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Year Model Serial Numbers No. Built
1960 G18S BA-434, BA-461 thru BA-496, BA-498 thru BA-551 91
1961 G18S BA-552 thru BA-562, BA-564 thru BA-579, BA-581 thru BA-597 44
1961 G18S-9150 BA-563 1
1962 G18S BA-598 thru BA-617 20
The year that is given in the FAA register is often different from the above info which is taken from the factory list



Beech G-18S N9210, sn BA-472
At Kenai Municipal Airport, PAEN Kenai, AK April 2008

A nice looking Air Supply Alaska G-18S sitting at Kenai. A former Methow aircraft.

Beech 18 N9210 Air Supply Alaska, Kenai

  Beech 18, Shannon's Air Service, Alaska

Beech G-18S N985S, sn BA-476
At Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, ANC, May 2010

A nicely kept, working G-18S at the 2010 Aviation Trade Show in Anchorage, sponsored by Alaska Airmen's Association. Not many Beech's have a crew door on the right side. It is definitely "cargo," and loading and unloading might be work but flying it is pleasure! A pretty Beech, note the art work!

Beech G-18S N961GP, ex N96D, N9611, BE-18T Hamilton Westwind III, BA-559
On K&K Aircraft turbine fleet page

Beech 18 Super G-18S N404H photo

Beech G-18S N404H, sn BA-590
At Reading Municipal (Regional) Airport, KRDG, Reading, PA, Oct. 2009

A very nice G-18 undergoing an inspection at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, at Reading, PA. This is your "short stack" installation on Supers, and on some other modified aircraft in placeof the single, long tailpipe.


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