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J-4 Cub Coupe Info and Trivia
The J-4 series aircraft were approved under four different C.A.A. numbers. There are nearly 370 in the current U.S. Civil Aircraft Register.

J-4 was approved in Oct. 1938, and the J-4A and J-4AS seaplane in July 1939, both were under ATC #703. They sold for around $2,000.
- J-4 had a Continental A-50 engine and open cowling.
- J-4A and J-4AS seaplane had a Continental A-65 and closed cowl. The C.A.A. had 21 J-4A's, and you can see the list at Aero Vintage. Juptner says they were specially equipped (at $2300 each) with two-way radio, blind-flying equipment and long range tanks. They were one-place airplanes used by inspectors in the field.


J-4B was approved under Type Certificate 708 in March 1939, and had a 65-hp Franklin 4AC-171 engine, originally with open cowl and later with closed.
J-4F was approved in March 1940 under ATC #721, and had a 65-hp Lycoming O-145-B engine. They could be cn 4-828 and up.
J-4E was approved in April 1941 under ATC #740, and had a 75-hp Continental A-75. Construction Numbers were 4-1378, and 4-1385 and up.
USAAF L-4E. Eighteen civilian J-4E's were "impressed" by the USAAF for military use, Baugher has the military serial numbers but no factory numbers. Warbird Alley shows an L-4E here.

Photos Are In sequence by CN - Many have multiple photos

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  CN Registration and Notes
N24533, a beautifully restored 1939 J-4A, at the Wood, Fabric and Tailwheels Fly-In 64I Lee Bottom Flying Field, Hanover, IN 9-07. Here's a closeup.
Piper Cub Coupe N24550, J-4A cn 4-639, 1939. Probably at least a C-85 Continental by now. It looked like a recent rebuild. Very original! At Talkeetna Airport, TKA, Talkeetna, AK 5/11 Sweet!
N26735, 1940 J-4A , C-85, at Oshkosh 1975 (slide) Note the cool wheel fenders!
G-AFGM, J-4A ex N26895, to UK in 1981, at West Malling 9-88 (slide)
N27083 leads his friend in N4001H at the International Seaplane Fly-In, at the Greenville Seaplane Base, on Moosehead Lake, Greenville, ME 9-06. And then he poses for me, and later, heads out. Note the seaplane doors in the up position.

N27882, at an event in California, 12-69 (slide) Note the "wheel streamlines," as they were called.

N4001H, a 1940 J-4A with C-85 and open cowling, landing at Greenville, ME 9-06; slowly moving past my favorite backdrop there; and on the way home.
  4-1169 N30340, a 1940 J-4A at Oshkosh 1977 (slide)
  4-1341 G-AFWH, J-4A ex N33093, to UK in 1982, at West Malling UK 9-83 (slide)
  4-1350 1940 Piper J4A Cub Coupe N33193 on floats, at Willow, AK 4-11. It probably has more than its original 65-hp. Photo 2
  4-1388 1941 Piper J-4A Cub Coupe N35428, built with an A-65, probably has at least a C-85 by now. At Merrill Field PAMR, Anchorage, AK 4-11. Photo 2
  4-1456 G-BSDJ, J-4E ex N35975, C-85, to UK 1991, at North Weald UK 5-07 (slide)
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