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149 Super H-18's were built under FAA Spec A-765, from 1962-69, including sn BA-580, and BA-618 to BA-765.
  Beech Super H-18 N6GJ photo

Beech sn BA-633, N6GJ, 1962 H-18
Greenville Municipal Airport, 3B1, Greenville, ME, Sept. 2003

My wife Elaine and I were at the 2003 International Seaplane Fly-In and I captured this beautiful Super H-18 up at the airport, along with a lot of seaplanes down on the lake. It looks quite stock except for the larger, 11:00x12 wheels/tires as used on most earlier 18's. Golf Juliet is a pretty Beech, especially with that fall sky!


Beech sn BA-642, N925J, 1963 H-18
at Wakeman Airport, I64, Wakeman, OH, June 2005

Sitting in the weeds, but as of 1/12 it is current on the FAA register. The right landing gear broke and separated from the aircraft while landing at Pittsburgh in November 1986. The game is over for this Beech except for a future as a pop can! It was a cargo aircraft.

Beech H-18 N925J Ace Air Cargo photo  

Beech sn BA-650 N8612M, now N87711, 1963 H-18
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005

N8612M, now N87711, is a beautiful example of a Super H-18 Twin Beech! The H-18 has electrically operated cowl flaps, one per engine, instead of the manual ones as used on all other models. This is where the cowl flaps are on other models, and the "H" installation reduced drag in this area.

Super 18 Beech N8612M, N87711 photos  
  The H-18 was built with the smaller, 8:50x10 wheels/tires and Cleveland brakes in place of the 11:00x12, and the aircraft sat more level. Note the clamshell gear doors in those photos. Some operators converted their aircraft to the earlier main gears, i.e. as on the D, E and G-18's as part of a #10,100 gross weight kit. Yep, this is a pretty bird, from any angle! And here it is at Oshkosh 2010 as N87711.  
  H-18 Super Twin Beech N919X photo

Beech sn BA-657, N919X, 1969 H-18
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

"King of the mountain!" N919X was groundlooped in 1964 and repaired, and in Sept. 1981 it had an engine malfunction that resulted in an off airport landing.

  JAL Beech H-18 JA5173, N26493

Beech sn BA-764, N26493, 1969 H-18, ex JA-5173
At Jake Arner Memorial Airport, 22N, Lehighton, PA, Oct. 2009

This is the second from the last Twin Beech, and second from the last piston powered passenger aircraft built in the U.S. (Parmerter, p312). It was registered in Japan as JA-5173 and was operated by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau before coming back to the U.S. a year or so before I saw it.

  Even the factory built trigears had the nose and landing gears made by Volpar and installed under their STC. This one is kit #378, and the nose itself is serial #407. They probably sold a few to repair damaged trigear aircraft. BA-764 had the standard passenger door.  
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