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Beech sn AF-18, N1182C, 1951 C-45G, USAF 51-11461
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

June 1968, in Mexico. Eight passengers on board and the pilot failed to maintain directional control on takeoff. Eight Two Charlie still has a valid FAA registration but she'll need a bit of work before you can fly her. In 1967 it was registered to Raymond M. Hemphill, Redondo Beach, CA.

C-45G Twin Beech photo, N1182C  

Beech sn AF-28, N25WK, 1951 C-45G, USAF 51-11471
at Chandler Municipal Airport, CHD, Chandler, AZ, March 2009

AF-28 was originally built as a C-18 series AT-7 or AT-11, and factory remanufactured to the D-18 series C-45G, in 1951. The C-45G had Aeroproducts props, and AF-28 was later converted to the Hamilton Standard 22D30 Hydromatic props. It still has enough pride in it's "Twin Beech" identity, to have it's nose in the air a bit.

Beech C-45G N25WK Photos


The wood blocks under the right gear do a good job of "covering" for a low tire. It looks like Whiskey Kilo had a few gross weight mods, including Super 18 wing tips. And notice the large cabin windows - - and the one waaay back that borders on "strange." Maybe it was for light for the potty room. It's missing a "J" there!

  Beech 18 N114V, N114AK, Fairbanks

Beech sn AF-34, N114V, 1951 C-45G, C-45H, USAF 51-11477, now N114AK
at Fairbanks International Airport, PAFA, Fairbanks, AK July 2004

N114V, now N114AK was parked at Brooks Fuel, next to their DC-7, N90251. It was built as a C-45G and is registered as a C-45H. As noted elsewhere, some G's were converted to the H by the military. Others were probably registered an H when civilianized because in that process they had been modified to H configuration.

  Twin Beech TC-45G, TC-45H photo

Beech sn AF-62, N444Q, 1951 TC-45G, TC-45H, USAF 51-11505
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

Parmerter (p249) says that during the Korean Conflict, the USAF had Beech build 96 C-45G's as TC-45G navigator trainers. This is the second of the 96, and it obviously had a second life as a civilian aircraft. His left eyebrow is drooping. They had mechanical problems in July 1982.

Beech sn AF-220, N9660C, 1951 C-45G, USAF 51-11663
At EAA Oshkosh 2009

This Sports Travel Club C-45G was going for "The Ugly Award" at Oshkosh, and he deserved it! He had smeared mud on the tires and was passing out felt tip markers for people to scribble on it. It has a one-piece windshield and later gear doors but looks quite stock otherwise including the military style cabin door. Actually, that's a Hamilton nose and it might be their #9465 version Beech.

Twin Beech N9660C, C-45G at Oshkosh  
Beech C-45G N888E aircraft photos

Beech sn AF-255, N888E, 1951 C-45G, USAF 51-11698
At Big Lake Airport, BGQ, PAGQ, Big Lake, AK, April 2008

I've seen AF-255 several times, and in April 2008 the owner and his brother were clearing the brush from around it and said they were planning to rebuild it. I hope so! This is the first Twin Beech I ever saw with Cleveland wheels and brakes. It has the larger cabin door (square top and bottom, maybe "Hamilton") but no cargo door.

Eight Eight Echo will need some work, but I hope that I can find it, and see some progress the next time I'm in Alaska. It has been parked beside C-18S N8062H, cn 8387.
Beech sn AF-269, N447DM, 1951 C-45G, C-45H, USAF 51-11712, ex N1185
at Monte Vista Municipal Airport, KMVI, Monte Vista CO, July 2011

The data plate says it's a C-45G, the FAA says it is a C-45H, but they also say it is a 1959 and a turboprop so "go figure." With all these ropes, this is a well-secured aircraft! "Dame Milkstool" is a pretty Volpar! I only ever flew a tri-gear Twin Beech once, for a short flight, but flew many taildraggers.

Volpar Twin Beech photos  

Note the short exhaust stacks, outside air scoops, cowl louvers, high gross wing tips and more, meaning that It's probably #10,200 gross weight (up from #8750). This cabin door is the first generation after the stock door, i.e. it is squared and hinged on the bottom and functioning as an airstair door, with steps on the inside. A 3/4 right rear view, and front view.


Beech sn AF-286, N125MB, PAC Tradewind, 1951 C-45G USAF 51-11729
ex N9512Z, N702AP, C-GVIR,

At Marana Regional Airport, KAVQ, Tucson, AZ, March 2009

I saw it and I liked it but I couldn't take it home! Here's several shots of a pretty PAC Tradewind Twin Beech. It's equipped with a cargo door and crew door. Check out the PAC Tradewind brochure.

PAC Tradewind N125MP, Twin Beech

Beech 18 C-45H N3666G skydive

Beech sn AF-328, N3666G, 1951 C-45G, C-45H, USAF 51-11771
at Red Stewart Airfield, 40I, Waynesville Ohio, 9/11

I saw this Twin Beech jump ship at the annual Fall Fly-In at Red Stewart Airfield. It looks very stock except for the Hamilton nose and outside air scoops. Okay, now we can see the square wing tips, cowl louvers, raised stabilizer and high tail gear. It could be as high as #9465 gross, up from the original #8750.


Yep, C-45H AF-328 it is! Remanufactured as a C-45G, in 1951, with Aeroproducts props, it was later converted to the C-45H with Hamilton Standard 22D30 Hydromatics. A roll-up door to keep jumpers from freezing their butts on the climb to altitude. You can see the crew door at the front, probably from Six Gulf's freighter days. Classic Skydive decor. I've flown many different Twin Beech's and they are a real pleasure. A bit of a challenge sometimes, too!

Beech sn AF-378, C-FNKL, CF-NKL, 1953 C-45H USAF 51-11821
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Beech 18 PAC Tradewing N11DA photos

Beech sn AF-408 N11DA, PAC Tradewind, 1951 C-45G, USAF 51-11851
at Merrill Field Airport, PAMR, Anchorage, AK, April 2004 and 2008

These Pacific Airmotive, PAC Tradewinds look like a baby doll Twin Beech. Cute! Graceful lines. The single tail is the obvious Tradewind distinctive. I first saw N11DA in 2004, needing some work, and it was still there is 2011 in the same condition.

Some of these projects can be frustrating and expen$ive and I hope to see One Delta Alpha airworthy sometime when I'm in Alaska.This '04 shot shows the cargo and crew doors. Number 1 prop has been feathered, but there also appears to be a structural issue of some kind. Here's your typical Twin Beech factory data plate. PAC Tradewind brochure.

Twin Beech N9004Z, N9NK, C-45H, Alaska

Beech sn AF-505, N9004Z, later N9NK, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10575
at Merrill Field Airport, PAMR, Anchorage, AK, April 2004

I saw this beauty in a 1940-50's D-18 paint scheme, on a couple of trips to Alaska. There's a lot of red here! It has a round top, bottom hinged cabin door, and according to this 2006 info that I found online, it was never used for cargo.

Grimes Beech 18 N8640E

Beech sn AF-510, N8640E, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10580
at Red Stewart Airfield, 40I, Waynesville Ohio, 9/11

AF-510 was factory remanufactured as a C-45H, from the C-18 series AT-7 or AT-11. It was the Grimes Mfg. "Flying Laboratory 4" from 1966-86, to demonstrate a variety of Grimes lights. It was recently resurrected and restored by the Grimes Flying Lab Foundation and is quite impressive!


Beech sn AF-566, N314WN, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10636, ex N7163C
at EAA Oshkosh, July 2009

As with all C-45G and C-45H's, Whisky November was a factory remanufactured aircraft, in this case, from AT-7 42-56725, Beech ch 4344. It was once registered as N7163C, and was with the Washington State Natural Resources Department.

USAF C-45H N7163C, N314WN photos


In 1962 it became N314WN. Someone, possibly the State of Washington, modified it to the Super G-18S configuration with Super wingtips, high cabin, windshield, tall tail wheel, outside air scoops, short stacks, angle of incidence on horizontal stabilizer, high speed gear doors, extended nose and more. A cargo door was added along the way but I doubt if it has ever been a hard freighter. It's an unusual C-45H, to say the least!


Beech sn AF-594, N111Z, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10664, ex N17415
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

September 2, 1966, a hard landing and subsequent fire, and this is what you get! In 1963 it was registered to the U.S. Agric. Dept., Forest Service, Missoula, MT as N111Z.

C-45 Twin Beech photos, N111Z


Beech sn AF-768, N1800E, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10838, ex N9908Z
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Denver, CO, July 2011

Not much to say about this one. No FAA accident reports. It has the first-generation civilian cabin door, i.e. flat and hinged on the bottom and rounded on the top. In 1968 it was registered to Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co., in St. Louis.

C-45H Beech 18 N1800E, N9908Z photos


Twin Beech C-45H N9370Z photo

Beech sn AF-780, N9370Z, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10850
at Marana Regional Airport, KAVQ, Tucson, AZ, March 2009

Basking, or baking in the Arizona sun, N9370Z looks "Hamilton" with its nose, 2-piece windshield and outside air scoops, but it's going to need a prop before it goes anywhere. That's sort of a "Super" paint scheme. It might be lonely but at least it's sitting in good company!


Beech sn AF-815, N480P, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10885
at Fremont County Airport, 1V6, Canon City, CO, July 2011

Very clean looking and with a few gross weight increase kits including outside air scoops, cowl louvers, fiberglass square tips, and most certainly the stabilizer angle of incidence kit. It's probably #9360 or 9465 gross weight instead of the original 8750.



It has the high tail gear which is truly a pilot's friend. Note the very original cabin entrance door which is hinged on the front and rounded on the top and bottom. You didn't see many of those after the late 1960's! Here's a dewey morning shot at Tullahoma in Oct. 2005.


Beech sn AF-824, N7916A, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10894
At Tullahoma Regional Airport, KTHA, Tullahoma, TN, Oct. 2005

A C-45H in USN SNB-5 colors. The relief tube outlet is back under the tail. "Whistlin Dixie" is on display at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum. I suspect that the chairs here are authentic C-45 but that the tables are not. I remember when avionics like these were "the latest and the greatest!"

Beech 18 Whistlin Dixie N7916A at Tullahoma


Twin Beech photo, C-45H N3693G

Beech sn AF-842, N3693G, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10912
At J. W. Duff Aircraft, Greeley, CO, July 2011

Sitting among quite a collection of old airplanes, and looking out over boxes of government surplus aircraft parts. I think those are Norseman wings beside it. Niner Three Golf has a valid FAA registration and appears to be quite complete and undamaged. It probably hasn't flown for many years and I'm not sure it even has a spar strap.


Beech sn AF-850, N241D, 1952 C-45H, USAF 52-10920
At EAA Oshkosh, 2005

There are a few, very few, airplanes that you insult by trying to use words to describe them. This is one of them. Photo 2 - - and 3 - - and 4. Enjoy!

Beech C-45H Aircraft, N241D photos




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