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  Photo Use Policy  

This web site is copyrighted in its entirety and many of the photos are individually marked with copyright info. Please feel free to save them for your personal enjoyment but please don't post them on another site, sell them, or use them for any commercial purpose without permission.

If you own or previously owned, or flew an aircraft that I have posted, or have a special interest it for some reason, I'm pretty easy to get along with in terms of sending you a higher resolution photo free by email. There would be a few exceptions to that.

Photos were taken by me unless indicated "slide" or other notation, which indicates that they are from my collection. Many of my slides are for sale for $3 to $15 each.

I welcome your comments, additional information and corrections about anything on this site. Please, always put the aircraft or topic you are addressing, in the Subject line. Contact me


This web site is strictly for the enjoyment of the general public and is not intended to be a technical or legal resource for any purpose. Information is gathered from FAA files, Internet sources, reference books and other sources which are generally in the public domain and accessible to those who would diligently search for it as I do. There are also press releases and notes on photos and occasional information from the author's memory (which the reader accepts at his/her own risk). While an attempt is made to present correct information, nothing from this site is represented to be legally or technically accurate and may not be assumed to be so.

All information is subject to confirmation from other sources by the reader or user of this information. No information given here should be used as the basis for selecting an aircraft to own or fly, or for how an aircraft is flown, maintained or modified, or for determining the airworthiness or safety of any aircraft or part or combination thereof.

Any reference to CIA clandestine activity is taken from openly available public information sources, is decades old, and should not be considered a breech of national security.

Except for Preferred Airparts, Priority Air Charter and AFM Hardware, links to other web sites are for information purposes only and are not to be interpreted as a recommendation for sources for aircraft modifications, parts, flying services or anything else.

The stories in the "Flying Higher Series" are from the author's experience, observation and point of view and are not always (and especially not in some cases) to be taken as examples of good flying technique and/or judgment.

The principles in the Bible verses that are given in the stories are timeless and true and any issues that the reader has with them will be best taken up with its Author.

Have fun! (I am!)

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