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Chase Aircraft Stroukoff Avitruc
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My father, and my twin Karl and I owned and operated two Chase YC-122C aircraft in the 1960's. I am intrigued by these aircraft, both from the standpoint of their unique design and performance, and the "person" of Mr. Michael Stroukoff. He was quite an engineer and marketer and he really believed in his aircraft.

I have collected quite an assortment of photos, brochures, FAA files, magazine articles and ads and more on the Chase Aircraft, but welcome any contributions from others to enrich the site. I'm especially interested in any manuals on the aircraft.

I'll start to get these posted soon, but in the meantime if your have any comments, corrections or anything to contribute, please contact me.

Aircraft are in sequence by military serial number
Many more photos are coming soon


G-14, XCG-14 Glider, 1945
44-90989, photos

XCG-14A Glider, 1945
44-90990, photos
Chase MS-6, XCG-18A Glider, 1947
46-67 (46-067), GH-6067, photos
46-506, GH-6506
YG-18A Glider
47-641, became YC-122, P&W R-2000's
YG-18A 47-641, CY-641, after conversion to P&W R-2000's
MS-8, XCG-20 Glider
47-786, became XC-123
47-787, became XC-123A and later YC-123D

Flew as glider, piston powered and jet powered
Small tail, retractable nose gear, built with P&W R-2000's
48-1369, CY-369, shown in Chase aircraft brochure, have photos
48-1370, CY-370, became YC-122B

Tall tail, retractable nose gear
48-1370, CY-370 after conversion to Wright R-1820's
Carolina Aircraft's N122A,
have photos, FAA file on paper, three-view drawing/blueprint
Tall tail, fixed nose gear
49-2879, CY-879, Carolina Aircraft N122E, FAA file on paper, photos
49-2880, CY-880, Carolina Aircraft N122M, FAA file on paper, photos
49-2881, 49-2881, CY-881, no info
49-2882, CY-882, Stoltzfus N122R, FAA file on CD, my photos

49-2883, CY-883, became Hiller X-18, articles, photos, stock and as X-18
49-2884, CY-884, Stoltzfus N122S, FAA file on paper
49-2885, CY-885, Johnson N68595, FAA file on paper
49-2886, CY-886, Johnson N5904V, FAA file on CD
49-2887, CY-887, no info, promo photos
C-123 Variations
What we know as the Fairchild C-123 was actually deisgned by Chase Aircraft, who built the first couple of aircraft. Because of production problems then, C-123 was produced by Fairchild. I have lots of history on that including a Chase Aircraft YC-123 Flight Manual


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