very good photo opportunity but here it is!

Beech 18 N316W at Fairbanks


Beech E-18S N712JS, ex N435A, sn BA-453
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005

A very nice E-18S 9700 on display at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum. The way in, and a panel now one-generation old. And here's a shot looking back through the cabin.

Super E-18S Twin Beech N712JS aircraft


Beech E-18S N9001, sn BA-460
At Kenai Municipal Airport, PAEN Kenai, AK April 2008

BA-460 resting in the Alaskan sun. A former Methow Twin Beech being operated by Air Supply Alaska.

Beech 18 in Alaska, N9001, Air Supply Alaska

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